Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 20:01:33 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Patty

It’s me again, sorry. But I just remembered another incident that involved the same family I had mentioned in a previous post. It’s nothing really ghostly or anything but just strange. I thought it should belong anyway on this site.

This was told to me by my mother who was friends with my friend’s mother too. My friend’s mother, let’s call her Nina, had just had a baby girl.

But going back to when she was in labor in the hospital. She was supposedly heavily medicated due to the pain. She eventually passed out right after the birth because of the pain and the medication that I guess just totally conked her out. But she remembered having a dream and he told this to my mother who told me about it and the dream was just strange!

She dreampt that she was somewhere in heaven but she wasn’t sure if it was or not. She just sort of guessed becaus she dreampt of angels. The dream was about a group of angels and Nina was just sort of watching the story not really participating or telling it, just watching. The group of angels were all friends and they got along great until one in particular did something wrong, I can’t remember what happend. But she was shunned by the rest of them. She became very depressive and sad. She always kept to herself and the others ignored her but whispered about her behind her back. She soon became suicidal. She was so upset and sad that she lost her good friends that she killed herself. Now I don’t understand how and angel can kill herself but she did. And she did it with a pair of scissors. Strange but this was just a dream. She stuck the point of the scissors into the hollow of her neck and bled to death. You know where the hollow is right? Right between your shoulder blades there’s that area where it’s sort of hollowed out. I think there’s a name for it but I can’t recall it. Anyway, that was the dream. The angel committed suicide by shoving the point of a pair of sharp scissors in to her throat and bled to death.

Nina woke up after that dream and just brushed it off as some weird dream. She was in the hospital bed feeling a lot better but still groggy from medication and of course giving birth. The nurse soon brought her newborn baby girl to her all wrapped up snuggly in a pink blanket.

Nina started looking at the baby and pulling away the pink blanket away from her face so she could see better. But the blanket fell off a little bit more and it showed the little baby’s throat. Right where the hollow of her neck should be (you can’t really see it in a newborn since they’re so scrawny and scrunched up too.) there was a birth mark. A slight brownish discoloration about the size of a nickel just sort of splashed there. Nina remembered her dream and obviously freaked out. But that’s all I know of it. My mother didn’t tell me anymore.

I don’t know what happened. Maybe they just brushed it off as a weird coincidence. But I did see the baby later on and she did have that birthmark. And to this day too, she still has it.

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