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Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 14:25:29 -0800 (PST)
yourname michelle katz

I don’t know wheter I believe in ghosts or not. I guess I’m still thinking should I or shouldn’t I? There was one experience that happened to me when I was around ten or so (I was very mature for my age back then).

It was a really warm summer’s day. I was sitting in my family’s kitchen alone, drinking some orange juice at the table. Before I go on, I have to describe somethings. Our kitchen was sunny and spacious, and the table was at the far end of the room. To it’s right was one of those giagantic glass sliding doors. It opened up to a huge backyard, which inclued a small jacuzzi (my grandpa’s faviorite), a cactus garden at one side, our big vegetable garden next to it, and a small fish pond a few feet from the house. There was a willow tree that sort of obstructed my view of the jacuzzi, but I could still see it where I was sitting.

Recently my adopted grandfather (since my birth) had died of cancer. It was a really emotional drain for me, a horrible event since he died all alone in his apartment and I wasn’t able to say goodbye to him.

Anyway, back to the story. I was sitting at the table, thinking about him. Eversince he had died, I kept wishing to see him one last time. Now, I was wondering what he was doing. About two seconds later, I felt this wierd sensation float over me. I stopped what I was doing and turned my head to look at our backyard. At first, the form I saw, standing next to the jacuzzi, was so bright, I thought it was sunshine reflecting off the jacuzzi’s metal poles. I looked down at my juice, but immediately I did a double-take. The form had dimmed down a little, and he was standing there. He was smiling and stroking his beard. For a second he looked directly at me, then he began evaporating and faded away.

I started crying. I jumped off my chair, yanked the sliding door open, and ran outside to the spot he had stood. It wasn’t cold or anything, just really warm. I felt really sad, and I started screaming. My mom ran outside, wondering what was wrong. I kept telling her what I saw, but of course she didn’t believe me. She still doesn’t.

Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 22:36:23 -0400
From: “Randy Erickson” (
Subject: HI

Dear Folks,

I LOVE this page. I have DLed alot. I have very little to tell in the way of a haunting thought, I am afraid. The only unreal thing that happened to me was in 1967, when I was ten. My mom, dad, and sister were at Expo ’67 in Canada, and we were visiting the building that the USSR had made. The stairs going up and down were the short step kind that were very long. In other words they were only 6 inches high (each), but they went up or down for an entire floor of the building. They were also (the width) very wide, almost 12 inches. Any way, my family was waiting for me at the bottom. I began to walk down the steps, and I tripped. They stairs were made of granite, and I realized that if I fell, I might well be at least injured, or worse. As I fell, I tried to regain my balance by trying to run to keep up with the momentum that I created by falling forward. I was in the middle of the steps and could not reach a handrail. (the stair case was very wide, perhaps 8 feet.) The next thing I knew, I was at the bottom, on both feet, unharmed, but out of breath. On the way down, I noticed my family was just looking at me. A very definate stare, and their mouths were opened, as gasping. In those scant seconds, I just assumed they wer just concerned. (I was scared as heck!) Any way when I reached the bottom, my mother hugged me hard, and said ” I can’t beleive what I just saw! Your feet NEVER touched any of the steps on the way down.” A lady who had witnessed this event remarked that I should have fallen in a heap and have many broken bones, but some how SHE saw what my mom and family had. My dad was at a loss for words, and my sister thought I had something to do with “the flying”. She seemed anoyed at the time, but now realizes I flew down those steps.

Guardian Angel? Not my day to die? Fate? A miracle? Call it what you will, but to this day, I have no idea how I got to the bottom. Any way, that’s it. No ghost story, but an interesting one yes?

Thanks for the site


Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:50:46 -0800 (PST)
yourname Heather Shutes

When I was eleven or twelve, I was sitting with my father in our library reading a book and watching “Amadeus.” I looked up from my book and saw what appeared to be a three dimensional shadow moving in front of the television. It had arms, legs, a head, and a body, but it also had odd protrusions that I can’t describe.

I was more shocked than frightened, and I remember remaining totally still the entire time I looked at it.

When it had gone out into the hallway, I looked at my father, who was also not moving. I never said anything about it to him, and he never mentioned it to me. I saw it about three more times that year, and never again.

Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 16:28:15 -0800 (PST)
email jfoulis

Back in 1989 my boyfriend committed suicide. He was a very mean and violent person and i often felt he had the devil inside him. That of course was not so but he put me thru so much abuse that was how i felt. I had left home with my children two days before he committed suicide, the police found him in our van Locked in the garage. The night before they found him i had dreamed the police were in our house and they handed me a bloody glove. The day after they found him i returned to the house and found the glove with blood on it on our kitchen table. Several days later i moved back in, his family stayed with me that night . Deep down inside i was still afraid of him. That night everyone fell sick . I knew then that he was still there. Thru the next few weeks things got worse. Lights would turn off after i turned them on. Pictures flew off the walls , My collie started howling at night and ran out the door one day never to return, But most of all the smell of death never ! ! left my house, the feeling of sadness in the house could always be felt. My two year old refused to sleep in her room,and the door was always shut, but the lights always managed to turn on. My four month old baby would sit on my lap and focus on thin air and smile and laugh. He was there I knew it, everyone else told me it was my imagination, But mirrors and pictures flying off walls were very real. I moved very far away and have never returned so i do not know if there has been a problem since then.

Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 11:48:19 -0800 (PST)
yourname mary russell
email pearlrush@hotmail

At the age of six, my nephew was hit by a car and died from the injuries. He was the same age as me and we were very close emotionaly. My mother, father, and I spent a coulple of weeks with my sister after his funeral, then retuned to our home in another city.

A few days after we had come home, my mother was in the shower and I was in front of my mirror in my bedroom brushing my hair when I saw my nephew in the reflection of the looking glass. He was standing in the air off the ground about 2 or 3 feet. At first I thought I was imagining things, but when I turned around he was still there. I remember that he spoke my name and said hello. I was surprised to hear that he had the same lipse in spirit that he had in mortality.

I can’t remember the entire conversation, but I remember asking him if it had hurt him to die. He said that it had been painful to be hit by the car, but there was no reason to be afraid of death. It was actually a pleasant experience.

After reading of many near death experiences I am comforted that this was not the imagination of a six year old girl.

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 23:43:16 -0800 (PST)
yourname Amber Smith

My best friend and I live together in the basement of a good friend’s house.

My friend,Tammy,has always told me that the house was haunted. At first I didn’t believe her. She said that the ghost was a lady that used to live here a very long time ago. She also stated that usually every other night that the ghost would tap on the lamp beside her bed. The only way she could get it to stop is she would have to turn the lamp on, and then just leave it on.

Now I know ghosts are real. My roommate, Allison, said she woke up one night and seen a little girl sitting on the foot of her bed, and the girl was just sitting there staring at her!! This scared me to death. Overall little things are always happening. For instance, if I am here and Allison is not I always hear things being shuffled or moved in her room. And if she is here and I am not she always hears things moving around in my room. It kind of sounds like someone is plundering through boxes or something. That is eerie. Sometimes the lady taps on our window. It is a very soft tap. Usually we just simply say,”Please stop!” And she usually stops. One thing that happens often, is we hear someone open the door that leads downstairs to where we are, run down the steps, and when we look to see who it is there is no one there!

Usually I do not stay alone in the house, I guess I’m a chiken. But, I’m not scared enough to move out. Overall, the bad thing about living in a haunted house is that you never know what is going to happen next. The advantage is that you always have a good story to tell your friends. Now, most of my friends will not even come over and spend the night, not even by own boyfriend!!!

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 18:49:12 -0800 (PST)

not to long ago i was going to school at the local high school. I had heard stories about how it was made. the story goes that when they were building it part of the ceiling in the senior hall let loose. It dropped and killed 2 men. It was left for many years until finally they started building again. People have said they have seen the ghost of these 2 men wandering around the building. I personally never believed it until my senior year.

My locker was down in the senior end of the hall and i was at a basketball game cheerleading. i realized i had books in my locker that i should’ve taken home that night. i found a custodian and asked him to let me into the main building for the books. he looked at me somewhat nervously then took out the key and let me in. As I walked through the doors i glanced back and saw him watching after me with a strange look in his eye. “careful” he called after me. i thought he was trying to scare me.

The school was a lot scarier at night then it was during the day. the lights were low and my footsteps echoed. i kept glancing around nervously. When i finally reached my locker i opened it slowly and bent down to get my books. I could have sworn i heard footsteps, but thought it was my imagination. I didn’t think about it until i stood up and spun around. A large muscular man was standing behind me starring at me. I asked if he was looking for the gym and pointed down the hall towards it. He just stared at me in silence. Suddenly my book dropped and i must have jumped a mile. I bent to get the book and heard a voice. it simply called out “hey Micheal, let’s go!” When i looked up the man was gone. I ran back to the gym more confused then scared. when i got back the custiodian just looked relieved.

The next week i asked my friends mother about the builders who were killed. She told me that they were friends of her mothers and she knew them quite well. She told me that their names were Mike and Pete. Mike was a large man and Pete was kinda tiny. They were great friends and Pete had tried to save Mike from the falling ceiling.

to this day i don’t know if I really saw Mike or if it was someone playing a trick on me.

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 02:33:00 -0800 (PST)
yourname K.S.

When I was about ten years old, I was sitting in my grandmothers drawing room (Which was rumored to be haunted).Anyway I was sitting on a couch and suddenly I heard someone breathing. At first I thought that it was my breathing (because the room was empty other than me) but then it turned from breathing into panting and it was coming right into my ear! I ran out of the room as fast as possible. This was only the first time.

Then when I was about 12, my cousins and I decided to call a ghost ( using an Ouija board which was home made ) Then we kept our fingers on the glass and said “If there is any ghost here, please come into this glass” As soon as the words left our mouths, ALL the doors and windows started banging, at the SAME TIME! This was the second time, however there is also a third time….

