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Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 00:48:23 -0700 (PDT)
address anonymous

I live in a house in Tasmania, Australia in a little country town called Frankford. Frankford itself is full of ghosts (It’s one of the oldest places in the area) and our house is one of the most haunted. The house we live in was built about 100 years ago it’s made out of sandstone. Like most old houses in Tasmania it was made by convicts some of which haunt the house to this day. The first of these ghosts are is the one which while building the house a wall collapsed and killed a convict. This ghost haunts a section of the wall in my parents bedroom they have seen this ghost on the same day once a year. The section of wall has been panted yellow and on this night the wall goes a grayish colour I have also seen the ghost myself.

Another ghost which we don’t no how it died but it doesn’t like like crude language because when ever you swear in the lounge room it will always knock something over until you stop.

And the last ghoust I’m going to mention is the haunted cubourd in the hallway occasionly when your least expecting it, it will start banging madly until you go to the hallway and look at it (I think it likes the attention).

Thats all goodbye

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Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 17:06:20 -0500

My family for generations has had what most people call “strange” experiences, but we have considered it as natural. Now I have two possibly three of my daughters who are also plugged into this whatever it is. It seems to have come from my mother’s side. Her family was second generation German. I have 8 children-grown now. There are a lot of stories that I could tell but will send a short one. During the Viet Nam conflict, we moved to San Antonio, TX by way of New Braunfels, TX(potergeist and/or haunted house there), but were originally from Georgia. My kids ranged from high school to jr. high age and one was approaching draft age. It was my habit to get up about 6 am to do the last minute ironing on whatever someone deemed vital for that day’s school attendance. My mind was relaxed, I was the only one up at the time. In the opposite corner of the room, I became aware of someone standing. It was a young man dressed in khaki fighting gear. He was sandy haired and didn’t seem to know that I was in the room, he was looking off sadly and thoughtfully. As I stared at him, he slowly faded away. If you want any others, will be happy to share. We really aren’t weird, you know-it is just a natural process. S. Shermer

Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 09:52:43 -0700
From: WhiteDove (
Subject: Re: Ghosts in the daylight.

Julie’s story about seeing her ghost while she was cleaning reminded me of something that happened to me in the daylight…

My in-laws bought a house to fix up to sale across the street from us. Well, it was very run down, and spooky. I knew that it was haunted, I could feel it. And I could see someone looking out of the window on the front door all the time. I hated being over there, but one day my father in-law hired me to clean the carpets. There was no one else in the house, but there was a man working on the foundation outside so I felt “safe”.

I got one of the bedrooms and hallway done, and I was working in the last bedroom.

It had a really big closet, I turned around and there she was standing in the closet. I could feel she was mad that I was there. In fact she told me to leave, well, I dropped the hose of the carpet cleaner and ran out of the house… The man working outside asked me what was wrong, I didn’t want to tell him I saw a ghost and that she told me to leave… So, I told him I just remembered something that I had to do at home. I ran home, calmed down. And made my 16 year old son go back over there with me, I finished cleaning the carpets. And never went back over there alone, just until lately when the lady who bought the house asked me to feed her animals while she was away… It still feels like the ghost is still there. That was about 2 years ago. I think now I would not be so chicken about the whole situation.


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 12:15:36 -0700 (PDT)
address anonymous

In 1991, when my son Christopher was about two years old, we lived with his grandparents in a house in Blythewood, South Carolina. The original owner of the house was a woman named Joyce, she had signed custody of her children over to a family member that refused to give them back after she completed her military service. Distraught over this she committed suicide in the master bedroom shortly before the house was sold to my In-laws. We always joked about Joyce still being there when we couldn’t find things or the phone would disconnect in the middle of a conversation but I never believed it until my son was almost two years old. One day Christopher was playing in his room and I could hear him having a conversation (this was not unusual). But, I got concerned when I heard him pause as if someone was answering him. I walked to his door and peeked in to find him sitting in his toybox looking over at the bed continuing his conversation. I stood there a few moments and asked! ! him who he was talking to and to my amazement he said, ” the lady that comes to talk sometimes”. When my son and I moved into our own house, my In-laws told me that the strange things that they attributed to Joyce had stopped, except for an occassional occurance. I have a few more stories about that particular house.

Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 10:35:56 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Jennifer Dexter

story The Day

One day last year I was home alone because I was sick from school.My dad had just left to go down the street to my grandmother’s house.I was laying around the Living room thinking about a book I was reading.Then all of the sudden I heard some footsteeps that sounded like womens high heeled shoes walking into what would my parents room.They were followed by mens shoes and some muffled voices.I just sat and listened for about ten minutes and then went upstairs to check it out. When I got up there their was no one to be found.I should mention that my house Is 100 and some years old.Thats my story.

