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Location: Anson, Texas

Appearance: White, orange, or blue light that sways from side to side, near the ground or at tree height. Occasionally splits. May also bounce or twinkle before disappearing gradually. Displays avoidant behavior when approached.


  1. The light is said to be that of a woman searching for her lost children, carrying a lantern. In some versions, the children are flashing their lanterns to their mother.
  2. The light is the spirit of a child or children killed on the railroad tracks.
  3. The light is the lantern flash of a deceased son who worked on the railroad and used it as a signal to tell his mother he was coming home.

Other explanations: In 2000, the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association investigated and declared the lights to be the headlights of passing vehicles on a nearby highway. In 2011, a group from Abilene Christian University came to the same conclusion.

Reader Comments:

“Since I found out that we are expecting a baby, the light has become very bright and come much closer than before. In fact, we got scared and almost left, thinking that there was a motorcycle coming down the road. My husband has a theory that maybe because of the fact that we have a baby on the way, the ghost somehow senses that and therefore, showed a lot more activity.” – Amber, July 2004

“I really don’t think it could be lights from a near by highway because of the way it moved and hovered.” – Dennis, May 2000

“As the myth tells, we flashed our lights and then waited, but not for long. Shortly after turning off the lights, we were slowly approached by a zig-zagging light in the formation of a flickering lantern. The light slowly made its way down the road about a quarter mile where it stopped in front of us about a hundred yards and then suddenly disappeared.” – Rick, February 2000

“We get out and start to walk to the lights. It was weird because we couldn’t catch up to them, and yet, they didn’t get any farther away.” – Gabriel, March 2000

“We didn’t see anything, so we flashed our headlights three times and waited. After a few seconds, a light began to feebly glow a ways down the road. It appeared to be orangish, looking very similar to an arc-sodium streetlamp or such viewed at at distance. After a bit of time, the color gradually changed to a bluish hue similar to the xenon headlamps in some cars. After a bit more time had passed, the light–which appeared to be anywhere from 200 yards to a half-mile away–slowly faded out.” – John, March 2000

“We went to the cross roads and turned around and waited. It was a floating white light that just moved from side to side, around in circles and up in the trees. No set pattern.” – Cher, October 1999

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