When I was 15, the same cousins, my brother and sister and I decided to call a Ghost AGAIN! (Once wasn’t enough) Again we said the same kind of things like “If there is any ghost here, please make contact” etc. Suddenly the Glass on which all of us had kept our fingers started to move.( we all thought that one of us was doing it.) So we asked the ghost if it was a male or female and it spelled out “male”. Then we asked the age which was 456 years. Then one of us asked whether the ghost knew any of us and if so he should go to their initials, and the pointer went to “N” which was the initial of one of my cousins. She was totally freaked and she started to cry saying that “Something is happening in my chest and I can’t breathe” Now we were all really scared. Then three of my cousins started feeling something heavy pressing against their chests. And the funny thing is that they all spoke about it at the same time so they could not have been bluffing.

After that we vowed that we would never ever call ghosts or use ouija boards again!! ALL THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!

Subj: My own ghost story!!
Date: 98-01-19 13:34:18 EST
From: (Greeney, Susan)

I do not know if this is the correct address to send my story, but i will try anyhow.

In 1990 I had a best friend who moved into a house in Milton, Wisconsin. I visited her several times a week, and she started to tell me that she felt something might be in the house…she heard footsteps and running downstairs after the children and she went to bed for the night. At first she thought someone had broken into the house, but upon investigation had come up with nothing! The doors were still locked from the inside and the widows were all shut. The activities started to get stonger after a few months. I stopped by her house one day and went to her door for maybe 2 minutes to ask her husband where she was…when I returned to my car the headlights were on (it was a bright, sunny afternoon!!) When I told my friend about this, she said her mother in law had the same thing happen a week earlier! One day I was visiting I noticed lights dancing on her livingroom ceiling…I checked the windows for the source of the light and the blinds were drawn…we stared at the lights for a few minutes then they slipped in the molding on the ceiling and disappeared. On another occasion she was perming my hair at the dining room table, and I was sitting facing the stairway that went up to the upstairs bedrooms. A young girl possibly 9 years old with long blonde hair, light colored shorts and a white t shirt ran past me and up the stairs…it didn’t hit me til she was already upstairs that it was not any of her children!!!!!! (this was the first and only full fledged ghost that I have ever seen!!!) Other odd things happened in the house…my friend was a large woman who always wore this terry cloth romper in the summer when she cleaned the house…one day it disappeared and she tore the house apart looking for it!!! She found it several months later in October when she was digging in the back of the closet looking for the kids halloween costumes. She pulled out a box with the costumes and decorations and there was her romper!!!!! (I asked her what thet told her!!!)

She also would wash clothes in her basement, put them in the dryer and half an hour later go to take them out…someone elses clothes were mixed in with hers!!!

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 13:16:14 -0800 (PST)
yourname Angie

story The ghost in Room 325

My husband was sent to work at the London office, last April for a few weeks. We also were able to tag 2 weeks of vacation time too, I was lucky enough to be able to tag along and keep him company all that time.

Anyway, we were staying in one of Hotels located on the Strand, near the theater district. I usually went out on my own walking tour the city of London everyday. I always made sure I was back to the hotel room around 5 or 5:30 pm. This one particular day I came back a little early to relax and enjoy a cup of tea in the room before going out to dinner with my husband.

I was reading the paper and I also had CNN on the t.v. for the days events. I was happliy sipping my tea, when I my eyes caught the movement of a lady in a fancy 1800’s dress walk away from the vanity and into the bathroom. I

was quite surpised to see this because I didn’ t see anyone in the roon when I came in, and I’m sure I would have heard someone knock at the door.

At first, I thought it might have been someone from housekeeping turning down the roon for the night. But dressed up in this type of garb? I think not. I wasn’t afraid, I think I was more curious then frightened at this point.

I didn’t see anyone in the bathroom at all. It was just a ghost in a very pretty dress and hat. I didn’t see her after that incident.

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 15:04:33 -0800 (PST)
yourname John Allen

story This story is related to you the way my father passed it to me (as best as I can remember it….)

As is the case in most ghost stories, one of my relatives passed away. I do not know the exact relation, but the person in question would have been a “great someting or other.”

It just so happened that the “uncle” had passed away in a chair..important later. This occured at a time in which wakes were still common so my grandparents held one in their home. Somewhere between when the night ends and the day begins, a strange creeking noise was heard eminating from the coffin!

As the lone living occupant (my grandfather I believe) watched in stark terror, the corpse of my deceased relative began to sit up…

I would like to say that the corpse’s head spun or spoke or danced a jig, however, this was not the case. As I had mentioned, my uncle had passed in a sitting position. Either from rigermortis (sp?) or some other muscle stiffening, the corpse had reverted to a seated position.

Even no words of wisdom were received, my grandfather still needed to change his shorts!

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 07:59:35 -0800 (PST)
yourname melissa

story Maybe it was a figment of my imagination but a chill went down my spin.

I was visiting an old house that in the days of slavery helped runaways escape to freedom. I heard many stories of how the escape was accomplished but the thing that really bothered me was that when there were slave hunters above in the ministers home the women would sometimes have to suffocate their babies in order to save the rest of the groups lives. Everyone went on to see a grave outside of a little girl outside but I stayed in the hidden room for a moment. Everything was really quiet and I was just reflecting on the differant things that probably happened and the heartache that was probably endured. I heard a faint sobbing from a corner the dirtfloored room. There was an apperition of a black wornout women wearing tattered clothes and holding a limp baby then it vanished. I closed my drooping jaw and quickly exited the room.

Date: Mon, 02 Feb 98 09:23:00 -0800
Subject: true life experience

I worked at a Hallmark store in a strip mall. When the builders dug up the formerly empty field, they found a massive grave. Research had to then be done on the land. It turned out that the formerly empty field was at one time a poorhouse and another time a institution for the mentally ill. Presumably, when the inhabitants died, they were buried one on top of the other in one part of the property. After reburying the skeletons, the strip mall continued to be built and was eventually completed. I began working part time at the store. Over time, the employees there began to notice strange occurances. Rapping could be heard on the walls, displays would fall over of their own accord, and a stuffed bear hanging from a display, one night, decided to spin around at an extremely rapid rate at its own whim. It did this for maybe a minute and then suddenly stopped. The most interesting thing that happened, however, happened to random customers. Some would approach us and complain about a strange, adolescent girl watching them and frightening them. They all described her as wearing a long, old-fashioned blue dress, black boots and with long brown hair. No one else, save we employees and the lucky customer, would be in the store at the time. We never saw her, although we heard the rappings often enough, and felt cold drafts prior to her appearances. I never did find out who our ghost was, but the store is still there, and she never hurt anyone.


Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 10:04:03 -0800 (PST)
yourname Elizabeth

My grandfather was a Baptist preacher from North Carolina. Most of the churches he pastored were in that state, but once he took a church in North Georgia. The parsonage was a fairly modern one-story brick house. When my family went to visit one weekend my grandparents shared a strange experience they had a few weeks prior…..

It was getting late one night, and they decided to go on to bed. It had been a rainy week and it was still raining as they got in bed. They said they laid in bed not able to sleep because of the storm outside. The lightning was awful and the wind blew the rain against the windows with great force. It gradually decreased and they thought they would be able to go on to sleep now. The house was quiet and the rain was light and steady outside. Suddenly they heard the sound of a key in the front door and the door opening. They lay frozen in bed as they heard someone come in the house and close the door behind them. Then they heard the person’s footsteps coming down the hall and right passed their bedroom door. (Grandma and Grandpa are in the habit of sleeping with their bedroom door shut.) They both listened as they heard the door of the bedroom, a little further down and across the hall, open and then heard a man let out an audible sigh and drop down on the bed in that ! ! room.

Gathering courage , and thinking that this wasn’t the expected behavior of a robber, Grandpa got up and went to the other bedroom. No one was there! He started for the living room and noticed that there were no wet footprints in the hall. When he got to the front door, of course it was locked just the way they left it.

The next afternoon, they received a call. A man from a church in another town called to give some information for my grandfather to share with his congregation. The pastor of their church used to pastor my grandfather’s church years earlier and still had many close ties to people there. He had just passed away last night….(.close to the time my grandparents heard their visitor.)

My grandparents just didn’t know what to make of it, but to say it was spooky.

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 20:45:22 -0800 (PST)
yourname Jon

story For three years I owned a haunted house in Pataskala, Ohio. Our ghost manifested itself in many ways; speech (it would whisper your name in your ear), footsteps on the stairs, slamming doors, lights, reflections in mirrors, roaring sounds, and the dropping of coins (brand new pennies) from the ceiling to the floor.

There was a spot in the dining room that my dogs would not cross. They would walk around it as if someone was standing there. Occasionally, the two dogs would both sit and stare at that spot, looking up and wagging their tails just as they do if you are speaking to them.

Below that spot, in the basement, was a filled in well or cistern. I have often wondered what you would find if you were to excavate that well.

My friends and family, for the most part, think that I’m either crazy or making these things up. One couple, who expressed their disbelief after my wife and I told them of the ghost, witnessed the dropping of two coins in our living room. The pennies dropped in the far corner of the room, rolled across the floor and ended up in front of the husband who then looked at me and asked, “How did you do that?”

This house was built in 1891, and I lived in it 100 years later. If anyone out htere has any info on hauntings in the Pataskala area, I would like to compare notes. Feel free to email me.

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 19:21:10 -0800 (PST)
yourname tt

story My friend and I had heard about an old, abandoned ghost town in Conneticut, and decided to check it out. There is nothing left of this town except stone walls and a cemetary. The cemetary has one grave in it, that of a revolutionary war soldier who died in 1777. While visiting at the grave site, we could hear in the distance the sound of a woman calling someone, perhaps a child. This is in the middle of a large forest, and there are no explanations for the source of this sound. We listened to these sounds for about three to five minutes, then it faded away. After visiting the town for a couple of hours, we decided to leave. When we got to the outskirts of town, the path passes through a stone wall. We sat to rest on the wall for a minute or so, and heard the un-mistakeable sound of a childs swing. This sound seemed to be no more than fifty feet awawy, but there was nothing but trees. Then, when the sound ended, we walked along the trail and heard the sound of a horse w! ! alking by in front of us. These woods are open and visability is at least 300 feet. We still found no source for these sounds. One last thing happened that turned out to be the scariest part of the day. Nearing the end of the trail, we turned to see a mist on the trail, where we had just passed. This mist was about three feet wide and six feet high. The presence of the mist frightened us and we walked faster. We turned to check on this mist and found it to be following us. It seemed to move roughly the same distance we walked. The closest it got to us was about thirty feet away.