Brooklyn.Nova Scotia

Subject: “Papaw Talks”
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 06:59:15 -0700

This just happened last night to my 2 year old daughter, which makes it even more strange.

Last night at about 10:15pm my husband was telling my daughter to get ready for bed. As most toddlers do she said “no”. My husband repeated himself and she said, “no, dada, I’m scared.”. He asked her what for, she then told him about a man that was in her room and only comes at night. I then stepped in, I have personally seen, heard, and felt ghosts before so I thought I’d better get to the bottom of this. I asked her about the man, she said, it’s a man with no foot. I thought this was probably an imaginary friend so I asked “what does the man with no foot do?”, “He talks”, “what does he talk to you about?”, “Mamaw.”. “Does he have a name?”, “yes”, “what is it?”, she won’t say. After the interrogation I left her in her bed to go ponder what she said. Soon after, she wondered into my bedroom, I asked her if she was my sunshine, she said, “no, I’m papaw’s sunshine”. My husband turned white as a sheet, I was stunned. My husband’s grandfather, lovingly called papaw, passed away 13 years ago. That’s not what stunned us the most, my daughter knows nothing about this man and knows noone by the name of Papaw. The strangest part about all of this is, papaw died missing one foot.

From: “Mark Maxson” (
Subject: haunting
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 20:12:49 -0400

My wife and I have a big victorian house which is made up of two houses. The first is a log cabin which was purchased in 1830 and then the victorian part was built on around the log cabin in the early 1900’s. All the rooms on the first floor open out into a large hall.

One evening my wife and I were watching TV in the living room. I was setting on the couch which was directly in line with the door off the hall. A little boy about the age of 7 came running around the corner and into the room where he came to a sudden stop when he saw me setting there. He was as clear as anyone else you would see and was wearing bluegeans and a red and white stripped t shirt. He was a real cute kid and then he was gone.

The thing that really troubled me about the sighting was that when he saw me he looked like he had just seen a ghost.

Have a nice one!!!!!!!!
Mark Maxson

From: “harald duell” (
Subject: Ghost stoies
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 12:19:34 -0800

Hi. I’m Angelina age 10.

I would like you to put the true stories I tell you into your true stroies from the net web pages .

All of these hapened to my mum.

When my mum was about my age her family were driving past this dump and they saw a sphinx(sp) mask so they picked it up and brought it home.That night my mum had to take the trash out and when she opened the grabage can lid she saw tha mask with a evil grin on his face and laughing horribly (sp). When my mum told her mum she said “No it’s in Alvin’s house on the shelf” (They have 2 small houses) and when my mum got to the house there was the mask.

Thanks for listening.

They had this doll and when ever you were around it they got this errie feeling it was watching them so one night they threw it into a bon fire and they heard it screaming.

Sorry the last one was short.

Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 08:30:31 -0700 (PDT)
address anonymous

This is a story of something which happened to me as a child which I will never forget and which has convinced me that ghosts do exist. Here goes:

One summer evening when I was six years old my uncle Joe came to visit. He brought presents to me and my two younger sisters We each received a stuffed toy which we took to bed with us that evening. Coming from a large family, I shared a room (and large bed) with my two younger sisters. We went to bed quite happy. However, the next morning I woke up first to a bright, sunny room. The first thing on my mind was my new toy. I looked around for it and, to my amazement, it was gone. My sisters’ toys were also missing. I looked under the covers, over the side of the bed and then I stepped out of bed to look under it. Big mistake! As I stepped onto the floor an icy cold hand reached out from under the bed and grabbed my ankle. At first I thought it might be my older brother playing a trick but when I looked down I saw it was a very skinny, totally white hand which I could see our wooden floor though. I screamed and ran towards the door and strangely enough, the hand h! ! eld on to my ankle and the arm just lengthened as I ran. Before I got to the door my mother came running in to see what was wrong. Of course, the hand dissappeared. When I told her what had happened she helped me to look for the toys but they were never found. I always wondered how the hand and the toys might be connected. I don’t know the answer to that but to this day, and I am nearly 40, I cannot sleep on a bed that has space underneath. I have to put suitcases under the bed or block the space somehow. My own bed is closed in underneath.

