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From: “Alyssa Holstock” (
Subject: Scary Story; Title: Alyssa’s Story
Date: Sunday, December 01, 2002 8:32 PM
Location: Indeterminate

I am 16 years old, and I have a wonderfully horrible Mom. She thinks that because I am a teenager, I should have the largest bedroom in the house .. but the horrible part is that it is the haunted one! Several incidents have occurred here, some of which you are about to hear, and others that occurred in other areas of the house. So grab a beverage, sit back and be scared- I hope!

The first incident I will tell you about happened in April or so of last year. Me and my mom are really lazy sometimes and we still had not taken down the Christmas tree. She was off in Florida for a vacation so I thought I would take down the tree as a nice surprise for when she came home. So there I was, television off, lights on, taking off the ornaments. As I took off each ornament I would go over the memories of when each was received. When all of a sudden all of the musical ornaments started to sing. I was freaked out already because I found a spider in the tree so this was not helping me. I calmed myself down after fleeing the room and came back in and proceeded to remove the ornaments. It was then that I turned the tree around to take the ornaments off of the back when there stood out a single little, antique, wooden green train. It didn’t phase me until I realized that it didn’t belong to us! I again fled the room upstairs to the nearest telephone turning on all the lights as I went. When I reached a phone I tried to call my mom down in Florida but it would not call out! So I ran over to the store and called my mom from the pay phone. Needless to say, I was crying my eyes out when my mom told me that it sounded similar to one that her deceased brother once owned. She TRIED to calm me down, and I went home. I didn’t finish taking down the tree until she came home.

Another incident did not even happen at my house. I was at my Grandma’s house and it was right around Christmas of last year. We had on the Carols and we were sitting across from each other chatting up a storm about how cold it was outside, etc when she commented that the song we were listening to (Jingle Bells) was her deceased son’s favorite song. The conversation went on, but as we were talking the volume on the song slowly started to go up until it rapidly blared! We were frozen in a glare of horror at each other. I jumped up and ran over to turn it down so that it would not go any louder and when I touched the volume control it was freezing. I sat back down and she thanked me for turning it down. That was the new topic of our conversation.

One time when I was in my room (at the time it was not my room) I looked into the vent and saw something shiny. Being poor I thought it was a dollar so I tried to get off the vent cover but it was stuck and I could not get it off because it was too heavy for my finger nails (keep this in mind). So I went and got a butter knife. This was used to remove it but it was not a dollar, just a piece of steel wool. So I put the cover back on and went about my ways. A couple weeks later my mom told me to go upstairs and get a piece of paper off of her end table. As I approached the table I noticed that the vent cover was removed and I could not find it. I called down to my mom asking her why she took it off (nobody else lives with us except a dog), and she came up commenting that it must have been the dog that she heard taking it off. Now, does that make any sense? If I cannot even get it off, how could you expect a dog too? So we could not find the cover, it ended up being in the center of the bed underneath.

However, this is not the only incident that has occurred involving that vent. My brother was spending the night in that room one night. We did not find out about this until we told him about the vent incident above. It turns out that in the middle of the night it became very cold in the room and he woke to see a “woman floating” above the vent. She was apparently wearing a pink dress with the ribbing to make it poof at the bottom and lots of lace. She also had on a pink bonnet and a pink lace umbrella over her shoulder. He was drawn back into his sleep however, and has not seen the woman since.

Now all of these incidents occurred before I moved into the room. Now for the incidents that occurred after I moved into it- about 4 months ago. First things first, it is always freezing in the room even though the vent is going. One night I was laying in bed with my door closed and it was completely dark. Not being able to sleep I started to look around. I looked under my desk and saw two little fixed green lights. I thought it may have been something glow in the dark so I did not think too much about it. But they would not go away, and it was all I could think about, so I hollered for my mom to come and see if she could see it. She “claimed” that she could not and left the door open. However, it was still dark, and I could still see those two little green “orbs”. They were about the size of -say- an apple. So still thinking that they might be something that was glow in the dark I had my mom come back and turn on the lights. She must have thought I was being really childish at 15, but I was scared. When she turned on the light, there was nothing there! No glow, not even something that could have been glow in the dark, not even dust! It was clean! So I asked her to turn the lights back off but stay there so she did. When she turned the light off I got as close as I could without having a heart attack and they were still there, no blur to them, clear green oval shaped glowy thingys! My mom still claimed that she couldn’t see anything, so I slept with my light on that night.

Finally, the most recent events. It happened about 2 days ago. I was home alone and I was laying in bed with my dog trying to fall asleep. All of a sudden, my dog became alert despite her age and stared at my door. I noticed my door and it appeared to be moving back and forth. Thinking that it was my imagination I shrugged it off. But my eyes kept going back to the handle and every time that I did so, a black foggy mist would envelope me so that I could not see anything else. I was frightened but I could not fathom getting up and trying to go near my door. Also, for some reason, every time I open my closet door and leave the room it will close by itself. I try to tell my mom these things but she just does not believe me! I hate it! She makes me believe that it is a figment of my imagination! Why can she not just believe me and let it be. Maybe I would not be so scared if she would just believe me and help me deal with it.

Now aside from my house, I think that whatever is in my house is interested in the computer! If I forget to turn on the t.v. and it is really quite and listen- I can hear someone in the computer room typing and clicking the mouse! It is like whoever it is, they died before they had a chance to experience it. Finally, one day I went on a glass bottom boat ride I took a couple of pictures of sunken ships that sunk in shallow water and when I got them developed there is a little boy standing near the front of the ship that is close to the water reaching for something. It is clearly a ghost because it is a whitish color, or very pale blue like he died of hypothermia which is possible because the temperatures of the waters are just above freezing level. Now that you have read almost all of my scary experiences and knowing a few of yours, thank you for your time and know that we fear the unknown, so get to know the unknown and then maybe we wont be scared anymore!

Alyssa Holstock

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