Types of Hauntings — Misc.

Ghostly visitations fall into several distinct categories. Here are a few of the most common.

* Crisis Apparitions — These ghosts appear most often to their loved ones at a moment of great crisis or death. Typically, the ghosts appear only once to a special loved one who may be many miles away at the time of the accident.
* Doppelgangers — Doppelgangers are ghostly doubles of living people. Often the doppelganger is not visible to the person himself, and will simply follow the person around. In some cases a person will come upon his own doppelganger who is typically engaged in some future activity. Doppelgangers are traditionally considered omens of bad luck or even death.
* Repeated Actions — Many apparitions are always viewed repeating the same motions or scenes. Many classic hauntings fall into this category. An example of this type of haunting is The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, who was always seen moving down a hallway with a lantern in her hand. Usually these ghosts pay little or no attention to the observer.
* Ghostly Sounds and Lights — Sometimes a haunting will consist entirely of the sound of footsteps or ghostly music. There are also many legends of ghost lights, which are often said to be caused by someone’s ghostly lantern or by a spectral motorcycle or train.
* Possessed Objects — Sometimes inanimate objects are said to be cursed or possessed. A very famous example of a supposed cursed object is the Hope Diamond. Sometimes a particular piece of furniture will refuse to stay in place, even moving in front of the owner’s eyes.

2 thoughts on “Types of Hauntings — Misc.

  1. Kay

    So scared to sleep now! Have had stuff fly off of my walls, my dog and I am sick constantly and several people have seen and experienced it here! How can i get help? Thanks, Kay

  2. john McCain

    How may I go about getting help with a gf haunting? ? I have a proprety in up state ny .. cant keep it rented out men n wemen both leave….


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