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 12:59:38 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Karen Anderson

I stumbled onto this site by accident but have found it totally captivating my attention. It also brought back a memory from my childhood which I must have suppressed, because when I remembered it, it brought tears to my eyes and a chill to my skin. When I was in 6th grade my family lived in Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. It is a very old army post and we were given housing in one of three buildings called the “Artillery Barracks.” Apparently these buildings were actually used as barracks way back when. They were very old with huge rooms and high, high ceilings. The floors were either hardwood or linoleum. A long hallway ran the length of our apartment with doors connecting to either bedrooms or the living area. My parents used to go out every weekend and I would stay and babysit my little brother who is 10 years younger than me and at that time was only a year old. Most often they let a friend spend the night with me on these nights out, so I do have a witness. It was late! ! and we were in the living area when all of a sudden, as clear as a bell and very, very loudly footsteps started from the back end of the hallway and proceeded to walk to the front end of the hallway (it was a long hallway). We completely froze. I couldn’t move or speak. We finally ran out of another door and got a neighbor to come back with us and check the apartment out. They found nothing and every window and door was locked.

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 23:42:20 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Dr. Spooky

The Thing

This is a recollection of events that have been happening to me for as long as I can remember. Some of the more outragous things that have occured to me I will omit, due to the fact that in telling them, I would damage my credibility considerably. But for right now, I will share the most terrifiyng event that has ever occured to me. When I was about fourteen, I was staying at my grandmothers apartment for the weekend, I was lying on the couch with my face to the wall and with the blanket over my head like I usually slept. I got this eerie feeling like somthing evil had its eye on me. I convinced myself I really neede needed to grow up and face my fears, so I turned around and pulled the blanket from over my eyes so I could see, thats when I found myself face to face with an entity so hidious my mind blocks out most of it when I try to recollect what it was. There is no way words can describe what “it” was, the best I can describe it was a cartoonish corpse like face w! ! ith oddly amphibian qualities. From what I can recall its eyes were blue with pinpoint pupils, it had a hidious evil leer on its face, my god. The thing was at the most, a foot from my face. I was far too terrified to scream. I pulled the blanket over my head and turned to the wall again. A few minutes passed and I felt a hand pushing on my shoulder. Half terrified I called out: “Grandma, is that you?” to my relief, my gandma said in response: “Of course, who else would I be?” It was no use telling my my grandma, she was one of those forced sceptics who believed that if you even acknowleged the presence of ghosts, you gave them more power to terrify youyou. Years later my granma passed away, but I don’t really think she ever truely left us all, but thats another story.

Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 00:00:43 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Dr. Spooky

I don’t know if these events are related, but a really bizzare thing happend shortly after my grandma’s death.

We had bought this musical Santa sleigh for christmas, niether me or any of my family members liked it very much, the reason being is that this thing played a demonic rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” I don’t know why it sounded so freaky, it sounded distant, phantasmal and filled whoever heard it with dread, everyone that is, save my grandma who absolutely loved the damn thing. Well, sad to say, but shortly after cristmas, my grandma passed on. Our holiday spirit was absolutly shatterd by this tragic event. A few days after we put her to rest, we were all awakend by a fimiliar sound, the eerie song of the musical slay was playing, the orniment had turned on by itself! Since then my stepbrother has liberated the batteries from the cursed thing and buried it in our closet, where it will probably be used next cristmas.(Gulp!) I wonder if granny had anything to do with this odd event? Perhaps next Christmas, she’ll put in an encore performance.

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 21:53:39 EST
Subject: Things in the closet

The story of the thing in the closet reminded me of my closet thing… When I was 13 my family moved to Portland, Ore. We moved into an older home on Clinton Street.. At first, I had the bedroom downstairs and then about a week later My mother decided to move me into their upstairs room..

Everything seemed ok with the new room for a week or so… Yet for some reason, my closet door refused to stay shut, no matter what was put in front of it ( it had no lock ) In the morning, that door would be half open! I had an errie feeling about that…One night as I lay awake trying to sleep,I saw my closet door slowly open of it’s own volition! I lay there transfixed by what I was seeing… Soon after Something came walking out of the closet..

This something was a bright orange, it was perfectly round, with little arms and legs.. It’s facial features were drawn in pure black.. The thing began walking towards my bed as I stared in horrified facination.. Then the thing smiled the most malignant smile I have ever seen before or since,and promtly disappeared into the wall by my bed!!! This happened a couple of times until I finally decided to tell my parents about it… My mom then told me that she’d seen it too and that’s why she switched rooms with me… My dad went upstairs with me and we put up a picture of The virgin mary and said a prayer for protection.. I never saw the thing again, but…. My closet door NEVER stayed closed, even with furniture against it!! Every morning that door was opened just a crack…..

Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 16:25:32 -0700 (PDT)
address anonymous

story Ballet School Ghost

I started to take ballet when I was about 13. I will not put the school name in here and any names I use are made up because I haven’t ask anyone if Ican put there names in here. Anyway, I had been dancing about two years when these weird things started to happen. I had just gotten point shoes and keot them in my dance bag which I kept locked so nothing would get stolen. One day after a regular dance class I went to show my friend how I sewed the ribbons on my point shoes (she had just gotten point shoes and wanted to know how to sew ribbions on). I unlocked my bag and looked for my point shoes, and they weren’t in the bag. I emptied the whole bag and they weren’t there. I had used them in a class earlier that day and remembered putting them back in my bag. I thought it strange that someone would steal point shoes because it’s very rare for two people to fit in the exact same point shoe in a small dance school like the one I was in. See, with point shoes, each brand in different, then there is the suze of your foot, the width and the length. My feet were very thin and I had to get my point shoes specially made to fit me (thery were very expencive). I looked allover the school for them and found them in the boys locker room (I had one of my guy friends look in there). What would a guy do with point shoes?

Other things kept dissapearing and winding up in strange places. Like a teacher’s notebook winding up in the office, where teachers aren’t suppos to go. Music tapes winding up in the bathroom. So far nothing strabge has ahppened for a while. I’ll post it if something does happen.

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 17:59:21 -0700 (PDT)
yourname David

story This story was told to me by a friend named Bob, in 1979. It happened to him when he was about 10 years old.

Bob remembered the exerience at first as a dream. He “dreamed” he was lying in his bed, in the middle of the night, in the dark. He could see nothing but the dim outline of his open bedroom doorway. But in the doorway he could see two figures, standing side by side.

Both were female figures. One was totally dark, as the rest of the house. But the other was clearly visible, even in the darkness, as if in daylight – a woman in a flowing blue evening gown. Bob’s dream, as he remembered it, was this simple but lovely image – two women standing side by side, one in darkness, the other visible in the dark.

The next morning as he sat at the kitchen table eating his cereal, he thought about the strange image from his dream, with a funny feeling he couldn’t put his finger on. Then his older sister came downstairs. And she asked him, “Are you feeling better this morning?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you remember last night?” she asked. He shook his head, feeling suddenly empty.

“I heard you crying,” his sister said. “I got up and went to your bedroom, and stood in the doorway. You were sitting up in bed, looking at me, and crying. I asked what was wrong, and you whispered: ‘I saw Grandma’.”

Grandma, of course, had died some years earlier. Bob’s dream was a memory of seeing his sister standing in the doorway, unaware that standing next to her….

Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 11:47:29 -0700 (PDT)
address anonymous

story Last year, my best friend Shelly and I were planning to sleep at each other’s houses in the summer holidays. We were really excited about it, and had been planning what we would do for months. She slept at mine first, which was fun, but nothing really happened .

Then, it was my turn to sleep at her house. We told ghost stories and talked until really late, when Shelly fell asleep. I couldn’t get to sleep though, because her mum and dad were playing this really awful classical music loudly downstairs.

But when in the morning Shelly asked them about it, they denied having any classical music tapes at all.

Suddenly Shelly went pale. ‘It didn’t go like this, did it?’she said , humming the first few bars of a piece of classical music .

‘Yeah, ‘I replied. ‘How did you know?’

‘That was grandad’s’ she said quietly. ‘He died in my bedroom four years ago, before we moved in. But we got rid of all all his classical music tapes, since nobody in our family likes it.’

Suddenly I felt very sick. I got my things and ran home, almost in tears. Since then Shelly’s grandad has not showed up again, but I still turned down her offer to sleep this year!

Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 15:06:19 -0700 (PDT)

story This story is about one of the incidents that happened to me in the house I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. As time goes on I will post many things that happened in this house. This house was the least to say haunted. After years of the memory of this certain experience, I realized it is more touching than spooky. Here it goes:

In 1987 I was 17 yrs old. I lived in a three family home in the East New York section of Brooklyn on Pine St. We lived on the middle floor which is actually the street level apartment.

I was getting ready to pick up my then boyfriend from the Euclid Ave. subway station. I was making sure my hair was ok, makeup, etc… … The mirror I was using was on a dresser that was against the wall. While applying my lipstick something caught my attention from my left eye. I looked and right before me was a transparent white dress, no body, floated through the doorway. This apparition was no more than 1 foot from me. It continued to float past me, then behind me, to the right of me, through the dresser and then through the wall. I Freaked. The next thing I remember I was dashing 100 miles an hour to the front door of the house screaming for my father.

