Subj: my family’s ghosts
Date: 98-06-11 11:36:25 EDT
From: llv@sunmuw1.MUW.Edu (Lacey)

My family has been surrounded by ghosts for as long as anyone can remember. My experiences have been mild and not very exciting at all, so what I will tell you about is my Aunt Mable’s experience with a guardian ghost, I guess you could call him.

My aunt married young and ended up very unhappy in her marriage. Her husband was very abusive, and he was pretty much an all-around bad guy. She often had to wear scarves to keep her family from seeing the bruises on her throat where he had tried to choke her. She had four children, and they lived in a house in a little place called McCool, Mississippi. Quite often, a ghost would make his presence known. He never really did anything to protect my aunt, he just was always there after her husband really beat her.

Aunt Mable is my great aunt…my grandma’s sister. Everyone called my aunt Mable, but her middle name is Ann, and now lots of people call her Ann. Their small house in McCool caught on fire, and burned to the ground. My grandmother was standing outside watching the house burn when a young man she had never seen before walked up to her. “Lena Rose, i pushed Ann’s lawn mower out in the yard so it wouldn’t get burned, okay?” he said. My grandma had never seen this guy before, but he obviously knew her. And he call my aunt “Ann”, and only her husband called her Ann.

Well, they cleared the area where the house had been and bought a nice trailer to put in the spot. This trailer had a porch and was very large. One afternoon shortly after they moved into the trailer, my aunt and my father, who was around 15 at the time, and my father’s older brother were on the porch. A basketball in a corner started bouncing on its own… very softly at first, and then higher and higher. It flew up, hit the ceiling, and then stuck to the floor in the spot it had started from. “He’s back,” was the only comment made by my aunt about the occurrence.

My aunt left her husband a few years later… she just left, left everything, including her children. She was gone for a long time before anyone knew where she was. She now lives in Oklahoma and is happily remarried to a wonderful man. She won’t talk about her ghost now, but I wonder if sometimes, when she’s there alone, does he come back to check on her and make sure she’s being treated well.

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