Theories on the Existence of Ghosts

There are many theories of what ghosts (if they indeed exist) are. Some people believe that ghosts are the residual energy left behind by an emotionally strong person or event. This theory holds that more energy/electrical impulses are expended during periods of high stress or excitement, and that the energy lingers for a long time.

Freud thought that ghosts are actually the visions of people who are afraid of death. In this sense, ghosts would not be real at all but rather a projection of our subconscious mind.

A somewhat plausible theory is that ghosts are telepathic images. That is, a sensitive person would pick up past vibrations from the area they were in and witness an event or person as it appeared many years ago. This would also explain instances where a person sees a loved one at or near the moment of the the loved oneā€™s death, since the loved one could be unconsciously projecting their thoughts to the receptive person.

Ghosts might also be the result of time slips, if time is nonlinear. An event that happened in the past might be seen briefly in our time because of a fluctuation in time/space.

On his show -Mysterious World-, Arthur C. Clarke has speculated that our minds might play images to our eyes (the same way our eyes relay messages to our brain, but in reverse), almost like a movie screen. In this way ghosts would be bits of our imagination come to life.

2 thoughts on “Theories on the Existence of Ghosts

  1. Dave Fernandez

    In my experience through many, many EVP’s (also research & personal thoughts) I’ve learned that in some instances when people die, they still carry “free will that God gives us all”. So upon the death of some if they have not accepted God & have an idea where they’re headed they can choose to not yet be judgef because they’re afraid and/or angry. Another theory is that when you go to heaven, your not confined there you’re free to go wherever you want including visiting still living loved ones, friends or just see the world.
    Then again, Our bodies have a measurable energy that makes our heart pump, neurons in our brain fire etc. Also, if some don’t believe in God & heaven, perhaps like Einstein explains in his one of his well known theories is that energy is a constant & has no beginning nor end. Therefore our energy continues eternally But in what form we can’t be totally sure of. But from what I’ve witnessed, in my opinion ghosts, spirits exist. I’ve been pushed my clothes, ear hair pulled, I’ve been scratched, phrases have been whispered in my ear & there are countless accounts of objects being thrown around, moved & my equipment knocked off the tables, stands etc. Although we have yet to gather scientic proof that doesn’t mean spirits don’t exist. I’m always skeptical, but some things I cannot denigh. Thanx for reading.
    (Monterey Paranormal-InvestigatorsĀ® on Facebook)

  2. Amaya

    My Grandpa passed away on 10/8/16 and my sister said she saw him a few months after he died and I was like 0_0 and a theory my grandma said that a veil was put over her head as a baby and so was my grandma and during 2017 summer break I heard when I was walking down the hall way an ghostly voice saying my name eerily and I ran down the hallway to my mom’s room
    Creepy and meaningful


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