By: Jennifer Hines

From: “Ezell, Jennifer” (JEzell@LSUHSC.EDU)
Subject: ghostlights
Date: Thursday, September 16, 2004 1:58 PM

My mother & her family have always told of seeing a strange light move from one end of a wooded area to an old barn located behind the family’s old home place. This light was always seen right after dark to the best of my knowledge. No one seems to know exactly how old the barn is but I know it was located on the property when my great grandfather bought the land. We have found Indian arrowheads in the vicinity so perhaps it could be linked to that and has nothing to do with the barn. Personally, I have never seen the light but my mother & all her siblings and both parents all saw it during the years all the children were growing up.

I am searching for other tales of this phenomenon in southeast Louisiana but so far have found nothing. We live about 150 north of New Orleans.

Jennifer E. Hines

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