We are making plans for a return trip to this site. We found it more interesting than scary. The mist was the only thing that seemed to alarm us, and that isnt scary now that I think about it as it was never threatening. I have heard this town referred to as ” the village of voices” and am now a believer in the phenomenon that occurs there.

Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 12:04:23 -0800 (PST)

story 1982 living in an apt in San Diego, my father was very ill from a stroke living in Phouenix. My Mom had called at around 8 pm to tell me that it wasn’t looking good for my dad to make it. I told her I would make plans to leave the next day. Went to sleep and around 3 AM was awakened my someone(?) grabbing my ankles and giving them a brief shake. It went beyond a shake, though. It was amols electric and a fully awakened as if I wasn’t even groggy. I think I almost smelled him. I felt great. Needless to say my dad died around then. Not too many people kow this and I prefer to leave myself out of the story.

Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 08:40:26 -0800 (PST)
yourname R.M.Swanson

story When I was younger, roughly in 1983 or so, I was visiting my grandmother at her home. My grandfather had died only a month or two before, and I was not anxious to visit for fear that I would see his ghost. (I know, setting myself up to see his ghost, right?) The night I was there, I turned and felt some sort of look almost penetrating through my body, and preventing me from looking away from my Grandpa’s favorite chair. I saw him sitting there, just looking at me like he normally would of. I do not remember how long I sat and stared at him from the spot, but eventually I fell asleep, and that was that. The experience terrified me, and I have never forgotten it. In a side experience, my grandmother asked me if I had seen him the night that I did, and told me that he was a common sight around the house and sometimes spoke to her.

Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 08:01:58 -0800 (PST)
yourname Diane Sherwood


I have viewed these stories for quite some time, and I feel it is time to tell my own. I am not sure if anyone out there has had any similiar experiences, but if you have, can you e-mail and explain this one to me? Ok, here goes:

When I was about nine or ten years old, I had a friend named Ruthie who lived in a big house out in the country. She had lots of woods around her property, a barn with cows, and a pond. It was the perfect place to just spend the summer days running wild. One day we were out in the woods just playing, talking, and hiking. We ended up, for some reason, seperating. I wasn’t scared, because I knew the woods well, but I did want to find her. I heard a noise behind me, and thinking it was her, turned around. Behind me stood a HUGE white wolf. I knew it couldn’t be a dog, because it was way too big, and I was sure just from looking at pictures of wolves that this was indeed a wolf. I was a bit scared, but since it was only about five feet away from me, I did not want to show it. The wolf just sat there, staring at me. I then heard another noise behind me, and hoping it was my friend, I turned around. It was my friend, and as I turned back around to face the wolf he was gone. My friend had not seen my wolf, and thought I was crazy. I knew better. I scoured the woods with my eyes as well as on foot, but nothing. When we got back to her house, I told her dad about my nature sighting. He laughed and said there were no wolves in Pennsylvania, and that I must have seen a dog. I am now 20 years old, and I still know that what I saw was no dog, it was a wolf, or something in the form of a wolf. I tend to believe the latter, because how could any animal dissapear into thin air in the space of about two seconds. And also because it was a wolf, and there are no wolves in PA. I guess I need to know why me, and why a wolf? It was interesting, but really creepy. Any comments?

Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 09:00:04 -0800 (PST)

In January 1974 I attended a sleep over party with ten other 10 yr old girls in my hometome of Rochester, NY.. It was my first such party. After a night of ice skating, eating pizza and watching “The Six Million Dollar Man,” we climbed in our sleeping bags around 11:30 p.m. After much giggling, all was quiet at 1 a.m. as we all tried to get some sleep. We HAD NOT done any trances, levitation, ghost stories or any of the requisite slumber party antics (that came as we got older!). As we quieted down, a woman’s voice said clear as a bell, “It’s one o’clock, girls. You should be in bed by now.” The voice came from the main entry way between the living room and dining room at the front of the house. All eleven of us were completely quiet and then we all shrieked, jumped out of our sleeping bags (we were sleeping in the living room) and tore through the dining room, through the kitchen and up the back stairs to the birthday girls’ parents’ room. We woke them from a sound sleep. The mother tried to tell us that it was Robin’s grandmother (who lived several miles away) who must have travelled to the house and was upset that we were still awake at 1 a.m. We weren’t buying that explanation. We were the only ones in the house (besides the sleeping parents) and what 70+ yr old women would travel alone on cold, snowy upstate NY night to stand outside her granddaughter’s house to scold her and her friends. The voice CLEARLY came from inside the house.

We all calmed down and eventually fell asleep. We never had a satisfactory explanation for the “scolding voice.” I’ll never forget that voice or the intonation. Really not sure what it was, but it was witnessed by eleven people (10 yr old girls). Hard to discount something with that many witnesses who heard the exact same thing.

Short (but true) Stories, Page 1

Short Stories Page 1
From: StigZodiac @AOL .COM
Subject: Reader Submission
Date: Friday, June 21, 2002 5:10 AM

I was holidaying in Corfu last summer at the small, quiet resort of Kalami on the North east side of the island. One afternoon my partner and myself decided to explore,so by foot we headed off from the beach and found a footpath running along the hillside of the coast.The path was steep at first then it levelled off, it had great views of the bay and sea below. After walking for about 23mins i had managed to get ahead of my partner and on doing so, i noticed a woman coming towards me as

she approached i stood to one side to let her pass. Then i waited for my partner to catch up, i mentioned the woman but to my suprise she had’nt seen anyone on the path! This was weird as there was no other way from the path as it was too steep. If anyone had fallen, we would have heard them. SHE HAD COMPLETLEY VANISHED !

Subject: my personal story
Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 3:40 PM

Dear Ghost Site,

A little while ago in Springfield Oregon I had a very intense and ghostly happening.

I was lying in bed and in the middle of the night I woke up for an unknown reason. I looked out my open door and saw a lady standing there. She was only an outline and inside that outline it was only dark. Even though I could not see any features or detail about her I could tell it was a female about 5’6″-5’7″ and she was staring directly at me. I could see the outline of her hair that was a little bit past her shoulders and fairly wavy. Her gaze was upon me in an intense way and as soon as I looked at her I turned away and I think I passed out from how immediately I went to sleep. Please consider my story and please consider posting it on your site. I would love to hear from anyone who has had a similiar experience. I have more stories but please e-mail me back first.

Thank you, Shayla

Subject: Reader Submission
Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 5:54 AM

Hello There,

After reading stories on here for the past couple of years I’ve decided to share my story. My two sisters and I were living in our parents home in a small town in Idaho in the mid 1980’s. Two of the previous owners had died in the house, but we didn’t know this until later. Anyway, one night in returning home from work, I was met at the front door by my younger sister wanting to know if my older sister had been late for work . We both worked at the same factory but different shifts.I told her that she hadn’t and wanted to know why. My sister told me that between the time that my o lder sister had left and I arrived home someone had walked from my room (our house was a two story), down the stairs and out the front door. My family had other experiences similar to this over the years that we lived there, however none of us talked about them until the house was sold 10 years ago. Hope you find this interesting.

Date: Sunday, October 05, 2003 2:45 PM

Its is a true story. Last year we moved to an older house. It was around people so I wasn’t scared. I was 14, and I was sitting in the living room. My room is on the left and if u sit on the edge of the couch you can look right in. (were I was at). My sister had just left, and the doors and windows were close. As I was sitting there looking at TV, something told me to looking my room. I’m the kind of person that hates when someone is in there room. When I looked, I saw a woman walk from my closet, to my computer. At first I thought it was my sister, and about to scream “get out my room,” then I remembered, she just walked out. At that point, I was almost to scared to move, but I’m a new Yorker. I got up slowly, when to the door, opened it. Opened all the windows, (anything that would let light in). Later I started asking people about the house. They said it was a women that lived in my room, she was alone, didn’t have friend or family, and died without no one knowing it. If i’m not in that room by 12:00P.M, my radio will go off as loud as it can, everytime one song.


From: “Dawn”
Subject: Men In Black Robes
Date: Sunday, October 05, 2003 2:25 AM

Hello; My name is Dawn and I wanted to tell you about one of my experiences I had when I was younger. I lived in a apartment building in Kitchener Ontario. It was shortly after my dad passed away that I would wake up for no reason as I lied there, I would see this men in black robes walking around from room to room in our hallway. I saw these men a few times they reminded me of Monks, but I don`t think they were. They had their hoods up I never saw their faces, they wore it looked like white ropes around their waists. All I knew was I was pretty scared. We did finally end up moving out of that basement apartment. I was glad because even on the sunniest days is was dungeon like. Quite a number of years had gone by I told my mom what I saw and she always said it was my imagination. One day as my brother and I sat and talked the subject came up. He too saw these ghostly figures just as I did too. What we experienced I have no idea. All I can say is I can still see those figures in my mind and this happened 30 yrs ago.

From: “Angela Boley”
Subject: True Ghost story – Phantom Voices
Date: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 3:49 PM

This ghostly event happened Friday 09/26/03 exactly at 5pm in Kimbolton, Ohio. I pulled in the driveway and got out of my car to go into my cabin. I was first to be home and my neighbors across the street were not home as they don’t arrive till 6pm.(Now I live in a very rural area inside Salt Fork State Park) As I approached the cabin, I heard a very loud voices talking from inside the cabin. I thought at first someone left the stereo on, but I was the last to leave the cabin earlier that day and made sure no stereo or anything else was left on before I left. I feel my windows viberate with the sound of the voices and they were definitely comming from inside. The main voice I heard was a man’s voice. I also heard a woman’s voice that was not nearly as loud. The voices got louder the closer I got the front door. I put my ear to the window and hear there were people talking inside but as loud as they were talking (they talked very fast!) I couldn’t make out any words. Now the windows have curtains in front so I couldn’t see inside. I thought the cabin had been broken into. I checked both front and back door. No sign of forced entry anywhere. I opened the front door. As soon as I stepped inside, the voices stopped. I have no explanation other than it was paranormal. We’ve had other paranormal experiences at the cabin every once in a while but I know every detail of it’s history and there were no deaths nor any signifcant events in the cabin other than it changed owners. End.

