Airforce Ghost

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From: (Bob Hearn)
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Subject: Military Ghosts
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 18:15:00 GMT

Well, first off, let me say that this story does not represent the opinion of the United States Military in anyway, nor does it reflect on any official military history. It is personal experience, along with some recollections from some folks that served in the same maintenance shop I was in. That disclaimer having been made, let’s go…

I’m a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, serving at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve been here nearly 10 years, having arrived on station in on 1 Nov 84. I was initially assigned to the Jet Engine Intermediate Mainten- ance Facility, Bld 858. I’m a jet engine mechanic.

Building 858 is a mutt of a building, initially being built in the mid 1960s as a single hangar. Later, they added a larger hangar behind the original and yet another hangar later. I don’t know the full history of the building, of things that may have happened in it, or of the site that it is built upon. I do know from personal experience that there were some strange things happening in it.

My first experience with “the ghost of 858” was back in 1987. I was working swingshift, acting as the NCOIC of the newly formed -220 maintenance section. The other squadron we shared the building with had gone home, as had the other maintenance sections. I was alone in the building, waiting for the last F-15 and F-16 sorties to come down for the night. I can’t recall the exact times, but it was between 0000 and 0100. I was sitting at a desk in the office, in front of an open doorway that faced out into our maintenance bay. The bay is approximately 40 feet wide, 100 feet deep, and about 2.5 stories tall at the top of the peaked roof. From my desk, I could look out the door and see almost wall to wall along the width of the building, and as the office was against the end wall of the bay, I could see the entire length of the bay.

I was reading a book, and suddenly I could hear footsteps. I was expecting the CRS Expediter to come in, so I immediately thought it was him entering the bay, but I didn’t hear the fire doors open. I looked up, and could see no one in the bay. Leaving my office, I stepped out in the bay, called out, and got no response. Shrugging off the incident, I returned to my desk and my book. Then, through the peripheral vision above the book (hard to explain what I mean… you’re reading and see stuff above the top of the book) I saw someone walking across the width of the bay. I looked up, and saw no one. Now I start to get the chills. Reading again, I hear the footsteps again, and also see the person walking the bay once more. Looking up, though, there is no one there. I get up, walk a security check around the bay, find no doors unsecure, and no one is there. I get that spooky feel- ing though that I am being watched.

Shortly after this, CRS Expediter comes in, the fire doors banging (as usual) when he enters the building. These doors are the only entrance to the bay after hours. I convince him to walk a security check with me through the facility. We find no doors open, no one else in the facility.

I mention this to a friend of mine the next day, and he replies that it isn’t unusual to hear footsteps in the bay. He had the same experience, numerous times, as well as seeing the figure in the bay. I’ll continue in the next message.

From: (Bob Hearn)
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Subject: More Military Ghosts
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 18:47:00 GMT

Next to the 220 bay was the J-85 bay. This bay ran the same length and width as the 220 bay, with a ceiling to floor wall dividing them. At the south end of the J-85 bay was a roll up fire door that led into a warren of offices. The hallway that fed these offices was wood paneled, about 30 feet long, and the walls were about 7 feet high, leaving the tops of the offices open to the roof of the building, approximately 7 or 8 feet over head. The J-85 bay and the 220 bay were joined by a double fire door, at the middle of their length. On security check one evening, prior to shut- ting down for the night, I stepped through the double door to make sure the 85 bay was secure.

I moved towards the hallway at the south end of the bay. All bay lighting was off, except for the emergency overheads (always on in case of power failures, or for entering the building) As I prepared to move down the hallway, I could see that “something” appeared to be on the southern wall where the hall “L”d to the east to join the break room. It appeared to be just a gray mass of dim light, floating approximately 5 feet off the ground, at the far end of the hall. Looking at it, it appeared to be slowly roiling upon itself. It was dim, and to the best of my memory, was casting no light upon the ground. The hallway and office warren had no lights on in it, no emergency lighting was active in that section.