Through the fear and tears I was trying to explain to my father what had happened. He calmed me down and then I realized I was late picking up David from the subway. I wiped the tears and started down the street to Pine and Pitkin when I noticed the commotion a few blocks ahead. A drunk man had lost control of his car speeding down the street and ran into a small group of people. This happened about the time I was freaking out and crying with my Dad. I then realized had the incident with the ghost not have happened, I would have rushed down the street to get David and probably would have been one of the people struck by the car.

I would like to say that the floating dress I saw that day was an interception of a tragedy that may have been meant for me.

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 19:35:38 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Jocelyn Tolonen

I never really believed in ghosts or spirits until I was about 8 or 9 years old.

One night me and family were upstairs in or house, when I lived there, and I heard something downstairs, I didn’t really think of anything at the time so I ignored it. Later that night my mother and I went down stairs to watch some T.V. when we got down there everthing was a mess. There were things knocked down everywhere, glasses broken,ect.. That night we cleaned everything up before my father got home so he wouldn’t get upset that the house was a mess. The next day I went to school and my parents went to work. I was always the first one to come home. When I got there it was quiet nothing knocked over, no glasses broken, nothin. My mom finally got home and wanted to relax so we downstairs and sat on the couch. My mom is a smoker,and she always had a ciggerette when she got home. She to get the ash tray and it was gone we searched everywhere for it and we could not find it. After about a half hour searching for the ash tray we went downstairs to sit and think and the! ! re it was the exact place that she had left it. But the strange thing was that it had was gone for one half hour while we were searching for it.

After that I started to believe in ghosts and spirits. I know that my house was haunted but I didn’t know by who.

Thanks Jocelyn

Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 13:08:46 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Karen Anderson

story This is a story about an historic mansion in Occoquan, Virginia. For my wedding gift two years ago, my mom got us a room at Rockledge Mansion in Occoquan. My new husband and I love Bed and Breakfasts and anything historical, so this was perfect! We were married on a Monday so the town was fairly quiet. The proprietors left a key under the mat and we checked ourselves in. Naturally we explored the house that we had access to thoroughly. There was a built-in bookcase right outside of the doorway to our room that when you pulled on the shelves it opened to reveal stairs leading to the attic. We went into the attic to look at the old furniture and things stored up there (this is relevent to later in the story) We then went out to dinner in a local restaurant by the water. Being that we were basically the only people in the restaurant and it was our wedding night, we received a lot of attention. The waitresses we had all grew up in Occoquan and had some scary storie! ! s about the mansion. They said it was definitely haunted and that you could not pay them enough to spend one night in that place. Well, my husband and I are not afraid of ghosts (or so I thought) and we were kind of looking forward to encountering something. The night went on smoothly and we went to bed. About 4 a.m. or so I woke up and had to use the bathroom. The bathroom was one flight of stairs down and I was a little scared to be by myself in there, even though not a thing had happened since we arrived. I woke up my husband and asked him to go with me, which he did. When we got back upstairs I made a comment on how dissapointed I was that nothing spooky had happened and said it was a rip off. As soon as I put my head back on the pillow, things started moving around in the attic. For the next few hours things were dragged back and forth across the floor. You could hear things falling and hitting the floor. It was loud! I guess I should have kept my mouth shut. ! ! I don’t think I could ever stay there again.

Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 21:05:03 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Robert Pearsall

story A few years ago, I worked at a haunted movie theater. A typical appearance would be of a man looking around a corner at you. On a few occasions a ghost would walk into an auditorium and call your name out. When you looked at it, it would disappear. In auditorium 10, a few of us employees saw a dog: big, black and shaggy, always walking toward you. A few months after my tenure was over, one of the projectionist heard it growling when he was cleaning the projector upstairs. The ghosts who haunted this place, and maybe still do, were conscious of your presents. If you were the only person in the place you became well aware of the fact that something was not quite right: doors slamming, things banging, seat rocking, feet treading and what have you. In auditorium 2, one night I was sweeping and I walked through something. To best describe it, I would have to say it was like walking through a field of static electricity. Other occurances include smells, some rank, others of perfume. One ghost would stomp up and down the hallways. Some would sit (or stand) and quietly watch the movie. 12 screens, a lobby, two bathrooms, two halls, two stairwells, two consession stands, upstair’s offices, a projection booth, and an arcade room. The only room in this place were I neither heard, saw, or smelled anything was the arcade room. One employee got so scared one night, she didn’t come back for a week. That event included knocking and voices.

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