Subject: short story 🙂
Date: Sunday, October 26, 2003 1:54 PM

First off, i would like to thank you for creating such a nice site. The following story has never been published for profit or free. All names except mine have been changed

My friend Rae and I were spending a night at our friend Ninas house the summer of 2003. I must say what we experienced that night was our faults as we were looking for trouble through an ouija board. We were in her small living room sitting on the floor at about 1 am playing the board and speaking with someone who claimed to be “Matt” a 14 year old boy. We were doing regular stupid ouija questions when all of a sudden the planchette stopped moving. A few seconds later, we heard 13 loud dings. They were clearly coming from an old wall hung grandfather clock. Only Nina was truly scared. We asked why and she gave us our answer. That very clock had not worked for over 5 years. We were pretty weirded out but were stupid enough to continue communication with “Matt”. We asked if he made the clock ding and he replied yes. He explained that he liked scaring us. Then we all saw something on her stairs. A random assortment of white lights in small bars. We were extremely scared at this point. When we finally got the nerve up to go to the area where the light was still perched, we all felt that the area was warmer then the room. At about this time, Ninas father came down the stairs. His first question was “How the hell did you girls get that clock to work?” We explained everything and he was not too shocked. Ninas family has an intense history of supernatural occurences to the point they changed religions. Both Ninas mother and father are extremely sensitive and clairvoyent and Nina herself is showing signs of being sensitive.

From: “Isaiah Rodriguez”
Subject: Read please.
Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 2:26 PM

On December 1, 2002 my Grandma past from an illness called dementia. About two months before she died we had a very spiritual Father come in and try to heal her with the power of a holy touch. She became well and we actually thought god had healed her. Around Thanksgiving time she became ill and we had to place her in an elderly hospital. There is where she passed. I was the only person in the family not to see her alive the day she died. My parents took my brother and sister too visit her in the morning, and my unlce and my cousins happened to see her too. Its around noon when the rest of my Family gets home and no longer than two minutes that my parents got home my aunt comes and tells us that my Grandma has passed. I felt like shit because I didn’t get to see her. I went to the hospital this time and seen my grandma dead. I was so sad I had to take a long walk to my girlfriends house. on my way over there I felt like if someone was following me. I look to my left and it w! as then that I seen my Grandma walking right next to me kind of in a floating motion. As I try to touch her cheek in amazement the vision of her went away. If anyone has ever expirenced this pleas e-mail me

From: “Ryan Was”
Subject: a story
Date: Saturday, November 01, 2003 6:10 PM

I am 13 and living in San Diego California, and discovered your site on google looking for an explenation for what happened in my neighborhood.

About a year ago, i noticed a gate in my neighborhood, which is very small with maybe 10 homes, that I had never seen before.

I got curious about this gate and went back the next day to see what was behind it, finding a large greenhouse and a meadow that seemed like it went on forever. This seemed impossible because everyone in this neighborhood knows that on that side of the neighborhood on the other side of the gate is a large, dusty canyon.

Anyway, about a week later I went back to investigate, and the meadow and greenhouse were completely gone, with a slope downwards with a house very near the gate. It is obviously too little of a time period to have dug a large ditch, started, and completed a house in a week. Besides, how could the meadow have been so big if there was a road in about 1/2 a mile?

If you have questions…or explenations…email me at

From: “Chris STANTON”
Subject: My strange experinces
Date: Friday, November 07, 2003 1:10 PM


Well after reading the site for over a year I decided to write my own.

The unknown: well ive been to my grandmas and grandpas house a few times now and its was only the second time something really strange really happened. It was a dark night in October and i was trying to sleep when out of the corner of my eye i noticed a very dark and mysterious shape. Mys sister was asleep so i got up and went to see what it was (silly me) and i felt a very distinct yank on my hair. I straight away dived out of the door. >From then on ive never been able to sleep at the house and since its a mew house im suprised.

The old castle Recentlyi went on a nighttime tour of portchester castle. My group of about 9 and the tour guide went with me. As we went around the church i noticed a brown shape like a monk. I brought a book the next day and it said that the castle is often been reported for a brown monk. Strangley no one else saw it. There it is


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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 17:47:03 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Jehnna

I have seen and ‘felt’ numerous ghosts.

The first was a white robed monk which I saw when I was about five years old. It had a very large hood and sleeves, and it seemed to know that I was watching it. It does go into mre detail than this, but I am trying to conserve space!

I saw my dog as a ghost, ‘before’ he died, and smelt something weird in my bedroom. I also couldn’t see my digital clock when I would wake in a sweat, and turn to look at the time.

My husband started to haunt me when he died five years ago. He tapped on the bedroom window from “outside”, and when I went to look, no-one was there. (no, there weren’t any trees outside at all)! He also made the tree plant I have move when there was no breeze, and messed my bed up after I made it every morning.

If you wish for more detail, on these and any other experiences I have had, please let me know, otherwise I could go on forever!!!

Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 19:34:49 -0400 AST
Subject: The Moving Cup

Hey there,

I guess you could say just about anyone knows about something that happened that can only be explained by means of the paranormal… Except me, I guess. But that’s not counting all I think happened all those years ago, when I was a kid. I’ll try to work on remembering those, but until then, two friends who just stumbled upon me perusing your webpage started telling me stuff either they had experienced themselves, or someone they knew well (and not a friend of a friend) had had happen to them. Here’s the first…


Down in Abram-Village, Prince-Edward-Island (Canada), there’s an old house that still stands today. Some say the house is 200 years old, but I can’t confirm that right now, nor can I confirm if anyone is there at the moment. The last people I (or rather, she, I’m typing down what she says) heard about anyone staying over there was back in the late Eighties, when a young couple were living there. It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, no people flew through the walls, but one incident happened one afternoon that is worthy of note.

The husband of the two was sitting on the couch, just relaxing, while his wife tinkered about in the kitchen, fixing a pot of coffee. Arriving into the living room, she put down a cup for her husband, on his side of a table. He’d take a sip, and his attention soon focused to something else, until he’d go back for his cup, only to notice it wasn’t on his side of the table but at the other end. Reaching for it, he’d take a sip and promptly forget about it, thinking his wife was playing a prank on him. After two times of this, he raised his gaze to see his cup slowly moving away from him, gliding on the table.

Of course, when this happens to you, you tend to get a bit curious and start keeping an ear open around town to hear if something odd had happened at that house. One of the neighbors had been around for awhile, and during a conversation, his neighbor mentions the elderly couple who had lived there before them. The man of the house was arthritic, and his wife would torment him by putting his cup of (tea or coffee, I’m not sure) as far away from him on the same table while he’d be sitting in the living room. Nothing had happened to the neighbor in question, nor did anything ever happen again to the couple who saw that cup move.


I just found out the second story to be a fake, while I was typing this one in. I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a true ghost story on the tip of my conscious mind. At least this one is real. And if I can remember the stuff that happened to me while I was a kid, I’ll be sure to share. (I was never really that comfortable, at my house or elsewhere. Often labelled a scaredy cat, I always thought there was more to it than that. How can you stay scared of the same thing for years on end? And when I wasn’t, then it was my sister’s turn.)

Ah, well, Glen Bourgeois

Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 14:24:38 -0800 (PST)

My story happened about six years ago. My family and I lived in an old, big house in a small town. The main floor has a lot of windows stretching around the living room and dining room. One night my mom and I walking through the dining room and the lights were off. However, the light outside our window was on which cast the shadows of the trees onto our window. Since there were only two trees on that side of the house it was easy to see everything else in our driveway. I looked over to the window, and I noticed a very distinct shadow of a man hunched over like he was tip toeing outside our window. The shadow was very clear and normal size, suggesting that the man ws directly next to the windo. I was frightened, I didn’t know who would be creeping around our neighborhood. My mom yanked the cord to draw the curtains open when the figure was about half way across the window…only to find absolutely nothing out there.

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 10:38:10 -0800 (PST)
yourname darla

I have a (ghost) living in my house. I think it is a little boy. My two children talk with it and play with it.On halloween my husband was sitting on our couch and my daughters candy was sitting on the back of the couch,it moved. The next morning my daughter just woke up and she had a sucker I ask her where she got it she said the little boy gave it to her.

One day I was sitting in the chair and (someone) knocked on my door, I got up to answer it and there was no one there but as soon as I turned my back my keys moved from one side of the table to the other. Not thirty seconds later bells rang in my mother-in-laws room and she has no bells in her room. Evernight when I come home my frontroom and frontporch lights are on.

My mother-in-law is dying of canser andi figure if this little (ghost) wants to stay here he can help me. So everynight I ask him if anything goes wrong with my mother-in-law would he somehow tell my husband or my self.

It may be hard to believe but its true.

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 01:48:14 -0800 (PST)
email Mendez, B. SRA, 393BS/MAF

This story is probably true, although it happened to my best friend not me.

The ghost of the living dog

My friend is orginally from Nevil Island PA. She lived there most of her life until she was about 13, when she moved to our town Avella, PA. Well my friend told me of a time when she was home alone with her mother and her dog. (In Nevil Island) and she sat in the door way of the pantry with her dog on her lap petting it and as she turned to the living room she seen the same dog walk passed her, in shock she looked down and she was still petting the dog on her lap and it had never left!!!!!

Have you ever heard of this before?

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 14:46:51 -0800 (PST)
yourname Angela

I used to work in a nursing home, and I sometimes felt “creepy” in certain rooms, as many people had died in them over the years. I asked the R.N. on my shift if he ever felt the same, half-expecting him to laugh at me, being the pretty normal and down to earth guy that he is. However, I was pretty interested to find out that he did, and had some experiences to relay.

For example, not where we worked, but at a hospital where he had worked earlier in his career, there was one about the “posessed lady.”