I stepped about 2 paces into the hall to investigate when all the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I got goosebumps, and something inside of me said that going down there could be a major mistake. Rather than stay and investigate or have it approach and investigate me, I turned and made a hasty retreat (read: ran like hell) back to the full lighting of the 220 bay.

I brought up this experience later on with a coworker from the other squad- ron, and he told me of an experience he had in the breakroom that the “L” in the hallway led too. He had stepped in there a month prior to my experience, to get a soda. The double fire doors between the breakroom and the hallway were closed and latched. The lighting in the breakroom was off, the only illumination being from the soda machine and the candy machine. As he stepped into the room to go to the machines, he noticed a light in the cracks of the fire doors. Unlike mine, his was a bright light, as bright as a jetlight being held to the cracks (note, a jetlight is a worklight, made from an automobile headlight, and powered by wall current running through a transformer, this gives you an idea of how bright this light was). The light was at the crack at the middle of the doors, halfway off the floor. It moved up to the crack at the top, moved slowly right and left, then back down. It moved to the crack at the floor and again moved left and right before returning to the middle crack, halfway off the floor. Brad said that the movement took approximately a minute and a half. He reached for the door, expecting to expose a co-worker in a prank, but as he touched the door, the light dimmed, and stopped moving. Jet lights don’t dim, they go out completely, and like me, he got an immediate reaction from the hair on the back of his neck, and the goose bumps. He turned, as I did, and beat a hasty retreat back to his maintenance crew.

Several of us have had various experiences in the building, and were sit- ting around one night relating them to one another. People have seen lights floating in the dark and tried to explain them away as brake lights from a passing car, despite the fact that the only window in the bay was 1 foot by 1 foot, and 15 feet below where the lights were seen. People have seen figures walking the bays, footsteps when they were all alone. Doors slam in the maintenance bays at odd hours, equipment gets moved around, 2 ton cable hoists are seen swinging, when there is no one to be moving them.

Brad and I were teased by our supervisor regarding this. We were working in the 85 bay one evening, and she came down the hallway going “Whoooo… whooo….. hey guys, I’m talking to the ghosts!” We told her not to joke around… no telling who might be listening. We then closed our tool box, and left through the doors in the common wall.

As we were turning in our equipment, she came running up another hallway that joined two of the hangars. She was yelling at us, demanding to know how we did what we did, indignant that we tried to scare her. Seems that after we left, she went to shut off the overhead lights in the bay. As she hit the switches on the east side of the bay, she looked up at a light that hadn’t gone out, but was quite dim. She then realized that it wasn’t one of the overhead lights, but “something”, assuming it was a prank Brad and I were pulling. As she took a few steps towards this light, which was approximately 20 feet off the ground, it suddenly dropped, and began moving towards her. She then panicked (as I had done) and ran down the southern hallway, through the breakroom, down another maintenance bay, through the adjoining hallway and up to where Brad and I were inventorying our tools. She was attempting to hide her fear with indignation, but failed miserably. When she asked us to go investigate what it was, we refused. She then (jokingly) ordered us to do it. Again, we refused, explaining that if she was going to order us to do something, she’d have to be willing to do it herself, at which point she refused. When we later explained what happened to the Master Sergeant in charge of the shift, he also refused to go to the 85 bay to take a look, saying he’d rather do it in daylight. It seems (from talking one on one with him later) that he’d had several experiences in the bays as well, but vehemently refused to talk about them.

I have a few more stories to post, not all about Bld 858. I look forward to replies. I’m glad I found y’all.

A Father’s Hugs

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Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 20:32:40 -0400
From: Peyote (
Subject: A Fathers Hugs

Sorry it’s so long, but it was very emotional for me.

I grew up in an extremely rural area. I never had any other children my own age to play with, so I spent all my time with my father. We became very close right from the time I was born (he was 50 when I was born). My mother was very sick when I was young and my father took care of me while she was in the hospital. Unless I was in school I could usualy be found by his side, working in the garden, or garage. I even went with him when ever he went to visit his friends.

