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Date: 29 Dec 1994 09:59:38 GMT

OK… Kiddies here are some truly grizzly tales for you to savor…

Back drop:

First let me set the backdrop for the first one. You see, this has been told by my grandfather (who is 95 today) as a true tale involving his younger brother.

The tale is supposed to have taken place in a small village called Ickky Goathe located in Sindh (Asia), in the early part of this century. My grandfather and his family lived on a farm which was linked to the outside world only by horses or cattle driven vehicles. To this very day it is accessible only by a four wheel drive vehicle. In those days there was no electricity, no running water no nothing. I have been there recently and things haven’t improved a whole lot. At night you sleep outside in the open with only the flicker of the stars, the gurgling sound of a glade as it turns around a bend and the cool light of the moon shining down on acres of sugarcane and corn all around you. Here life is at a standstill, absolute peace and unspoilt beauty.

There is a canal (50′ wide) that borders each village and provides the necessary water for daily use. Along the canal is a dirt road paved by trees that is used by passengers travelling to and from from the villages. At night it is pitch dark and so you are guided only by the moonlight. The closest city/town is Sukkur that is a good 3 1/2 hour drive by car. So now you have some idea of the sheer isolation of this place. For every little need they had to rush over to the neighbouring village that was relatively more equipped. (All this info is necessary to set the pace of the many tales to come, related to this place.)

You see my grandfather came from a rather large family who owned a large chunk of the land. When one brother died prematurely, instead of giving his share of the land to his grieving family the siblings forgot their kinship and took each other to court. Hence began a series of troubles as each side employed witches, Jinnat (Genie…for Americans) and whatever black/white magic they could get their grubby hands onto to win this fight.

First story:

As the case was heating up in court, it was my grandfather’s brother’s turn to appear in court that week. One night as he was returning on his horse from the neighbouring village (Bai Goathe), he came upon this little child crying by the canal. He stopped his horse and asked where his parents were. He told him that he had gotten lost while returning from a nearby village. My grand brother put him behind his horse, told him to grab a hold of his torso and they started off.

Now after going a few miles my grand brother noticed that the horse seemed to be struggling a bit. A few more miles passed and the horse seemed to be slowing down. This horse was his prized possession and he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He stopped in the middle of the forest to check its hooves and they seemed okay. They again started the journey and as they neared a infamous clump of trees which were famous for some very interesting deeds themselves, the horse slowed down to a trot.

At this time he quickly glanced at the boy sitting behined him and what he saw… was that the boy was infact a “CHAHLEDDA” (young Jin) and he had extended his legs which were dragging in the dirt halfway up his knees.He shoved the boy off the horse and galloped like Hell the rest of the way to his village. My grandfather tells us that he wouldn’t say a word about it and just laid on the bed with a high fever for a fortnight.

The CHAHLEDDA it was believed was just toying with the lonely traveller cause if he really had wanted to hurt him, it would have been a piece of cake for him. Nevertheless it caused quiet a sensation and by the way my grand brother was not some weenie but a macho-man with a BIG macho mustache. He was on his village wrestling team and all that but after this incident he just seemed to shrivel up and died a few years later. He is buried in a graveyard not 100 feet from the main house. I saw his grave last time I was there. There is 6′ grass that covers most of the unmarked graves which are identifiable by members of the immediate family only.

Second story:

This story involves my mother’s cousin who was a medical practitioner in a village in another state. This story was confirmed by his wife and two of his brothers.

Let’s call him Khan. Khan was a very able and handsome young man. He married young and had four kids. One day he comes across some documents left by a deceased patient in the village. These were complicated documents in Sanskrit (a Hindi dialect), so he took them to his friend who translated them to him. Obviously some mistake was made here because the experiment did not go very well. He decides to give it a try (against strong opposition from his wife) to see if all the mambo jumbo is for real.

In short he was supposed to find a skull of a human male and cook rice in it and feed it to the birds, offer sacrifice of a black goat. Then he went into a CHILLA (isolated meditation) in a small room separate from the main house. His wife would take his lunch to him there and he stayed there for 40 days. All his relatives were worried sick about the young doctor who everyone thought had gone nuts at this point.

The last day when the wife arrived with the breakfast he was laying outside the circle of white chalk and one of the walls of the room was split into two, so that you could pass your hand through it. Later he claimed that at around 3:00 AM, he was awakened by this loud crash and he saw HANUMAN (half man, half flying monkey. Mythical figure in Hindu religion who built the stone bridge from India to the island of Sri Lanka by throwing giant rocks into the ocean, so that his army of monkeys could cross over. You can still see the stones lining up to the island if you fly over that part of the world it is a truly amazing phenomenon. BTW it does not depict any characteristics of a land mass that may have separated in the past, in this regard it is truly an enigma in itself. Just thought someone might find it interesting…) who beckoned him to come out of the circle. He resisted and the creature hit the wall with its GURZ (mace/club). After that he remembered nothing. Although he tried to go for it again but nothing ever came of it.


On all these stories you and I can put a scientific or analytical spin, but those who actually experienced this swear by it. All the persons involved were and are pillars of the community and for the most part rational human beings. (My grandad can still at his age beat the computer at three digit math, which totally blows me away to this date.)

In the future I might post Flying Pots of witches brew, snakes turning into humans, evil homemade spells, PICHHAL-PARIANs, having a Genie for your manservant and a lot of just small town spook stuff. The people of course take offense if you tell them its just a myth or story. There are black magic worshipers who are making a killing at this very moment in all sort of places in the world. Beware there may be someone putting a spell on YOU and you may not even have a clue…:::::Evil Laughter:::::

-True Tales Of Horror

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