Here goes: One night he was working at some hospital along with some other nurses, and this old woman came wildly screaming out of her room. After the staff tried to calm her, she basically cursed them, spat, screamed, etc. and had to be carried physically back to her room. Here is the wierd thing, she weighed like 90 lbs., and not just one person could handle her. 3 of the staff (men) weighing over 200 lbs. each had to carry her back to her room. My nurse friend said that when this woman jerked her body, all four of them would sway and stumble several feet! When they took her back to her room, all the while spewing out stuff in other languages, she had to be tied down in her bed. (These were the “old days”) After my nurse friend left the room with the others to ponder what in the world just happened, he said that he heard a snap, and the woman had broken off her restraints. She had this amazing strength, and began screaming in this deep man’s voice. He said that he was totally freaked out, at this point, and thaught that he had seen her levitate.

After giving this lady some kind of shot, she went to sleep. He then asked the others who were working that night if they thaught that she was posessed. They just lauhed, and after that, used to tease him about her being his girlfriend.

Weird, huh?

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:17:41 -0800 (PST)
yourname Kandis

This is a very simple story. I am a housekeeper by trade. One day my brother and I were working at the home of a regular client.

We were both in the basement working when we both heard some one walking across the floor upstairs. I yell up, “Hello?!”.

There was no answer. My brother doesn’t work with me on a regular basis so he suggested that I go up first so as not to startle(sp) anyone. I went up ahead of my brother only to find and empty house with both doors closed. I looked at my brother to make sure we had both heard the “intruder”. We had indeed.

I later asked my client about it. She was not surprised. “It happens all the time. We’re just used to it I suppose.” Hummmmmm.

From: (kimberly mitchell)
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 16:03:38 -0400
Subject: Guinea pig ghost

This is a rather peculiar story in that the ghost I encountered was my pet guinea pig named “Squeaky”. Poor Squeaky died suddenly one night after becoming ill for some unknown reason. We were very close and I cried for hours when he died. I held an animal funeral with my two dogs and cat in attendence.

The day after the funeral, I woke up to hear the unmistakable squeak of my pet guinea pig trying to wake me up. I brushed it off as a dream and went about my day. However, the sqeaking did not stop! Every time I went upstairs where Squeaky once lived, I would hear loud squeaking that no doubt was my deceased pet. Each time this happened I would doubt what I heard until one day I had a friend over for a visit who knew about my guinea pig dying, but not about the continued squeaking. She too heard the noises coming from upstairs and said, “I thought your guiea pig died”. I asked her if she heard the noise too and she said she had. I then explained that Sqeaky had died but maybe he wanted to say good-bye. I never heard his squeak again.

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 19:34:21 -0800 (PST)

Earlier this year a friend and I went camping in her RV. She slept in the cab over section, I was on the converted bed near the floor. Sometime during the night I was awakened by the noise of our hosts’ dog fighting with their cat. I listened to this for awhile and tossed, trying to get some more sleep. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement towards the back of the RV (there was a full moon and the inside of the camper was quite illuminated). I thought it was my friend in the bathroom so I didn’t think much of it. However, this apparition (best description) started walking towards me and I could make out the face as clear as day – it was not my friend. This apparition looked at me, locked eyes with me and the hair raised on the back of my neck. I shouted “hey!” not knowing what else to do and the figure backed up and blinked out, no fading or anything, just blinked out. I was thoroughly shaken, and the few I have told this tale to said I “was just dream! ! ing” and scoffed. However, I know I was fully awake, had been for some time and I know what I saw. Surprisingly, I was not scared, it was more of a thrill and a sense of wonderment.

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 19:58:20 -0800 (PST)
yourname Jennifer

Another wierd experience….

One of my friends(T.J.) when I was younger lived with his grandfather in this really old, gorgeous victorian. I used to visit there often (I was pretty rebelious and would sneak over there when I didnt want to be at home). Now there are very few things that I have phobias of. One is clowns and the other is flying.

Occasionally I spent nights at the house and would sleep in the second bed in TJs room (it was actually a guest room that was never redecorated when TJ moved in). On the wall facing the bed I usually slept in was this smiling clown figure. When ever I slept over I would either set it outside the room or turn it so taht it was facing the wall. If I put it in the hall I would wake up each morning with it on the bedside table. If I turned it to the wall it would be facing me in the morning.

There were many magazines on the desk on the opposite side of the room. Many times when I walked by a breeze would blow one or more of these magazines open and always to a page where a plane was pictured. Once I awoke to a magazine at the foot of my bed. It was open to a story of a plane crash.

Other strange things happened in the house. Like a heavy trunk that was in the attick would be found in the middle of the den. Another time a picture of TJs dead grandmother was found in the middle of the living room floor, where she used to set her chair to read.

We never really figured out what the reasons for these things were. Maybe we just had a mischievious ghost. TJs grandfather always thought it was his dead wife getting bored of the after life:)

Stephen King’s Rose Red

In yet another case of the general public’s apparent desire for fiction to become reality, a rumor that Stephen King’s miniseries Rose Red was based on a true story spread around the time of its release. Although the story was “inspired” by Sarah Winchester of Winchester Mansion fame, King invented the plotline for Rose Red and all its characters (including the house) himself. The story of Rose Red is “completely fictional and has no basis in actual Seattle history.” ( The mini-series was shot at a place called Thornewood Castle, which was selected to match the building in King’s script… not the other way around. (Source: Thornewood Castle Inn and Gardens) Although Thornewood Castle is rumored to be haunted, none of the story of Rose Red was based on or inspired by Thornewood itself.

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is a 1999 movie based on a Bell Witch style mythos invented by the film’s director/writers Dan Myrick and Ed Sanchez. To make their movie, which was shot in pseudo-documentary style, seem more real and thus scarier, Myrick and Sanchez created a legendary figure called the “Blair Witch.” They even crafted an elaborate history to surround the Witch. They then gave this invented legend to some hired actors, set them loose in the woods with a minimal supply of food, and filmed the actors (who ad-libbed all their lines) as they reacted to scary surprises set up by the two directors. The result is a quite frightening, and quite fictional film.

As word of the movie and its mythos spread, however, many people began to believe that the Blair Witch was a real legend and that the film footage was an actual documentary shot by students doing a real project. This is not the case. The actors starring in The Blair Witch Project are alive and well. There is not and never has been a Blair Witch legend in or around Burkittsville, Maryland. A town called Blair has never existed in that spot.

This is an interesting urban legend because it unfolded before our very eyes. It was both frustrating and amusing to watch it happen. There is no doubt that the popularity of the Bell Witch legend (see FAQ 3.3) has contributed to the spread of the Blair Witch story. It is probable that the two mythologies will become intertwined in the future; indeed, some believers have already concluded that the Blair and Bell witches are “related.”

A SPECIAL NOTE: I have been contacted by several people who live in and around the town of Burkittsville, Maryland. For pity’s sake, PLEASE don’t go milling aimlessly around the town, as there is nothing to see there! And if you really can’t stop yourself from visiting, please refrain from vandalism, littering, and other unsavory activities. The people of Burkittsville would REALLY appreciate it!

Haunted Traintracks

Occasionally a reader will tell the following story, usually attributing it to a local site. Once, there was a tragic accident on a set of traintracks:

A busload of children was crossing the tracks, and could not get out of the way in time to avoid the approaching train. Now, if your car stalls out on the tracks, it will be pushed over the tracks to safety before the train hits you. The ghosts of the children have saved you, and sometimes you can see their small handprints in the dust on your car.

The most well-known example of this urban legend are the haunted traintracks in San Antonio, Texas, but it occurs elsewhere as well.

A reader writes the following about the San Antonio traintracks:

From: “Griselda Holguin” (
Subject: San Antonio myth
Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 1:20 PM

I lived in San Antonio TX, from 1993-1997. Here we heard of an old story where a school bus was run over by a train. This occurred in the 1920’s. It is said that a school bus filled with students was having trouble and the bus came to a stop on the railroad tracks. As the driver tried to start the bus up again the train had whistled announcing the passing in a few minutes. The bus was not able to start and the train came in at full speed killing everyone in the bus.

The story now is that if you are having car trouble and your car stops on the railroad tracks, the children’s spirits come from out of the bushes and they will push your vehicle over the railroad tracks. Being curious my ex-husband and I, alike others, went to the railroad tracks and proceeded to turn off our car and place it in neutral. The tracks are uphill. Not even five seconds pass when you begin to feel the car moving forward. Now, this can be confused with some type of scientifical explanation. Here’s the catch. The car will go over the tracks at a pretty good speed. If you place any dirt, flour, baby powder on the car, you can see the hand prints all over your car. I have done it, and even though it is a relief to know you will never have any problems at the tracks there is still an erie feeling when you see all those innocent handprints on your car. If you ever go to San Antonio try this I can assure you, it never fails.

[end quote from Griselda]

This legend is often merged with ghostlight legends.

For an explanation of how things can appear to move “uphill”, see the Ghost FAQ.

FAQ EXTRA: Another story about the San Antonio traintracks in the Story Archives.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

This legend is probably familiar to most readers. It is a dark and stormy night. A person driving sees a forlorn figure at the side of the road and decides to give him or her a lift. Usually the hitchhiker is a young woman in some sort of trouble… her prom date dumped her, or her car broke down. The driver gets to her house only to discover that his passenger has disappeared without a trace from the back seat of his car. He knocks on the door to the house, maybe to make sure the girl is ok, and the door is answered by the girl’s parent. Eventually it comes out that the girl died some years ago, and every year on the anniversary of her death (or her birthday), the girl hitches a ride back home with a stranger.

There are many variations of this legend. Sometimes the girl appears to make it home safely, but the driver finds something the girl left behind in his car, and goes back to return it, thus lear- ning the truth about the girl. Sometimes the driver lends the girl his jacket or sweater, and goes back the next day to retrieve it. Often, he finds his jacket hung over the grave of the dead girl.

It is interesting to note that this legend has made it into many regional folklores. In Hawaii, for example, the hitchhiker is often said to be the goddess Pele. It has already been mentioned that La Llorona has also been connected with the story. In the Chicago area, the vanishing hitchhiker takes the form of Resurrection Mary.