When I was 15 he got really sick. and passed away a month (Dec. 9th) before my 16th birthday. He had spent most of the previous 5 months hospitalized, and even though no one said it, I knew he was dying. About 2 days before he died he began to slip in and out of a coma. I stayed by his side, against my mothers wishes (she thought my going to school was more important than being with my dad). I even slept curled up on the bed beside him. The day before he died she went to make the funeral arangements. and I went with her, because my dad had asked me to. While we were gone my father slipped further into the coma. I spent the night with him, and all the next day.

Around 4:30pm my mother and sister convinced me to go with them to my sisters house for supper. We left for my sisters place, about 15 minutes from the hospital. We walked in the door and I wanted to leave, because I got a real sick feeling in my stomach. My mother and sister weere in the middle of telling me that it was just nerves, when the phone rang. It was the Hospital. They said to come back, because my dad had taken a turn for the worse. We left imediately.

About 3 minutes from the hospital there is a set of train tracks. As we were crossing the tracks, I got a reall strange feeling. Like someone was hugging me. I said goodbye daddy, out loud. Moments later we reached the hospital. When we got off the elevator there was a nurse waiting for us. My father had passed away 5 minutes earlier. I truely believe that he came to me in the car to say goodbye.

When he passed away, I lost my best friend. . . or did I. It will be 10 years on the 9th of December. I often feel like he’s sitting here with me, just like when I was little. Some times I feel like I’m going crazy. Whenever I get upset, or really stressed out, I feel a presence. and I feel as if someone is giving me a hug. It’s hard to describe.

My family never talkes about my dad. With my mom it’s almost like he never existed. My sister talked of him once about 2 years after he died. She asked me how I knew when he died, when we were in the car. She says she never dreams of him. I dream he’s here sometimes. . . I wake up to the smell of french toast sometimes (he always cooked french toast for me on Sundays). Sometimes I think my roomate smells it too, because she’ll come down stairs and think I’m cooking when I’m not. Some times I wake up with my hair braided, when It wasn’t braded when I went to sleep. And one of my Ex-boyfriends said he always felt like he was being watched when he was with me. And that the person watching was trying to protect me.

Sorry this was so long but it’s a very emotional thing for me.


Abusive Ghost

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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 21:24:44 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Shawn

It started when I was around 6 years old. Y move to a house in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. A two story on a street called Page. The house was beautiful on the outside. What was held within was the scary part.

At first it was not noticeable, footsteps and a few sounds. Not much. Then things began to vanish or broken. With me and my brother at the ages of 6 and 7 we were blamed. Next were doors. While laying in my bed my door came off its hinges(it was a plastic sliding door) and began to flap violently. The door was a nightly thing. It was back on its hinges the next morning, so naturally my parents didn’t believe me. That was it for a awhile.

Next, were the ghosts or spirits. My brother woke up one evening and awoke to a ghostly figure levitating an inch above his face. The figure was of a woman in a white dress. Whe gave her name “the woman in white.” My brother and I had a journal that depicted everything that happened in the house. One day I was sitting on a couch and thrown to the ground. It felt like some kind supernatural force slammed me to the ground. I was held there for a few minutes. I tried to push myself up but again I was pushed down. This ghost had a different feeling from the “woman in white” it felt evil. My sister was born and everything cooled down… for a little. My brother watched a dark figure of a man come down upon him and pummel him. He had bruises on his stomach, back and chest. His name was “the man in black.” He tried to show my mother but they vanished everytime he tried. We both were thrown from our beds. We were hit more often as we got older. Three years after my sister was born she asked my brother and I and parents who the lady by her crib was the night before. My parents did not know but me and my brother did.

The scariest thing was the lady and man never revealed themselves to adults only chidren. We moved when I was ten. I am now 15. To this day I tell my parents, they still do not believe me.

Abu Dhabi Story

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Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 19:35:10 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Hannah

I should tell the story before i forget it. I just heard it last night while camping with a friend and her family. A little backround: Jenn (ifer) and her parents are of chinese descent. Sue (her mom) has a lot of good TRUE ghost that she told us last night. Well, a couple of years ago before i met Jenn, she and her family were living in Abu Dhabi because her dad was working there along with a lot of other foreigners all working for the same company. All employees lived in a high rise apartment biulding. Jenn and her family were in the eighth floor of the building. Her room had a big door sized window, but no balcony, just an iron safety bar thing surrounding the window. At the time there was a construction crew who were doing something outside and she had a view of the trailer they (crew) stayed in. So here’s the first part of the story.

