Ghosts and Hauntings — General

The Shadowlands Ghosts and Hauntings – Dave Juliano’s site is just about the only one left out there as old as mine.  Thousands of stories and tons of info. features a large photo gallery as well as active forums.

The Skeptic’s Dictionary provides a skeptical overview of the subject of spirits.

Reddit’s Ghosts and the Paranormal is good for several hours’ worth of entertainment. Ghosts and Hauntings – A clearinghouse of information.

Unexplained Mysteries Ghosts & Hauntings contains a feed of news articles about ghosts.

Unmuseum: The Science of Ghosts and Hauntings – A lengthy article reviewing the rather scant scientific research done on ghosts.

True Ghost Stories – Over 12,000 stories.

Archive X – One of the oldest true stories archives on the web.

The Moonlit Road – Focuses on stories of the Southern U.S. – A large set of personal true stories. – True stories in a blog format.

Haunted Places

Paranormal Stories Blog – True stories and many articles about publicly accessible haunted places.

Haunted Places Index – A service of The Shadowlands. – Various haunted places around the United States.

Discussion Forums

Ghost Mysteries – Numerous message boards on ghostly topics.

Skeptics and Science

Worst Paranormal — Exposing false paranormal claims & other unethical practices.

The Skeptics Society & Skeptics Magazine — Examining extraordinary claims & promoting science.

The Skeptic’s Dictionary — Exploring strange beliefs, amusing deceptions, & dangerous delusions.

CSICOP — The Center for Scientific Inquiry.  Also distributors of the Skeptical Inquirer.

The Virtual Skeptics — A series of YouTube episodes.

The Skeptic (UK) — Pursuing truth through reason and evidence.


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