These stories are told through my sisters. They have told numerous stories of a little boy who still to this day roams our house.

My sisters’ room was in the attic; since our house so small our parents decided to put them up there. One night my sister Ruth couldn’t fall asleep. She felt like she was being watched, that someone was staring at her by her dresser. She finally looked at her dresser. All of a sudden, a little boy’s shadow, (who looked like 5 or 6) quickly ran from the behind the dresser right towards her. She quickly tossed her covers over her head and never peeked to check if he was still there.

Another encounter with the little boy happened with my sister Audrey. My parents went out for the night, and our aunt was watching Audrey, my brother Paul, who at the time was 5 or 6, and my sisters Liz and Ruth, and there was a thunderstorm. Audrey and Paul were in his room, and in our living room were the rest of the bunch. All of a sudden there was a loud BOOM! The lights were flickering in Paul’s room, so Audrey went to the dining room. It was competely dark, so she yelled for my aunt but there was no answer.

Then the little boy’s shadow suddenly appeared. He ran from the dining room, into the kitchen (which is the next room) and slammed the door that led from the kitchen into the basement. She froze. She went ran into Paul’s room, thinking by chance that it was him that she saw, but Paul was right there, watching TV.

When my sisters all moved out, I went and lived in the attic, and nothing odd happened. Except when I am home alone, my cats would stare at the a corner, and will not move. I will hear footsteps up in the attic. Or I will hear someone’s nails scratching against the floor.

Subject: When they were little
Date: Sunday, October 02, 2005 4:56 PM

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