Bloody Mary

This is a popular legend that you may remember from your childhood. The Mary Worth story–also known by such names as Bloody Mary and Mary Margaret–is popular at sleepovers. As the story goes, a beautiful young girl named Mary Worth suffered some sort of terrible, disfiguring accident (or occasionally the wounds are inflicted purposely by a jealous party). From then on, other people shun her due to her ugly face. In some versions she becomes a witch.

Now for the scary part. Supposedly if you say Mary Worth’s name three (or five, or ten… it varies) times while looking into the mirror, Mary Worth will appear and scratch your face off or kill you. She is exacting a hideous revenge on the undeformed people who made fun of her in life.

The great Clive Barker movie Candyman is based on this sort of legend.

Following are comments I have received from readers over the years.

Bloody Mary (1)

From: Alejandro Gonzalez (
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Bloody Mary, Veronica and the Scarlet Woman
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 01:55:03 +0100

When I first saw the movie _Candyman_ I was struck by the urban legend who was the leit-motif of the plot: if you say “Candyman” three times in front of a mirror, then Candyman will come and get you. The protagonist, a young lady who’s doing her D.Th. on urban legends, goes too far in her investigation and ends on the other side of the liminal surface as Candyman’s bride.

Surfing some time later some newsgroups on Usenet, I discovered the script was based on a short story by Clive Baker (the one who did _Hellraiser_); but his story was, in turn, a development of an older urban folk legend, concerning Mary Worth or Bloody Mary.

I became interested then in that urban legend, and read a lot of personal testimonies of people who did the test (or who faked; who can tell?) in their teen years. Trying to stablish which the main trait swere of the multiformous thread (the name of the phantom varied from one version to another, including variants as Lady Donkey or Mary Willarth), I isolated several elements which I found meaningful:
# The people who tried to cross the border (the mirror) were always teenagers, so people who were really crossing a critical boundary in their lives.
# The purpose for doing the test was, at best, blurred. Some extremely interesting versions said that Bloody Mary was the Virgin Mary, and so the experience could be termed as mystical; other said she was the daughter of the devil. Others, still, stated that the experience could end in extreme bliss or in gory death, though the way to choose one or another ending wasn’t clear. Anyway, most of the testimonies gave no reason at all to do the test, but showing one’s courage.
# There was a tendence that people trying were female, more than male, teenagers.

So, a Freudian reading of the story could perhaps suggest that Bloody Mary and unexpected occurrence of menstruation to small ladies were close enough to stablish a firm link (though I have not read this interpretation, it struck me as obvious at one level). Elaborating this, one could say that Bloody Mary is some kind of innocent character who represents girls’ innocence lost forever after menstrual blood appears: the inmaculate white of Virgin Mary is stained by the unavoidable agreement with daemonic forces that menstruation implies.

The theme is not exhausted by that level of interpretation, though. The idea of potencial bliss associated to the scary experience may be seen as a archetypal form of initiation, rites de passage: in fact, in a society without stablished initiatory rites, the Bloody Mary story may be seen as a psychical ersatz of that need. By the traumatic experience of shedding blood, the girl access to a world of bliss and pleasure: sexual natural high. This is the same as death, as orgasm is a petit mort, and sex is always a bloody/chthonic drive.

In that way, Bloody Mary would be near to what Spanish culture names ‘la Virgen Puta’, or what Crowley named the Scarlet Woman: in fact, the classical ambivalence of numen and ‘sacred’ as contamminating and purificatory, largely ignored in secularized Christian religion, resurfaces in this way from the collective unconscious.

I had already leave all the thing forgotten when, asking my students about the etymology of their names, we came to Veronica. Saint Veronica was the woman who gave Christ a piece of cloth to dry his sweat and blood when he was going to be crucified; this piece of cloth became later known as vera icon > veronica, ‘true image’, and so did the nice woman too

One of the children in the class mumbled almost for herself: ‘oh yes, and Veronica the one of the ouija’. I asked her what she meant, and she told me the story; many of children (15-6 years old) nodded as she told me Veronica was a girl who played with the ouija board, using scissors to point out the letters. She was driven mad by spirits and killed herself burying the scissors down her throat.

But she is not gone; if you play with the ouija board without taking the issue seriously (or if you play with it at all, maybe) she will come and kill you with her scissors. And if you say her name in front of the mirror three times at midnight you will see her in the glass, with the scissors still in her neck.

I was struck once again by the paralelism with the Bloody Mary plot, and also by the fact that I had heard of Veronica and scissors when I was a child, though I couldn’t remember anything clear of the story.

The kids asked me: ‘but this is all bogus, isn’t it?’. I told them: ‘if you ask me if this is true, I’ll tell you it’s not; if you ask the people who told you the story, they’ll tell you it is. I haven’t ever made such a test myself, and the people who told you the story surely haven’t either. So, who knows? Why should you believe me?’. This was the least manicheistic answer that came to me at that moment, though certainly insufficient. Then I added:

‘If you ask yourself if it is true, you’ll say it’s not. Yet, if you have to do the test, you’ll find one or another excuse, you’ll persuade yourself it’s ridiculous or nonsense, and you’ll give up. And if you finally do, you’ll see you have to overcome a strong resistance inside yourself, and your heart will beat fast, though nothing will happen outside. I have no answer as why it is so, and surely neither do you. End of the class’.

End of the post. Any clue, magickal or historical or folkloristic, will be welcomed as necessary. Good night by now.



Bloody Mary (2)

From: “Kilt Thief” (
Subject: Re: Bloody Mary, Veronica, and the Scarlet Woman
Date: Monday, March 01, 2004 3:29 AM

When I was very young, I heard of the legend of Bloody Mary. I asked my mother about it, and she told me this version:

Mary Tudor, Queen of England, had several miscarriages, and suffered the pain of the bereaved mother. She still, however, wishes to be reunited with her dead children. If you stand in a darkened room, in front of a mirror, and repeat “Bloody Mary, I have your children” five times (five being the number of her dead children), she will come out of the mirror to attack you, in revenge for teasing her.

My mother, with a slight smile, explained to me that it was just a story, and that if I wished to try it, I shouldn’t allow myself to be too disappointed. So, of course, I tried it. And nothing happened. I came to the somewhat regretful conclusion that the story must be entirely fake. It didn’t even occur to me that I wasn’t doing it right – after all, at that age, I knew with all certainty that my mother was the original fountain of all wisdom and knowledge. (Oh, ok, I still believe she was.) I was prepubescent at the time. During my teen years, I attempted the experiment more than once, with a variety of giggling, anxious friends. Female friends, always. I have no idea if Mary Tudor did suffer miscarriages, and if she did, was it only five. It wasn’t an important detail at the time.

Many years later, as a grown woman, two 13 year old girls came to me with the story of Bloody Mary, asking me what it was all about, and if I’d ever done it. I told them what my mother had told me and that it hadn’t worked; they told me the version they’d heard. Their story went along the lines of “Polly heard it from Megan who heard that her cousin tried it and something bad happened to her, but Megan’s mom wouldn’t tell her what.” They wanted to know every detail of my own attempt, so instead of explaining it over again, I volunteered to try it with them. We stood in my bathroom with the lights turned off and facing the over-sized mirror – I was elected spokeswoman by default, as the two girls immediately tried to make themselves disappear behind me. Trying not to laugh, I dramatically intoned “Bloody Mary, I have your children” five times, waited a heartbeat – and in an age-old instinct, spread my arms out in front of the girls to make of myself the target of any repercussions, at the same time experiencing a deep and momentary longing that I had never done such a stupid thing. After a few moments of nervous tremblings and giggling bravado, the two girls regretfully concluded that I must have been right – nothing would ever happen and the story must be false. I have no idea if either of them ever tried the experiment again, with other girls.

After reading Alejandro Gonzalez’ article in your website, I remembered these instances from my own experience and it struck me as odd that both times, relief and regret were the girls’ dominant responses. Shouldn’t it be odd that, despite the fact that harm might come of such a reckless taunting of fate, one might feel regret that nothing happened, even disappointment? It seems almost psychotic to me.

I, personally, feel that it has nothing at all to do with menstruation, or sex, or the loss of innocence in the passage to womanhood. It might, however, be a rite of passage. It seems true, that I cannot recall any males who have spoken of trying the “Bloody Mary” test. Yet I know many boys who were once upon a time, dared to sleep overnight in the local haunted house, or dared to ride their bicycle through the graveyard at night, or otherwise dared to a variety of stupid stunts designed to test their manhood. To answer Freud, if sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, then sometimes a dare is just a dare.

Mr. Gonzalez wrote, “If you ask yourself if it is true, you’ll say it’s not. Yet, if you have to do the test, you’ll find one or another excuse, you’ll persuade yourself it’s ridiculous or nonsense, and you’ll give up. And if you finally do, you’ll see you have to overcome a strong resistance inside yourself, and your heart will beat fast, though nothing will happen outside. I have no answer as why it is so, and surely neither do you. End of the class.”

I tend to call this the What if reaction. It comes hand-in-hand with the fear of the unknown. We have these legends and myths that terrify us, yet even though we are adults who tell ourselves, “No, it isn’t true,” there is some deep part of us asking, “But what if it is true?” Even I, a grown woman, knowing from experience that nothing would come of the challenge, responded blindly to the need to protect “my” children from any consequences I might have provoked. I knew nothing would happen – but I was afraid of the possibility that something might.

I very much suspect that this is part of why we, as human beings, continue to terrorize ourselves with horror movies, ghost stories around the campfire, the passing of urban legends, and the fear of things that go bump in the night. Most often, it’s likely the cat that is knocking something over downstairs, or sleep paralysis that prevents us from moving even when we’re awake.

But what if it’s not?

Bloody Mary (3)

Subject: Bloody Mary, literally.
Date: Thursday, January 27, 2005 10:17 PM

This story was told to me by one of my best friends, named Ashley. I’m not positively sure this story is true, because Ashley didn’t have any actual proof… although she is not a liar, and by the way she was telling the story, (with shock) I could tell that she was most likely telling the absolute truth.

