If you are into ghosts you will know not to read aloud. It may welcome ghosts into your home in the worst of cases.

This sighting took place at my best friend Charlie’s house in the middle of spring. My friend’s house is in the middle of the countryside and the nearest house is about 100 meters away. Anyway, I had agreed to stay at her house for the night because her parents were at a dinner party about an hour’s drive away.

She owns a horse farm and we had to clean them before we went inside to watch the last of our films. It was about 10:00 PM and because it was spring it was very dark. We started to do each horse’s stable one at a time. Then Charlie decided that it would be better and quicker if we split up and did one side of the yard each, so I started on the other side.

Charlie went to the block that they kept the hay in for the horses but there was none left, and she then informed me that I needed to get some more. It was still pitch black and the hay is kept in a barn over the other side of the road to which the farm is situated. I said that I would not go alone for clear reasons, and with this we had already started to walk towards the barn.

We climbed over the gate that leads to the field and I could see the barn and a shiver went down my spine. The barn is scary just to look at because it is falling to pieces and is really only half a barn. Charlie had told me some time before that there was a fire there and she didn’t know if anyone had died there.

As we walked closer, we linked arms because we were scared, and we had every right to be. As we turned to enter the barn we saw a dark shadow of what we thought to be a man searching through the hay. We were so scared we just turned and ran. Charlie is a lot faster than me and was in the stables a lot sooner than me. She sat in the corner of her horse’s stable and she had been so spooked that tears were streaming down her face. We locked up all the horses as fast as we could, because we were too scared the thing we saw would follow us, to finish the horses.

We ran into the house and sat up in her room and spoke of nothing for a while. I didn’t like sitting there because her bedroom overlooks the barn and it made me feel uneasy. We didn’t feel like watching the film after that because it was a horror, so we just talked of school and things till her parents came home, because that made us feel a bit safer.

That’s not the first time something spooky has happened in Charlie’s house or land that we have both experienced, but the other sightings have been just as scary, to the point where now I don’t go to Charlie’s as much although we are still the best of friends.

Kirsty, thank you for reading

From: “sue hardy” sue@hardy1960.wanadoo.co.uk
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Subject: Ghost in the Barn
Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 11:14 AM

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