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Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 10:43:46 -0800 (PST)
yourname Stephanie

In order to tell the whole story, I have to go into some kinda boring background information. In 1993, I had moved from Houston, Texas to Amarillo, Texas to live with my boyfriend. I have never believed in the supernatural and found it quite amusing that my boyfriend’s mother did. She told me all kinds of stories about this house she had lived in a few blocks away, as a teenager-how dishes would fly around, how the only record that would work on their record player was Abbey Road, by the Beatles-all sorts of silly things. The first incident occured at a friend of my boyfriend’s sister’s. We were all there hanging out, and one of the girls starts talking about these “shadows” that follow her around. She said that she used to be scared of them, but they had never harmed her, and she found it slightly amusing now. I thought that they were messing with me, because I was older, like they thought it would funny if they could scare me. I expressed my disbelief, and a few moments later, the girl said, “Look at the door; you can see the shadow!” I looked and, sure enough, it looked as if a person was walking by. The door had that stained glass kind of window that you can see shapes through, but you can’t make out who it is. I ran to the door and opened it, expecting to catch one of the girls running to hide, but noone was there. I was still very much in doubt, and made a joke of it, saying, “Okay, Spirit, make yourself known.”

About one minute later, an alarm clock came on, that wouldn’t shut off until we unplugged it (who sets their alarm at 10:30pm?). Needless to say, all of us were a little nervous then. I STILL had my doubts until I looked in the hallway and saw like a blueish fog completely blocking off the hallway like a wall. Now, we all smoke, and my first reaction was to nudge my boyfriend’s sister, who was staring at it, with the same expression I felt on my own face. “Do you see that?” She nodded. “It’s smoke, right?” She nodded again, and right as she did, the smoke, or fog or whatever it was looked as if it were sucked into one of the hallway bedrooms. We screamed, and as we got up to run for the door, I swear I saw the fog coming at us! I have never been so scared in my life. I almost peed in my pants! We ran through the apartment complex, and told my boyfriend and his parents what we had seen.

Of course his mother believed us, but my boyfriend and his dad thought it was hilarious. They kept laughing about “the blue light” as they called it. This was the beginning of a years worth of experiences. Experiences that have completely stopped ever since I left Amarillo, Texas. I will continue them in another post right now, as this one is getting so long!

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