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Subject: FW. Bad Ghosts
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 22:37:41 -0700

Hello fellow ghost hunters,

I have another story for you. This one is about me and is very true. Please don’t read this out loud though, because you WILL have visitors if you do. I found this out the hard way. So, be brave and read on.

This kind of stuff is amazing and wonderful as well as frightening and scary at times I’m sure. Have you encountered any bad spirits?

I did once. I know that if you talk out loud about bad spirits, you invite them into your home. But as long as you don’t read this out loud, you’re o.k.

My experience was 10 years ago when I was 18 and a senior in high school. I was dating this young man, Glen (19), who had just recently moved from California to Colorado with his mom. They had fled from his father, who was into black magic. Glen’s dad had no idea where they were.

One night when Glen was at my house, he told me about his dad and some of the evil things that he was doing. It made my blood run cold. I don’t remember much except that Glen and his mother were in grave danger if they had stayed with him. Anyway, one thing I do remember is that Glen said that his father would do his black magic down in the basement.

One night Glen awoke from a deep sleep. It was about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and he knew that everyone was asleep. He was awakened by a sound and a chilling coldness that pierced right through his body. He was drawn by some force, probably his own curiosity, knowing Glen, to the hallway. His door was closed and when he opened the door and looked out into the hallway, it was pretty dark.

But not like the darkness right in front of his dad and mom’s bedroom. There was a spirit there. Pure, pure black. Glen was in shock. The spirit turned to him. He was a man dressed all in black with a very long black cape and a black tophat on (the kind of hat that magicians use). Anyway, the man turned to Glen and motioned for him to come here. Glen couldn’t see the man’s face, but by the chilling feelings he had within himself, knew that this was evil entity and not from this world. Glen said that the spirit was so black, blacker than the night was. He said that it was like looking into a black hole. Glen said “NO!” and stood his ground.
The evil spirit paused, turned and then went through the closed door where his parents were sleeping. After that, Glen said that he knew when his dad had been messing with black magic. It was always the same evil feeling, the same faceless black spirit at his father’s bedroom door and then ending with the spirit going into his dad’s room. After a few months of this, one night when Glen’s dad was out on an errand, Glen and his mom packed up and fled. They ended up in Colorado near me. They’re probably still running today. They left Colorado.

Glen said that many, many evil things happened in the house with his father practicing black magic, but that he wouldn’t or better yet couldn’t tell me more because it was just too awful. Glen was 19 years old when he had left and come to Colorado.

Anyway, Glen was sitting on the couch at my house when he told me these things. After he finished, it felt really strange, like we weren’t alone. Suddenly Glen couldn’t talk and his eyes were glazed, he started shaking and I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I told him to lay down. He acted like he was having a seizure, but only a very mild one. He didn’t hear me. I grabbed his arm and laid him down. BIG MISTAKE!

Suddenly, I couldn’t talk. My tongue was very thick and I was scared. It felt like someone was holding me in a very tight hug. But don’t worry I knew what was happening and what to do. We had been warned that if you talk out loud about evil spirits, then you are welcoming them into your house. We had talked about them. One spirit had bothered Glen and when I had touched him, the evil spirit went from him to me. The reason I knew that my tongue felt thick was that I was going to say, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave”, but at first I couldn’t. Finally, after trying and trying, I said it and the spirit had to leave. We were safe again and had learned a valuable lesson.

Well, gotta go. Happy ghost hunting. Tonya Tingey

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