From: “Kaitlyn Murphy”
Subject: house in easthampton
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 22:56:05 -0500


I don’t know if you’re still doing this site, but I’ve been reading for many years and really enjoy your site! This is a story that one of my best friends told me about last summer. We both worked cleaning houses, although for different companies, and sometimes that summer we’d meet up after work at a waterfall in our town to go swimming.

One particular afternoon I met her out there after work, she was freaked out because of a certain house that she’d been cleaning earlier that day, which she said she would never clean again. Apparently, she’d been cleaning a large house in a historic district of town for a lady in her 80s or so, and at the time she was out of the house at a doctor’s appointment or something like that, but she was an elderly lady who wasn’t entirely in her right mind. It was her children or grandchildren who had contracted her to clean the house.
Anyways, as soon as my friend walked into the house, she felt like she wasn’t welcome there, which I suppose isn’t entirely supernatural at all. She told me about how she felt like she was being watched as she went through the house, dusting and vacuuming and everything, and at one point when she went to pull the vacuum cord out of the wall, she said that it pulled back, like it was playing tug of war. She had to really yank on it for a while to get the plug to come out. Which could understandably be construed as nerves, or something like that, because she was beginning to get rather nervous cleaning this big old house by herself.

She continued to tell me that as she resumed vacuuming the old woman’s room, she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her back, and once she looked in a mirror, she could see what it was. I love my friend, but she isnt the most reliable of people, but she turned around and pulled up her shirt, and there were deep red scratch marks on her back, five of them, like a hand. She’d been working alone all day, before meeting me at the waterfall, and it was nothing she could have done herself, and nothing anyone else would have done. She said she felt like it was the old lady watching her the whole time, like she was watching over her house and her stuff, and even though it was in the middle of the day, she would never go back to clean that house again.

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