It was News Years Eve in Abu Dhabi about 4 or so years ago and there was a big party at the building with all the company workers. People were drinking and having a a great time and Dom(inic), her dad was getting tired and so was the family, so at about 9:30 they went upstairs to go to sleep. At about midnight, Dom awoke to the screaming and yelling of people. Well, it was New Years Eve, so it made sense, eh?? In the morning all the people were gossiping about the previous night and Dom asked what all the commotion was about, so he asked the guard downstairs. It turned out a trailer had burned to the ground the previous night. The same trailer Jenn could see from her window. Everybody got out unharmed except one man, a Filipino guy who apparently had a little to drink to celebrate the New Year. He burned along with the trailer. That’s just the first part of the story.

Now it was the middle of July, and it was VERY hot in Abu Dhabi at that time, so most of the families left on vacation to somewhere cooler. There was maybe three families left in the building, mostly men because they had to work. Late one night Dom awoke to a pounding noise. It sounded like someone was pounding on the windows. He ignored thinking maybe it was the wind or a bird or something. He heard it again, so he got up. Wandering thru the house half asleep, tracing where the noise had come from he walked thru each of the rooms, finally coming to Jenn’s room. He walked cautiously to the window, suddenly feeling the hairs on the back of his neck rise, his skin breaking into gooseflesh, about to draw the drapes when he realized, “THIS ROOM IS EIGHT STORIES UP!! AND THERES NO BALCONY FOR A PERSON TO CLIMB ONTO!! Instead of pulling open the drapes, he pounded on the window loudly three times, then opened the drapes. There was noone there, not a bird not anything big enough to pound the window so hard. He quickly left the room and closed the door on the way out. He and Sue believe it was the spirit of the Filipino man as he must have been in his last seconds of life, pounding on the small window of the trailer… the trailer which was in full view from the bedroom window. As for Jenn, she was as surprised to hear about it as i was. Last night was the first time she heard about it and her parents didn’t want to scare a 9 year old girl out of her mind at night. Well i may have missed some details but this is pretty much how the story goes… sorry its ssooooooo long. If you want I have a few more ghost stories and true legends from my area as well as some Taiwanese stories which were also printed in newspapers over there. If you read this far, thanx for being patient.

Hannah Groch

Ouija Board

What is a Ouija board?

A Ouija board is a game in which messages are supposedly communicated by the dead to or through the players of the game. [Note: some people consider the Ouija to be “more than just a game,” but it is marketed as a game, and for purposes of convenience it will be referred to here as a game.] The playing pieces consist of a game board (like a Monopoly board) and a pointer, called a planchette. The game board has all the letters of the alphabet written on it. The numbers 0-9 are also usually included, along with yes/no and hello/goodbye spaces.

The layout of a typical board looks something like this:

The pointer is made of plastic or glass, and either points to the letters with one end or has a clear window embedded in it through which one can view the letters.

To play, two or more people lightly touch the pointer and concentrate on a question. The pointer will (hopefully) move and point to letters and numbers which will provide answers to your questions.

Ouija boards are also known as “witch boards” and “talking boards.” The nickname “ouiji” or “weejie” is also used by many people. Ouija is a brand name belonging to Hasbro, but the term has fallen into popular use and is generally applied to any sort of game with the same layout, whether homemade or store-bought.

Is the Ouija evil or just a game?

Since it’s nearly impossible to merge the two views on this topic, I’ve tried to accurately sum them up here:

* The Ouija board is not any more evil than your Monopoly board. It’s just a toy, a piece of cardboard, and any “evil” force you feel emanating off it is purely a result of your imagination. Yes, the pointer does work, but that’s the result of tiny involuntary physical movements, and the messages you see are coming from your subconscious or psychic mind.

