Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 15:18:57 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Michelle D

I don’t know what most people think of ghost stories but I know that what people want are more real accounts. I’m pretty sure that nobody really believes most of them but this ia a story guaranteed to really scare you. It doesn’t have monsters or things breaking but it does have a little child in it. This story was passed down to me from a friend. The way she told it to me really made me believe it…and you should too…

I call this story… Apartment Child : READ THIS

One day, many years ago, a woman escaped from her mean husband with her daughter. He daughter was no more than 5 or 6. The two moved together into a small apartment. The mother worked everyday in order to support the two and she put her daughter in daycare every day. When this mother finished working she would pick up her daughter and they would head home…

One particularly quiet night the mother and daughter got out of the car and proceeded up to the steps to their apartment. When they entered the mother set down her keys and told her daughter to get ready for bed. When she went to put her coat away she saw that her daughters stuffed animals were moved to another side of the room and smiled when she saw that they were arranged in height order. Thinking her daughter did it, she went to her own room to change for bed.

Once she had changed she heard her daughter faintly crying from across the hall and she went over to make sure she was okay. When she saw her she became terrified. There her daughter was on the floor of the bathroom. Her daughter wasn’t making a sound but the mother still heard the crying. She felt her daughter’s head. Fever. The mother then put her daughter to bed and the next morning her daughter was just fine and the crying had ceased.

Even though the mother was very scared for her daughter…the next day she went to work and took her to day care. When they got home again, the mother noticed that her daughters tea set was set out neatly on the floor. By now the mother was worried and being the Cristian she was, she fell to her knees and prayed. For about a month these strange activities had stopped but on one Saturday, the mother and daughter were getting home from a store when a lady in an apartment across the way stopped them to ask the mother a question. She asked if the mother had any children besides that little girl. As she talked she continuously glanced at their window”No” the mother replied…”Why?” She asked. The lady said, ” Well, every now and then when I look out my window…I can see a little pale girl looking out your window…”

The mother thought that may be the lady was just seeing things. So she and her daughter went to bed fine that night. Around 3:30 that morning, the mother was awakened by her daughters cries. When she went to see what was wrong…there was her daughter sitting upright in her bed, terrified and motionless…when she asked her daughter what was the matter, her daughter said that there was a little girl standing there looking out her window… but the mother did not see it.

Now the mother was really frightened of what might be there with them…so she called and asked around and finally she found out that years ago, a little girl lived there with her mother and father. Her father hurt her to death. They found her body bruised and bleeding there in that room… but her father was never captured. Turns out that the aparment they had been living in has been haunted by this child…who crys every night for her mother and every once-in-a-while…the people who live in that appartment, get bruises on themselves over night…


Michelle Deiss

(I apologize about the length…but I want to be a writer so I have a bad habit of giving to much pointless detail… I suppose)

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