From: “deb O”
Date: Monday, August 29, 2005 8:11 PM

Okay I have been reading these so I decided to send in one of mine.

Okay in ’99 we bought our new house and moved in. It is a ‘manufactured’ home or in other words a moble home. I have lived in Vegas since I was 3 and my grandmother lived with us for a while in this new house cause she helped us buy it. Well a few years ago she passed away in her room which was in the back of the house. I was the one who found her, ice cold lying on the floor clutching my fathers clothes which she had just washed. I was creeped out to go even NEAR the back of the house. We have a pretty long house so when she would walk back and forth in the house and she would get out of breath cause she was old.

Well one morning before school about a year later I had a dream that I heard her heavy breath comming closer and closer to my room (which is right next to hers). I got up and went outside my bedroom door and I felt cold hands on my neck. (This is all a dream mind you but I really felt the hands on my neck) I couldn’t breathe and in the dream I had gone to my mom who was sitting at her computer. I tried to tell her that I couldn’t breathe but I couldn’t talk! I woke up gasping for air.

The weird thing is every once in a while our dog stands in the kitchen and barks at the back of the
house. It always creaps me out because I was really close to her. I know it isn’t really a ghost encounter but I still feel that she is there. Also sometimes I find my bedroom door closed and she would often close it because my room is a mess and when I ask if anyone closed it they always say no. That is my story.

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