* The Ouija is in fact a powerful tool, and its powers cannot, and should not, be written off entirely as your subconscious. Inexperienced Ouija users are especially prone to being affected by malevolent forces which communicate through the board, often masquerading as a departed loved one. The best way to avoid this sort of thing is not to use the board at all.

Where can I buy a Ouija board? Failing that, how can I make one?

You can, in the U.S. anyway, find a Ouija board on Amazon, or in a toy store or a game store. You might also be able to find one in a large bookstore. Parker Brothers makes a nice, relatively cheap, model.

To make a board, arrange all the letters of the alphabet on a smooth surface. You might also want the words “yes”, “no”, and “goodbye”, as well as the numbers. Use something that glides easily over the surface (like a glass) to use as a pointer. Now, place your fingers (this works best with a friend, by the way) gently on the glass and concentrate. Hopefully the glass will start to move and point to various letters, which will form words and sentences. Oh yeah, it helps if you ask a question first.

Are there any ‘rules’ I should follow when using the Ouija board?

If you consider the Ouija board as just another toy, then there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Holding on to the pointer helps, though. 🙂

If you believe that you are really contacting spirits through the board, you might want to follow a few basic guidelines:

* Use a silver coin as the planchette (pointer), or wear an article made of silver. The silver is supposed to protect you from harmful spirits.
* To improve “reception”, use a solid wood board, and work in male- female pairs.
* Draw a circle around you and the board, or make a circle of candles. Concentrate on creating a safe, protected place as you do this. Some people believe that spirits must stay outside this circle. Also, a well-lit area is said to drive away evil spirits.
* Always say goodbye to the entity you are talking with when you want to end a session. If you don’t say goodbye, and the spirit doesn’t reply in kind, he may be trying to stick around, maybe to make your life miserable. Additionally, do not explicitly invite the spirit to enter someplace, since this will make it hard to get rid of him later.
* It helps to have one additional person (not touching the planchette) present to transcribe the session. Sometimes the pointer starts moving too fast for you to read and process the words it’s spelling out. The transcription might also be helpful later on so you can look back on what happened. Another way to transcribe is to have someone call out the letters to a recorder, or record yourself on video.
* Don’t take anything the spirit says literally. Ouija boards are famous for lying or otherwise giving false information.

What does “ouija” mean?

The word “ouija” is actually a combination of two words, the french word “oui” and the German word “ja.” Both words mean “yes” in english.

A Brief History of the Ouija Board

From (Thomas Grotenhuis):

The ancient Egyptians used a device LIKE a ouija board. They used a ring attached to a strand of thread, held over a circular table with symbols on it, and the ring would strike the table to spell out answers.

The Ouija board, the kind we see in toy stores today, came about in 1889 when William Fuld of Baltimore, Maryland, and his brother Isaac, marketed Ouija boards to the American public. They had a small operation and the board was the hottest item they would ever produce. People bought the board not as a game, but as a device with which they would talk to their loved ones killed in battle (note the two World Wars happening; this was where the board’s popularity really soared). During this time, the fad spread, and so did Ouija’s notorious reputation as being more than just a “game.”

Finally in about 1960 or thereabouts, Parker Brothers approached the two Fuld brothers since they were having trouble making enough boards to satisfy the demand for them. PB then took over the rights to the ouija board and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ouija came about as kind of a by-product of the whole spiritualist craze that was all the rage in the early 1900’s, and during Houdini’s time as he debunked many ‘mediums’. Table-tipping was being done back then, and a Frenchman, who’s last name was “planchette”, produced a device that looked like a small table like a ouija pointer, that stood on two small stilts and a pen or pencil at the third point. The operator would sit with his hands as lightly as he could resting on the planchette, this device named after it’s inventor, and the thing would move, producing writing.

Ouija replaced the messy planchette (the writing was messy cursive scrawls) when a board was used in place of the sheet of paper, and all three stilts on the planchette were covered with felt enabling it to slide in any direction. This made the communications fast, clear, and easy. And specifically meant to be done with a partner, “gentleman and lady preferred.”

