This is a true story. It happened to me when I was 13 years old. My family and I were going on vacation to a small town in Arizona and I cannot remember the name. Anyways it was very very cold the second night of our stay at a small resort. We were told that it was haunted but we never believed it.

I was getting up from my bed to go to the bathroom and it was around 1:30 am. I got to the bathroom and was hearing strange noises that sounded like cries for help. I totally freaked out and couldn’t fall back to sleep. When I was in my bed I also heard a man yelling at a woman, the woman yelling back at him. Then I heard the man threaten her and say he was going to kill her. Then the cries for help started again. Then my little 6 year old sister, Emily, woke up too. She also heard cries so I knew that this was real. We also heard something that sounded like a chainsaw.

The next morning we woke up and saw the owner and talked to him about the noises. He believed us. Then told us the story that happened some 20 years ago.

He said that a couple had rented the room for the night. And said that he heard fighting and yelling. Thinking nothing of it, he said he went to bed. The next morning he went to check on them and said he found a decapitated body of a woman that looked like the woman he saw the night before. He also saw a chainsaw laying by her.

The strange part was the man was no where to be found. So we begged our parents to take us home immediately. They said no and just would switch rooms if it happened again. After that we never heard that again

From: Anonymous
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999

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