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Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 20:07:39 -0600 (CST)
Subject: ouija

I have only been subscribed for about a month or so and I enjoy all the stories, and after reading my mail about the Ouija I have decided to tell mine. So please bear with me, for I am definitely not journalistically inclined. =)

It had happened in the fall of 1991 when my mother had purchased a Ouija from a garage sale. She had always wanted one but my father had forbid her due to lack of knowledge and rumors passed around about the boards. The event that had happened that summer past is what brings us to the story. I had met a man and had become involved. Two months into the relationship I had become pregnant and became confused as to if it would be wise to bring a child into something new and uncertain. But I had decided that despite whatever may happen I would keep the child and make the best of my decision living happily with it. It had later turned out after telling my mother all of this that she had hounded and pushed me into a decision I was uncomfortable with, calling it “giving my life back to me” so I had later terminated the pregnancy. But I always had this overwhelming guilt that just haunted me.

Anyways, later that fall she had taken her board out and had asked if I wanted to play. I’ve never used a board before and was nervous as well as excited so I thought I’d try it out.

We had gotten a spirit named Clara, My mother had attempted several times to ask her questions and she would just respond by spelling out my name (I became unsettled but went on curious to know). It was clear she did not want to speak with my mother, so I was told to ask if I had known her maybe from a past life or long gone relative. She spelled out unborn child. A tear came to my eye, for I thought of the termination. I asked if I knew her again, not wanting to really know. She spelled out again my name and unborn child. I had asked if she was the child I was supposed to have. She replied yes and then spelled out mad about two times. I asked her if it was me she was mad at and she replied no. My mother who sat quiet the whole time had just turned to me and said it’s me I think she is mad at, and yes was spelled out, then Clara had left.

I never encountered her again after that. I think she just wanted her peace to let my mother know she was not happy with her actions. And to relieve me of some of the guilt. shrug

I know this wasn’t the best story and I apologize for the length. Feel free to email me with comments, similar occurrences, etc.

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