Well, here it goes…

Ashley went to a church in Myrtle Beach, S.C. At her church there was a little playground surounded by a short fence. Across the street from Ashley’s church, there was a small neighborhood, and beside the neighborhood, there was a broken down house with a mud-covered, old pick-up truck that was rammed into a huge weeping willow tree, crushing the front part of the truck.

Everyone at her church was making up rumors about how an old, creepy woman lived at the house. They would say that the truck belonged to her husband. One night, when her husband was coming home from work, and when he was about to park his truck in the drive way, a squirrel jumped up onto the hood of the car. He didn’t know what it was… for all he knew, it could of been a simple leave. So, not knowing what it was, he swerved his truck to side to side, until the squarrel jumped in the truck through the open window, crawled down through the guy’s pants, and bit him on the ankle, (causing a horrible pain) his foot felt paralyzed. He couldn’t get his foot off of the gas pedal… and he ran right smack dab into the tree. A few hours later, he died. When the wife found out, she went crazy. First, she tore up her house, making it look like a horrible, haunted house. The she tried to kill herself, so she started to cut herself with one of the biggest knives she could find in her kitchen. Although she didn’t die from all of those cuts, she never washed the blood off, because she was too sad and lonely to do anything. That’s how she got her name: Bloody Mary. She can’t even cook for herself. All she eats is the dirt and dust surrounding her rocking chair that she would sit in all day and night long rocking away… “screeeeech, screeeeech,” is the only thing you could hear.

(Remember, that’s only the made-up rumor, and no one knew if it was the true story, or not.)

Ashley was at church one day, when one of the baddest kids there decided to hop the playground fence, and go knock on the door of “Bloody Mary.” So he did.

Everyone watched as he knocked at the door. No one could clearly see who it was, but someone answered. The next thing they saw the boy, (named Billy) go into the house.

He stayed in there for quite some time. Then, finally, he came out of the house smiling the biggest smile I have ever seen!

He crossed the street, not even bothering to look if any cars were coming, and hopped back over the fence. From that day on, Billy never spoke one single word for the rest of his life. Not to his mom. Not to his dad. Not to his brothers, sisters, teachers, family. Not to anyone.

I don’t know what or who did whatever they did do to Billy, but it must of been a mighty big something.

About three years later…

…Billy still was a non-talker, and people say he will never talk again.

One night, right before the the sky turned dark, Billy was walking along the side of the church road, when “Bloody Mary” called him, or did something to catch his attention, and sure enough, Billy went over to her, and into her house. No one knew how or why, but the next morning, the builders, (who, by the way, was about to make a new building there) found Billy sitting in “Bloody Mary’s” Lap. Both of them were dead. The builders found “Bloody Mary” and Billy in a certain pose. “Bloody Mary” was holding Billy like a baby, and she was kissing his forehead, and Billy was holding “Bloody Mary’s” neck.

………………………………………..What a Happy Ending………………………………………..

Sorry for that spine-tingling story being too long. 🙂

Bloody Mary (4)

From: “Bernice”
Subject: own bloody mary experience
Date: Saturday, May 15, 2004 2:55 AM

I’m now 16 yrs old and will be entering 4th year HS. This story I will tell you is true and is witnessed not only by me.

When I was in 2nd year HS, I was then 14 yrs old, I read of a version of the bloody mary legend. It said that when a girl repeats the name “bloody mary” in front of a full-body mirror, mary will appear in the mirror and will either scratch your face or kill you.

It was already nearing our vacation, around March, so it’s nearing summer and the weather was sunny and perfect. No winds or dark clouds whatsoever. We just had our lunchbreak and I told my classmates about the bloody mary legend. Out of curiosity we tried it in the ladies comfort room where a full body mirror is on the wall. There were about 10 of us there. At first, my friend tried the chant. Nothing. Second, another friend. Nothing again. Maybe because we weren’t serious enough. So I myself tried it and chanted for about 12x. We were quiet then. Suddenly we all heard a thunder. We all ran out of the comfort room.

This event didn’t actually scare me, but it’s weird. There’s a storeroom above the comfort room but nobody was there. And we’re very certain that it was thunder. We even closed the door so that no other sound can be heard, and no one can enter. That’s me story. Feel free to give your comments. Email me at Thanks for reading my story.


Three Men and a Baby

There is a scene in the 1987 movie Three Men and a Baby in which some people claim to have seen the ghostly figure of a small boy who was killed in the house in which the scene was filmed. In some variations, the boy’s parents are said to have sued the movie studio, or the owners of the “house,” for letting their boy’s name be released to the press. There are also tales of other ghostly objects being seen throughout the movie, most notably a rifle pointing at the head of the “ghost boy.”

That is the legend. Here are the facts. The scene in question was not shot in a house, but on a soundstage in a Hollywood studio. The “ghost boy” is in fact a life-sized cardboard cutout of Ted Danson (who stars in the film), which had been left in the background, presumably accidentally, by a crew member. This cutout is seen in full view in another scene in the movie.

There is no ghost boy. No boy ever died on the set, and no one involved with the movie was ever sued by the mythical parents of said ghost boy. No one appears to know how the legend started. Some have suggested it was a promotional scheme perpetrated by the producers of the film to get people to buy/rent/go see it. Most likely the flub was simply noticed by one or more innocent movie goers, who told a friend, or perhaps a newspaper…

La Llorona

La Llorona is the legend of a woman who has lost her children, and who can be heard, and sometimes seen, weeping in the night. La Llorona (the name means “She who weeps” in Spanish) is in most stories said to be Mexican, although sometimes she is a woman who lived in the American Southwest. As with most urban legends, there are many variations of La Llorona, but the central plot remains intact: The woman has lost her children, usually because she herself has killed them because she wants to marry a man who doesn’t want any children. She is so anguished over the depressing circumstances that she kills herself as well, and is thus doomed forever to roam her native land, weeping and wringing her hands. Sometimes she is said to be searching for her children, and sometimes she is said to appear only as a warning to those who see her.

Here is a typical version of the La Llorona legend by Proserpina (

“Sightings abound throughout the Southwest. Supposedly she drowned her children in the acequia (irrigation ditch,) and now she roams the ditches looking for her, or any, children. Usually the story is told with the intentions of keeping kiddies away from the ditches, so they won’t drown.”

The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits by Rosemary Guiley tells a more traditional Mexican version, which occurs in Mexico City around 1550. According to legend, an indian princess fell in love with a Mexican nobleman. The nobleman promised to marry her, but betrayed her and married someone else instead. The ultimate result of this bit o’ treachery is that the princess murdered her children in a fit of rage, with a knife given to her by the nobleman. Afterwards, she wandered the streets crying for her children, and was eventually hanged for her sins. Since then her ghost has been searching for her children.

Another interesting feature of the La Llorona legend is that it appears to have merged with the Vanishing Hitchhiker legend. La Llorona is reported by some to hitch a ride on a road near to the place where she drowned her children.

Following are reader comments I have received over the years.

La Llorona (1)

Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 08:27:48 +0200
From: stella (
Subject: contact

Hello, I’ve been lurking quite a while. I am usually shy, and it’s hard for me to start talking with new people; but I have heard a story about La Llorona, different from your versions. It keeps bothering me. So I wonder if anybody of you knows it and can some details. It goes like this: It all happened in Mexico. A beautiful girl called La Llorona fell in love with a wealthy Spanish gentelman. He owned a factory on a river. The factory polluted water and killed the fish.La Llorona was from a poor family. She drank the water from the river – no filters at home. La Llorona began to live with her beloved but things didn’t go too well. She got pregnant and gave birth to twins who were blind and deformed hands. She was in despaire and drowned her children so they don’t suffer. When the children were dead she committed a suicide and every night her ghost is seen on the banks of the river looking for her children.

Stella Rozhinsky

La Llorona (2)

Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 14:49:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ligeia (
Subject: la Llorona


I was just reading your ghost stories FAQ and wanted to share a version of the La Llorona ghost story/urban legend that you have posted. The La Llorona story is one that I have heard before in several versions, always involving a woman of Spanish/Mexican/Hispanic/Latino/Native Amercan heritage. While reading your faq, I made realized that I’ve read a version of the La Llorona story in which the woman is German.

The story I read was about the haunting of a particular building or palace in Germany (I don’t remember which one) where a white lady is supposed to roam. The story of the white lady is that some 400 years ago she was a beautiful widow wtih two small children, & a member of the Royal Court. She and the eldest son of a very important and titled family had fallen in love, but he told her that he could not marry her because there were two pairs of prying eyes constantly watching them. She assumed he ment her two children.

So that night she took a long golden pin and killed both of her children, pushing the pin through the ear and into their brain. When her lover found out, he recoiled in horror, and explained that he was talking about his parents, who didn’t approve of their relationship. When she found this out, she went completely insane and killed herself.

Ever after, her spirit roams the palace halls, looking for her children & her lover. That’s the story as I heard it. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. 🙂

La Llorona (3)

Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 12:29:17 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Kathryn O’Neil

Since I live very near the border between Texas and Mexico, I have learned many of the local legends from both sides of the border. One of the most popular is the story of La Llorona (pronounced La-yeh-roh-na). According to legend, La Llorona was a local woman who had many many children, but no husband. (This is typical of the area) She had a lover, but he did not want her because of her children. He did not like children. In order to please this man, La Llorona drowned all of her children in one of the drainage canals in the area. I have never heard what happened to this unhappy woman in the end, but they say that if a child is walking alone at night near a canal or other source of water, that she will take him away and drown him. Supposedly, several young children have dissappeared in this manner. While I am not really a believer in ghosts, this story told by a friend of my younger sister gives me chills. She is a very Christian girl (as am I) and had no reason to make this up.

Her name is Julia, and this is her story. Julia is 18 or 19 now, but when she was younger (maybe 7 or 8) she and a friend had been playing together at the house of another friend. Well, they had played for a while, and when it was time for them to go home, they walked together since it was evening, and Julia was not allowed to walk home alone at night. Well, the girls got to the place where they had to separate. Julia begged her friend to walk all the way home with her, and have her mom drive the girl to her house. Unfortunately, the girl refused, and Julia was left alone to walk the remaining block or two in the dark. She went very fast, hoping to get home before the sun set completely and she got into trouble, but it was too late. As the last rays died on the horizon, Julia was right next to a canal. From the canal, she heard a high pitched, unearthly voice shreiking HER NAME. Terrified by a voice calling her that did not sound human, Julia took off running as fast as she could. She told me that she could hear something running behind her, and something heavy hit her on the back. She almost fell down, but managed to keep her feet, and got home safely.