Eugene Orlando adds:

“William Fuld died in 1927, Isaac in 1939. Since Parker Brothers didn’t take over the William Fuld company until 1966, it would have been quite a trick to take it over from the brothers. But then it is alt.folklore.ghost-stories isn’t it? Actually, Parker Brothers saw a bargain when they saw one and bought the business from William’s kids. They had moved the factory into a smaller building and sold out not because there was so much demand for the ouija, but just the opposite. Ouija sales had never been worse. It took a Parkers advertising blitz to put the popularity back in the Ouija board.”

Automatic Writing

This page contributed by Tony Harrington.

Automatic Writing, also called “Spirit Writing” is yet another means in a long list of means by which the living attempt to communicate with the dead.

Prior to the advent of the voice recorder on which we capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), technology deficient humans had to capture the voice of the dead in a more primitive manner. They could use a Ouija board to spell out messages from those who have crossed over or they could practice the mysterious art of Spirit Writing.

Spirit writing, the act inviting a spirit to use one’s own hand to scrawl out messages from the other side, is a form of divination akin to the use of Ouija boards and using dowsing rods. The theory is that the spirits of the dead can use the energy in the human body to move objects such as rods, a planchette, or a pencil in the hand of the living host.

We have to look at this concept with a jaundiced eye just as we do with the aforementioned forms of divination. Because a human host is required for these items to work, the method of collecting messages from the other side is already flawed and suspect. There is simply no way to prove that the messages received through divination are indeed those of the spirit world or simply culled from subconscious muscle movements of the person holding the pencil.

What is certain is that a lot of credence was given to this form of communication with several prominent historical figures lending credibility to the act of Spirit Writing. Among them, poet William Butler Yeats and his wife Georgie Hyde-Lees were known to often been in communication with the dead via this method while much later in 1975, a woman named Wendy Hart from Maidenhead, UK made headlines when she claimed to be in communication with a sea Captain named Nicholas Moore who died in 1642.

The method by which one can communicate with the dead using Spirit writing varies depending on which articles on the topic you read. The general means of communication are as follows:


1) Seat yourself in a comfortable environment, a comfortable chair at a table should suffice.

2) Keep a stack of paper handy in the event your spirit is talkative.

3) Grip the pencil or pen lightly in the hand. Many practitioners of Spirit Writing suggest using your non-dominant hand. (If you are right-handed normally, use your left hand to hold the pen/pencil)

4) Gently place the tip of the writing implement onto the blank sheet of paper. Do not apply pressure.

5) Announce that you are opening yourself up to the spirit world and invite clean spirits only to use your hand to communicate.

6) Close your eyes and relax and if contact is made your hand will start moving the pencil across the paper.

Messages may be hard to read or impossible at first. As you practice communication the messages will become clearer and easier to understand.


I have personally tried this method of communication to no avail, so it may not be for everyone, or it may be a load of rubbish. As with any paranormal event, science has created a countering viewpoint. The very act of Spirit Writing (and divination as a whole) could be nothing more than ideomotor effect, defined as a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously. (Wikipedia)

Automatic Writing was often used as part of a seance conducted by early psychics/mediums in the investigations of alleged haunted locations. The act has since fallen out of favor in lieu of more technologically advanced methods of spiritual communications including instrumental trans-communication.

Abandoned House

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Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 14:27:09 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Erin

About three years ago a friend and I were what you would call obsessed with the Ouija board. We would search out spooky places and try to contact different spirits. We were using a Parker Brothers board and having our spooky moments. One day we bought an authentic board at an antique shop in town and we were so excited.

My friend Chelsea, a guy Dave, his sister and I all hiked up a little hill one night in the middle of the winter. We hiked to a little deserted shack that lay empty in the woods in Ogunquit. The police had kept it off limits because high school kids liked to play around and have parties there. But we ignored the keep out signs and proceeded in.

