I just started lurking around on this website a few days ago. Ever since I was really young (well, I’m only 15 right now), I have had an intense obsession with the paranormal. I have had several encounters with some sort of “presence.” This particular story takes place on Rosarita beach in Mexico, about two hours away from the border of California.

My best friend, whose family is our family’s best friend, owned a house on the beach in Rosarita. We would drive down there some weekends during the spring and spend a lot of time down there in the summer. In Mexico, bonfires are legal to have without it being a designated area, so right at the bottom of her steps we would often roast marshmellows and make smores, around a bonfire. At this time, me and my best friend (we’ll call her Marie, because that’s her middle name) were about 10 or 11 years old. Both of our dads had made it clear that we were not to go too far away from the bonfire; which was understandable, considering the fact that we were in Mexico, and anything could happen.

From what I remember, both of our dads were pretty drunk, and really into talking about whatever they were talking about, so we decided to sneak around to the other side of the bonfire, then just start walking down the beach; just because we knew that we weren’t supposed to. We loved getting into trouble and having the most fun we could have.

Back up the story about 20-30 years. A little further along the beach, there are no houses, just a cliff (I’m guessing over 80 feet high), with a road on the edge and a very small guard rail. About 20-30 years ago, a drunk driver’s car rolled flew off the edge of the cliff and onto the beach. It caught on fire, killing the man and the passenger (obviously). Again, being in Mexico, the car was never cleaned up and remained on the beach to rust, and serve as an example as to why you shouldn’t drink and drive (I suppose).

Me and Marie were walking along the beach, too far away from the bonfire to see (it was around 11:00 pm and very dark). We came to an area on the beach that had some two foot grass, and we saw the car somewhere in the middle of the grass. We decided to see who could get closer to it before we got too scared; so we both started walking through the grass, slowly but surely, towards the car. We were both a little scared, but of course we weren’t going to say anything about it. Suddenly we heard a low, soft noise, sounded like rubbing against rust. We both ducked down into the grass and stared at the car. It was about 15 feet in front of us. We both sat there for a while, scared that there was some guy sleeping in the car or something. We both saw two black shadows that looked like people moving around in the car, but really fast paced. They were pitch black against the light of the moon. They were intertwining with eachother, in a strange way. Then the sound of rubbing against rust entered the air again, and we both screamed and ran out of the grassy area.

Upon returning to the bonfire, both our dads hadn’t noticed we were gone, until we were screaming on our way back. We both had cuts all over our legs from the tall grass we ran so quickly through. We decided that was enough for one night, and went up to the house to fall asleep.

Neither of us slept well that night, even though the scare was over. We slept in the same bed. There was no feeling of fear, just the inability to sleep.

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