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Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 14:27:09 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Erin

About three years ago a friend and I were what you would call obsessed with the Ouija board. We would search out spooky places and try to contact different spirits. We were using a Parker Brothers board and having our spooky moments. One day we bought an authentic board at an antique shop in town and we were so excited.

My friend Chelsea, a guy Dave, his sister and I all hiked up a little hill one night in the middle of the winter. We hiked to a little deserted shack that lay empty in the woods in Ogunquit. The police had kept it off limits because high school kids liked to play around and have parties there. But we ignored the keep out signs and proceeded in.

As we went in we explored the place. There was three rooms: a kitchen, a bedroom, and a living room. The kitchen looked old and decrepit, with broken glasses and a rotted out door. The bedroom looked right out of a horror flick with the roof caved in like something had fallen through it, though it was probably just snow collapsing from the weight. The living room was the most normal looking area with a fireplace and a large, open hardwood floor. It looked the most comforting so that is where we sat.

All four of us sat down and placed the Ouija board so that it was touching all of us. We placed two fingers each on the planchette and closed our eyes trying to call any spirit listening. There was no answer at first but after a while the planchette began to move.

It moved very slow at first but picked up momentum as it went. We all sort of looked at each other in amazement. Soon the planchette started spelling out words. “M-R-X” and than it would stop. “T-E-X” and it repeated itself many times. So we started calling the spirit Tex or Mr. X and one at a time started asking questions.

To be very honest I don’t remember what we asked and what went on for a while. But I’ll never forget when the planchette took a break. It just randomly stopped, and of course we continued to ask what was wrong and why he stopped talking. Just silence for a while and then the planchette started moving again. This time it spelled out “F-U-C-K-Y-O-U-G-E-T-A-W-A-Y” and the planchette quickly ran off the board. At this same time a piece of the celling came down right behind Dave, who was sitting back towards the bedroom.

As if reading each others minds we said “goodbye” and jumped up, running out the door. We still had to hike down the hill in the snow and get to the car. First out the door was Dave, with me and his sister behind. Chelsea took the longest because she had to gather the board and the planchette.

As we headed down the hill, I heard Chelsea yell something, but I ignored her and proceeded hauling ass down the hill. When we got in the car we all sat, breathing heavily, scared out of our minds. I had forgotten about Chelsea’s yell until she brought it up again.

She opened her jacket and there was a red mark on the back of her neck. She said on the way down she had been hit with a snowball or a piece of ice and was asking if we did it to scare her. But we couldn’t have because we were in front of her and she was hit from the back.

We dismissed the incident and went our separate ways that night. Our interest in the Ouija board started to dwindle after that, but we still tried every once and again to contact a spirit. But we never tried again to go to the Mr. X house, though we spoke and thought of it often.

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