Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 13:23:17 -0700 (PDT)
Address anonymous

When I was about 12, I used to stay with my aunt and uncle and their young son every weekend. They moved into a house that had been owned my by great aunt who had passed away a few months earlier. I immediately had a great fear of that house. My uncle usually worked very late into the night, so me and my aunt would sleep in the living room. We would wake each other up and use the bathroom because no one liked to go alone anywhere in that house.

Strange things would happen, like if you called the house, it would sound like my aunt had answered the phone and put it down, you could hear conversations. Then you would finally get hold of her and she would say the phone had not rang all night.

About a year later, my aunt and uncle split up temporarily. My uncle lived there alone. I went back to the house one day with my other aunt (my uncle’s younger sister) and we were not too happy about being there alone with her young son, he was about a year old at the time. We stopped there to get cleaned up, we didn’t want to go upstairs, so we went in the basement, and took our showers.

On our way back up the stairs, my aunt stopped walking and she told me to listen. Above our heads on the stairs was the sound of someone walking the stairs to get to the second floor of the house. We stopped in the kitchen to write my uncle a note, telling him about the footsteps and that’s why we had not waited for him.

My cousin was just learning how to walk at the time. I let him walk from the kitchen to the dining room before I went and picked him up. I didn’t want to chase him through that house. When I went into the dining room to get my cousin, when I noticed my uncle’s son’s rocking horse that was in the corner of the living room, it was rocking like someone was riding it. That’s when I picked up the baby and ran back to the kitchen and asked my aunt if we could please leave.

We hurried out to her car, and my aunt’s car had been acting up. She was going to put some water in her radiator, but she said something just told her to get the hell out of there. That’s when I heard this laugh, it was sort of like the typical Halloween witch cackle. I asked my aunt if she heard it, but she said that she thought she did, but had not thought anything of it. That was the last time I went to that house.

Shortly after, my uncle and aunt got back together and they moved. My uncle had denied ever feeling anything in that house until after he moved. He said that he didn’t feel that it was his aunt, and I have to agree that it was something that just didn’t want us there.

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