As we went in we explored the place. There was three rooms: a kitchen, a bedroom, and a living room. The kitchen looked old and decrepit, with broken glasses and a rotted out door. The bedroom looked right out of a horror flick with the roof caved in like something had fallen through it, though it was probably just snow collapsing from the weight. The living room was the most normal looking area with a fireplace and a large, open hardwood floor. It looked the most comforting so that is where we sat.

All four of us sat down and placed the Ouija board so that it was touching all of us. We placed two fingers each on the planchette and closed our eyes trying to call any spirit listening. There was no answer at first but after a while the planchette began to move.

It moved very slow at first but picked up momentum as it went. We all sort of looked at each other in amazement. Soon the planchette started spelling out words. “M-R-X” and than it would stop. “T-E-X” and it repeated itself many times. So we started calling the spirit Tex or Mr. X and one at a time started asking questions.

To be very honest I don’t remember what we asked and what went on for a while. But I’ll never forget when the planchette took a break. It just randomly stopped, and of course we continued to ask what was wrong and why he stopped talking. Just silence for a while and then the planchette started moving again. This time it spelled out “F-U-C-K-Y-O-U-G-E-T-A-W-A-Y” and the planchette quickly ran off the board. At this same time a piece of the celling came down right behind Dave, who was sitting back towards the bedroom.

As if reading each others minds we said “goodbye” and jumped up, running out the door. We still had to hike down the hill in the snow and get to the car. First out the door was Dave, with me and his sister behind. Chelsea took the longest because she had to gather the board and the planchette.

As we headed down the hill, I heard Chelsea yell something, but I ignored her and proceeded hauling ass down the hill. When we got in the car we all sat, breathing heavily, scared out of our minds. I had forgotten about Chelsea’s yell until she brought it up again.

She opened her jacket and there was a red mark on the back of her neck. She said on the way down she had been hit with a snowball or a piece of ice and was asking if we did it to scare her. But we couldn’t have because we were in front of her and she was hit from the back.

We dismissed the incident and went our separate ways that night. Our interest in the Ouija board started to dwindle after that, but we still tried every once and again to contact a spirit. But we never tried again to go to the Mr. X house, though we spoke and thought of it often.

Abandoned Church

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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 07:50:35 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Cassie

This happened around the Summer of 87 and is completely weird.

My best friend Ranay and I had borrowed my Mom’s car to cruise for the day. Living in a small town there’s really nothing else to do. While cruising some back streets of town we sort of just followed the road. It’s not a road that I was very familiar with as it turned from asphalt to dirt a few miles out. We just kept driving, singing along with the radio, we had the windows down letting the wind make a mess of our hair. Before we knew it we had passed an old abandoned church, curious, we turned around and went back, parked the car, and began the task of checking things out.

Upon closer inspection, the church didn’t “look” abandoned, no weeds, no broken windows, the inside was spotless. Now this may not seem odd but being where we were and given the fact that the church was completely (almost) empty…we got spooked. You see all we found in this church was the Covenant (sp?). It was sort of laying on the floor like it had fallen from the wall. Ranay was into reading tarot cards and such and decided it would be a cool thing to hang in her bedroom so we held onto it while we explored the rest of the church. There were a couple of Sunday school rooms, perfectly kept and a tiny bathroom, also neat as a pin. At this point we began to feel as if someone was watching us so decided to make a quick exit. Ranay and I drove around for another hour or so and headed back to my house. She spent the night and went home the next day taking our “find” with her”, thank God! That Covenant gave me the willies!

Two days later I related our discovery to my friend Hugh who was enthralled by our outing and wanted to go check out this church for himself. I agreed to go along for the ride because he didn’t know where it was. We arrived at the church, parked and got out of the car. Immediately I felt a presence, like someone was watching us. I was ready to get the hell out of there! Hugh however had other plans. He had reached the steps before I did and made his way into the church. When I reached the front steps leading into the church I freaked! They were rotten and most of them broken, there were weeds growing up through them, etc…I made my way inside without breaking my neck only to discover that most of the windows were now broken, there were a few trees growing in through the broken ones. The entire inside of the church looked as if it had been abandoned for years. Ceiling tiles on the floor, in some places holes in the walls. Now this may seem perfectly normal to you…to see an abandoned church, and to see that it’s been neglected for some years. The weird thing is that only 2 days before, it was in perfect shape… now I’m not a rocket scientist but I know that it takes longer than 2 days for a building to get in such a state of disrepair. All this combined with the feeling that something or someone was watching us scared me silly! Needless to say, Hugh and I beat a hasty retreat…but something followed us…but that’s another story.

