Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 23:43:16 -0800 (PST)

My best friend and I live together in the basement of a good friend’s house.

My friend,Tammy,has always told me that the house was haunted. At first I didn’t believe her. She said that the ghost was a lady that used to live here a very long time ago. She also stated that usually every other night that the ghost would tap on the lamp beside her bed. The only way she could get it to stop is she would have to turn the lamp on, and then just leave it on.

Now I know ghosts are real. My roommate, Allison, said she woke up one night and saw a little girl sitting on the foot of her bed, and the girl was just sitting there staring at her! This scared me to death. Overall little things are always happening. For instance, if I am here and Allison is not I always hear things being shuffled or moved in her room. And if she is here and I am not she always hears things moving around in my room. It kind of sounds like someone is plundering through boxes or something. That is eerie. Sometimes the lady taps on our window. It is a very soft tap. Usually we just simply say, “Please stop!” And she usually stops. One thing that happens often, is we hear someone open the door that leads downstairs to where we are, run down the steps, and when we look to see who it is there is no one there!

Usually I do not stay alone in the house, I guess I’m a chicken. But, I’m not scared enough to move out. Overall, the bad thing about living in a haunted house is that you never know what is going to happen next. The advantage is that you always have a good story to tell your friends. Now, most of my friends will not even come over and spend the night, not even my own boyfriend!

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