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Subject: Smells like…..ghosts??
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 07:03:28 PDT

Have a question for everyone….

Have any of you SMELLED a ghost? I’ve heard about (and experienced) that phenomenon before and was wondering if anyone else had. I’ve also heard that good ghosts/spirits put off a pleasant or sweet smell; whereas, bad ghosts/spirits put off an unpleasant or vile odor. Anyone else care to elaborate on this??

The first time I had ever experienced this type of ghostly encounter was at Gettysburg, PA. I was there for the ghost conference in March, and went on a candle light tour of the town (actually just the main street). One of the stops is the Jenny Wade house, Jenny was the only civilian fatality of the Civil War. If any of you don’t know the whole story, Jenny was in her house baking when a Rebel sharpshooter (who was in the Farnsworth house, nearly two blocks away) shot a single bullet towards the house. The bullet went through the door, through another interior door, and hit Jenny in the small of the back killing her instantly. The reason the sharpshooter was firing at her house was because it was mistaken for a Yankee headquarters. The Rebels hiding in the Farnsworth house saw some Yankee officers (Jenny’s brothers) moving around outside the house.

On another note in regards to Jenny, growing up she had two male friends that she was dear friends with. However when the Civil War erupted, one sided with the North and the other with the South. Two weeks before Jenny’s death, the two men met again on a battlefield. The one that sided with the South was mortally wounded and asked the friend that sided with the North to take Jenny a note. The friend took the note, but was killed one week later while making his way to see Jenny. All three friends died in a three week period. Is that strange or what???

Oops…forgot about the smell thing. While we were standing outside of Jenny’s house, looking at the bullet hole in the door, I kept smelling this sweet smell. It was like walking by a bakery, that’s the type of smell it was. Throughout the story of Jenny’s death and her friends deaths, I kept smelling that smell. The cold wind was blowing all around us, but the smell lingered no matter what. At the end of the story, the guide asked us if we had any questions. I asked her if there was a bakery nearby (she didn’t say it had to be ghost related!! LOL). She just smiled and asked me what I smelled. I told her that it smelled sweet, like a bakery. Then she told me that there wasn’t a bakery anywhere near us and what I was smelling was JENNY!!! Jenny loved to bake and she always smelled like vanilla.

Very interesting to say the least…


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