Julia never said that she thought it was La Llorona, in fact, she never drew any conclusions about the experience except that it was terrifying. This could be explained as the overactive imagination of a little girl alone in the dark, but maybe it was not. Maybe something did come out of that canal that night. Anything is possible, but I would not want to walk past a canal late at night alone…

La Llorona (4)

From: “Connie Huante” (
Subject: Here’s another version of La Llorona…
Date: Thursday, October 09, 2003 10:49 PM

Here is a nother version of La Llorona, as told to me by my grandmother when I was a small child…

La Llorona was a beautiful and vain widow, whose husband died unexpectedly when he left old Mexico on business, leaving her with two very small children to care for. However, being left with virtually little to survive on, she ended up working nights at a local tavern. One eveninng, a black carriage led by several black horses drew up to the entrance of the Tavern. Everyone turned toward the door, waiting to see who would come into such a humble town in such a luxurious carriage. La Llorona, who had been talking to one of the locals felt her heart stop beating when in entered the most handsome man she had ever seen. He had piercing blue eyes, fair skin and black goatee. He removed his tall black hat and silk cape, revealing underneath an evening suit made of the finest cloth, and thick mane of jet black hair. He turned in her direction and their eyes locked. It was instant heated attraction. He smiled seductively, revealing glorious white teeth, and beckoned her over to his table. The music became thunderously hipnotic and the room spun as she felt herself float toward him.

He told her he was a nobleman on visit from Spain and would be returning within a few weeks. He asked that she come to him each night — exclusively — at the tavern. She agreed.

The continued to see each other each evening. She became completely seduced by his looks, manner and wealth.

One night he informed her that he would be returning to Spain in a couple of days. She was devastated. He took her face into his hands and said, “I want you to come with me and live like a queen, as should be.” She instantly agreed, but then he raised his hand and said, “There is just one thing. Your children cannot come. Bringing a woman with children into my life would be a questionnable stain on my prominent position. I cannot afford to have people start gossip.” She didn’t know what to think. He rose to his feet and told her he would give her the night to think about it. If she agreed to come, then he would meet her at 9PM in the tavern the next night, and they would be married the following day.

La Llorona went home that night and lay in bed not knowing what to do. However, she knew in her heart she could not let him leave without her, thus denying herself the chance of living like a queen. A glorious dream she had longed after. After all, why else would God have made her the most beautiful woman in Town, if not to marry into nobility some day. She had thought of dropping off her children at the church, where they might be raised in the orphanage, but then it occurred to her that everyone in town knew her and her children well, and feared that word of her abandoning her children would find its way back to Spain and cause her and her love problems. She knew what she had to do. She took her two infant children in bundled blankets, walked out to a well a distance from her house, and there, mercilessly let their bodies fall into the well. She walked away at first as if nothing had happened. But then the wind began to blow quite strong and she thought she heard the loud wails of a baby. She covered her ears and ran back down to her house.

The next night, she met with the nobleman in the Tavern. She whispered to him what she had done, and seemed somewhat anquished, but the nobleman gently raised her from her chair and merely said, “You did what you had to do. Now let me keep my promise. You will come with me tonight and we will be wed in the morning.” So La Llorona entered his beautiful carriage and they travelled to the mansion where he was staying. When she entered the huge palace like house, she was curious to see that there were no other people there to tend them. It was only dimply lit in some parts, but dark for the most part. He turned to her and said, let’s go upstairs to my chamber. They climbed several flights of stairs, and once in the chamber he turned to her and asked her, “Before I marry you, will you promise me that you will give yourself to me completely? All of you… your mind, heart, and soul?”

“Why yes, of course — anything for you” she replied.” They embraced, and kissed, but as they kissed, she noticed he was starting to laugh. It got louder, and louder as he held her closer and tighter, and the room seemed to spin swiftly and go red… then she looked into his eyes — and they too were as if lit by fire.

“You have given yourself to me completely and there is no turning back.” He said with a menacing smirk. Then she heard clicking sounds on the floor, and when she pushed herself away, she saw that he had hoolves for feet, and a tail… and on his head horns. It was him. She had given herself completely to Satan himself. She began to lose her mind and screamed a horrifying scream, then turned to the nearest window and jumped out, shattering the glass and falling several stories below. She died instantly. Her soul was lost for all eternity.

…And it said that late at night in that part of old Mexico, you can still hear the loud screams and sobbing of a woman, followed by sinister laughter, and then the faint wailing of a small baby…

La Llorona (5)

Subject: another version of La Llorona
Date: Thursday, July 08, 2004 8:14 PM

La Llorona is one Luisa Marquesa Del Llano, who bore children, one boy one girl to one Nu o De Montesclaros. He tried to take the children with an order from the viceroy of New Spain (now Mexico) instead of turning them over she stabbed (not drowned) them.

My question is those involved were members of the nobility, early spanish settlers. Hasn’t anyone tried to search for records (since they were nobles some mention of them should be available in Spanish archives) to at least verify whether these people existed. Also she was hanged for her crime, there should be records of her trial and excecution.

Peter Gomez
Woodbridge NJ

La Llorona (6)

From: “Alberto Ruis” (
Subject: La Llorona
Date: Monday, October 18, 2004 8:38 PM

Another version of La Llorona is that La Llorona fell in love with a handsome man and they loved each other and married each other and had 3 children. Later on the husband fell in love with some other woman and left the family to go off with this woman. When La Llorona heard she was so sad she had nothing to live for so she was going to kill herself and take her children with her. When she did she went up to the gates of heaven but her children weren’t with her. She met god and god told her that she could only enter heaven when she comes back and finds her children. So she goes weeping and searching for children.

Subject: La llorona
Date: Sunday, May 30, 2004 10:51 PM

Many people here in the U.S. believe in La Llorona. December of 2003 I went to go visit my family in Zacatecas, Fresnillo its in Mexico. I kind of believed in La Llorona, IM a 14 year old girl who believes in those stories. When I was over in Mexico I asked my cousin Christina about La Llorona, she is also 14. She told me that she was real. She said that the reason why La Llorona wanders around in the middle of the night is because she is looking for her children. The story is that she drowned her children because she loved this guy but he wouldn’t be with her because of her kids, so she killed them. So now she wonders around in the night looking for them. My cousin, and my aunts and grandparents say that if a child sees her and La Llorona sees the child she will think that the child is one of her kids and then she will kill them. My cousin says that she heard and thinks she saw la Llorona and she closed her eyes and she started to pray. She said that La Llorona disappeared and nothing happened to her. But in times she says she hears her crying for her kids, saying “o mis hijos” (Oh my children). I also heard her once in the middle of the night, or it might have been my imagination, I doubt it. I started to panic and then cried. That’s the only time I heard her and I hope no one ever comes across her.

Trini Parroquin

Centro Bancomer (Mexico City, Mexico)

From: “Luis Agustin Guerrero Hinojos” (
Subject: The Haunted Bank in Mexico City
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 20:29:42 -0500

Hello. Im going to tell you about the hauntings in Centro Bancomer, one of Mexico Citys’ biggest buildings. Its the headquarter of Mexicos’ second biggest bank, and has room for some 10 thousand people inside.

Well, now to the haunting.

Centro Bancomer is a big building, a hollow concrete cube, bursting with activity on the day and quite lugubrious in the night. It has three different canteens, one for common folks, another for managerial satff and a third for the CEO and council. The ghost at hand is know as “the little kid”, or el chamaco for those spanish speaking readers out there.

The little kid is a mischevious apparition. A close friend of mine used to work in the canteen management. One day, a couple of cooks came in to file their resignations: they were cleaning the kitchen when this little boy starts running across the floor and thru the wall.

I was working late with this same friend. He was in the cubicle next to mine. Suddenly, he screams mi name. I walk in his cube to find him pale, claiming his drink bulb had moved by itself. Some months latter, the bank upgraded its lights, adding movement sensors. Whenever someone walked by, the lights will come on. After some time, theyll come off again. So, on the weekends, when i was by myself working on the second floor (grey quadrant, if anyone knows the bank, in the debit cards module, near the SAR), the lights would snap on quickly, like someone playing with the light swicth, which is locked. This could be faulty connections, since its the only block that does it. However. It never happens when there are people arround.

The same kid i talked about before, is know to play pranks on the phone. Rumor has it that on some obscure night, one of the vigil keepers had some misterious phone calls from a boy, asking him if he wanted to play with him. Thinking, well im working, and a boy can’t be awake at 1 a.m., he refused to play with, and the hang up. But the kid will call again. And the calls will go on and on, until he screamed some obnoxiuos insults about work shifts and pestering kids. After he confronted his fellow guardsmen, no one did the calls. And now the funny part of it. The same day we got this story told, i stayed working late, making company to this new girl (honest, we were working! or due date was looooong overdue). So, arround 10:30 pm, december 22 1994, with the bank empty as a cavern, the phone rings. And a kid asks her if she wants to play with him!

Now, the last one I know about the kid. One night, the head honcho of the data processing branch was staying late in his office, that is in the basement of this bank, in what could be very accurately described as a bomb shelter, right next to the IBM big irons. So, this man starts hearing this riot outside his office, running feet, things slamming down, the works. He ignores them for a while, and then stands up to see whats happening. Naturally, nothings’ amiss outside. So, he walks back to his desk and starts hearing this same noises. Hes so busy, he ignores them, until he stands up and screams some unprintable maledictions. In that moment, a cork board thats hanging on his wall falls down, along with some books. And as he turns hes head up, he sees this grining kids face up in one of the sheetrocks of the ceiling.

Contact me if you know anything about this, or you want to share stories about “el chamaco” or other hauntings. Id be glad to hear about them.

Hasta Luego