Date: June 3, 2001

It was back in the days when my parents had been married for only several years. I was not yet born, but it is they who told me this story that happened to them. So I am here to share my parents unusual story with the world.

It all started the day my parents went to Sunday mass just as they always have. When mass was over my Dad had read a part in the bible just before he left and it said the following: “You will be saved today…”

My father told my Mother about it, and they didn’t think much of it at the time. Anyway, they were on their way driving home and just as they were about to reach the four way stop, a white German Shepherd dog appeared in front of their car. My Dad was getting upset because the mysterious Dog would not budge.

He tried honking, but still the Dog just sat their staring into the eyes of my parents. So my Dad decided to get out of the car and was yelling at the Dog to move, but it still did not move… So my Dad went back in the car. And in the blink of an eye… there was a crash at the four way stop. A man was going approximately 70 mph and hit a car that would have been my parents’ car, but someone else got hit instead!

So it was then their lives had been saved. After the accident occurred, the Dog slowly walked away as it took one last glance at my parents… it vanished.

As they arrived home my parents were so thankful they were still alive. If it wasn’t for that Dog they would have both died.

Later that same day my Dad told his best friend about what had happened to him and my Mom. They went looking for the white German Shepherd, but could not find him anywhere.

I’m so thankful that that Dog was there that day and moment in time. My guess is that it was God… or some sort of Angel.

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