I hope this wasn’t too long and that you all enjoyed it.

Wimberley Lights

From: Kelly Ehlinger (
To: “‘'”
Subject: Ghost lights in Wimberely Texas
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 15:35:06 -0500

Wimberley Lights

Wimberley, Texas is a small jewel in the Texas hill country. My family has spent many happy summer weekends there camping and swimming in the sparkling cypress creek. The creek is shaded by huge Cypress trees that are probably as old as Texas itself and have been the launch pad for countless whoops and jumps into the creek by generations of children. The creek runs from the main “swimming hole” down to a secluded little natural pool. A trail runs alongside the creek down to the little pool. This is where our “sighting” occurred.

The campground is lined by one side by a hundred year old rock wall, and across a small dirt road is a very old cemetery. We walk in the old cemetery almost every evening, admiring the tombstones and wondering about the lives of the people buried there.

One evening after a long day of swimming, lounging around, and eating, my sister Leslie, and my sister in-law Laura cleared away our campfire dishes, tucked the kids in bed and sat around the campfire talking with our husbands. We women decided that a late moonlight swim without the children would feel wonderful, so leaving our husbands at the campsite, trekked the short distance over the old wall and down to the small pool. We had the pool to ourselves and the night was very dark, only lit by starlight. We were talking softly, ( and a little giggling was going on to as we decided to re live our youth by skinny dipping) just enjoying the freedom, the water and the night.

I noticed it first. It was like the air became thicker, and the sounds of the woods died away. I remember feeling as if I had been put on alert. My sister felt the same as she became very quiet and still. From down the path came THREE identical gold glowing spheres! They followed the course of the path and whooshed right by us ( except they made no noise, but they were moving quickly as you would imagine a “whoosh”). They were perfectly spaced apart and were elegant in their movement as one followed another with precise movement. We were motionless and in stunned silence as they passed, then I turned to my sister and exchanged the “did you see that look.” Her expression left no doubt that she had, as well as my sister in law. I don’t remember feeling any real fear, just a desire to GET OUT OF THE WATER……I don’t know which would be more frightening, the sight of whatever those lights were or the sight of three grown ( and yes, naked) women scrambling up the banks of Cypress creek!

I really would like to know what kind of phenomena that was. The three of us are all mothers and professional women, not given to flights of fancy ( I am a registered nurse), and we cannot discount or explain away what we saw. Any explanations or similar sightings?

Wehahutta Lights

From: “Jerry Neal” (
Subject: Wehahutta lights. Cullowhee, N C
Date: Friday, April 05, 2002 1:51 AM

I spent the better part of my childhood growing up in the mountains of North Carolina. I have saw some strange things in my life time, but none compare with the “Ghost Lights” on the banks of the Wehahutta Creek, in Cullowhee, NC.

The story I was told, was that two young lovers, back before the time of the Civil War, were kept apart from each other, because they were of opposing race. (I don’t remember which one was which)

They used to steal away in the late night, and meet to have there affair kept secret. The black one was caught trying to slip away one night, and was hanged for trying to run away, and the other one committed suicide in order to escape the thought that she/he was the blame for the others death.

The lights are supposed to be the souls of the estranged lovers, searching, and finally coming together, every night for eternity.

I have personally witnessed the two lights. They start off on opposing sides of the creek bank, around 50 yards or so apart, come toward each other, and spin around each other before merging into one brilliant light. Afterwards, the now one light, goes up into the air, and slowly fades out.

I do not know the cause of these lights, but it is a wonderful sight to see. It is not, however on display every night. And it has been 16 years since I have lived there, and witnessed the event. I can only hope to be able to go back there and see it again some time.