I have strong beliefs in the afterlife and it is believed that my family has a slight ability to (as some would say) have encounters with the other side. Although we do not talk of it often. I did not discover till I was older that I was not the only one. My cousin (who is female), my aunt, my mother and myself have all had some type of experience or few of some type. No one from the “male” side of the family has ever claimed to have any of type of paranormal experience.

I’ll start off with myself; it didn’t start till I was younger. I was probably around 7 or so. I don’t quite remember how old I was, but I was young. We moved into my house when I was only 2 and have lived there ever since, I am now almost 20. My parents built my house, so it was brand new when we moved in. So I do not believe any spirit was hurt in my house, therefore I do believe that it is possible that a series of events possibly occurred on the soil that my house was built on many years ago, however in this case that doesn’t seem to make sense either.

Like I said earlier I was around 7 when I started noticing strange noises that sounded like someone else was around. I started to hear footsteps upstairs while I was home. The way the layout of my house is that the bedrooms are all located upstairs and the kitchen, family room and living room are located downstairs. It always almost always seemed to happen when I was downstairs in the living room. The living room is located under my parents’ bedroom.

I would normally just be watching TV or something and then I would hear the footsteps and at first I assumed it was my dad or mom upstairs just walking around. I would call them but there was never an answer. My curiosity always got the better of me and when I’d go upstairs to look there would be no one there. This happened for years. But nothing else would come of it. However as I got older I started to shut it out.

A couple years later it began again and I must have ran up the stairs to see if anyone was there 4 times. Because every time I heard the footsteps I’d go upstairs have a look and then there would be no one there. But then as soon as I’d get back downstairs I could hear them again. By the fifth time I went up and started talking to “no one” and told them that I was getting tired of their jokes and to please just stop it was starting to get old. And then as
I turned my back to walk out of the room, I swear I heard a child’s laugh and saw a shadow or something out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t tell you what I saw because I could barely make it out myself. But after that, I didn’t really hear anything again. Well not footsteps anyway.

Then about a year later at night when I would be sleeping I’d swear that I’d hear someone downstairs opening the cupboard doors of the kitchen and someone walking around. I remember hiding under the covers when I’d hear the movement from downstairs while I’d be sleeping. And sometimes I’d hear a huge loud bang, like someone punched my closet door as hard as they could. These types of events occurred randomly. Sometimes it would happen a couple days in a row, other times it wouldn’t happen for a couple months. I’d tell my parents about it, but they’d push it aside.

It wasn’t till this event happened when my mother believed me, and then told me of an event that happened to her when she was younger.

I was about the age of 13 by this time. It was just another night where I went to bed at around 9pm on a weeknight due to the fact of having to go to school the next morning. My dog has always slept with me since I was 11 (that’s when we got him.) I was sleeping one night in more of a fetal position, but with my neck facing the opposite position that my body was lying. Except my legs weren’t tucked into my chest completely, my knees kind of completing an “L” like position.

Anyway, all of a sudden my dog was kind of growling and barking, I kind of ignored him at first. I told him to shush a few times before I opened my eyes and turned my head over to face him. When I noticed a little boy figure laying right beside me. However his head wasn’t beside me, it was leaning against my legs and his feet were kind of curled up by my pillow. I do not remember exactly as it happened quite suddenly. He looked at me and then kind of giggled, while my dog continued to bark. I remember just turning my head back the other way, closing my eyes and repeating to myself in my head, “please just go away.”

After about 30 seconds, my dog stopped barking and when he did I looked back to where the figure had laid and it was gone. My dog came up, licked my face (yucky!) and then went back to lay down. I looked at the clock and it was just after 3am. I was freaked out but decided to just go back to sleep. I kept the story a secret for a while, being afraid my parents would just think I was crazy or something. But then for some reason I just decided to tell my mother one-day and to my surprise she told me something that shocked me.

She told me that when she was around my age she had a similar occurrence happen to her one night as well. She had apparently been sleeping and for some reason awoke to see two figurines. One of the figures was of a woman, and the other of an older man. They were dressed more in an olden day look, just like the little boy that I saw. Their clothes were more faded in color however. Apparently they claimed to be relatives and she told them to leave and did not recognize them at all. At first they wouldn’t leave, but eventually they did, and as they did a little boy appeared all of a sudden and ran by giggling. When I described him to my mother, she was stunned and believes it was the same boy. And to top it off, apparently she remembers looking at her night clock as well, and it was also around 3am.
We still can’t figure out why she saw the other two figures and I didn’t and why we both just saw the little boy. However I guess it remains a mystery. As after that event happened to me, I’d still hear the cupboard doors downstairs at night sometimes for a while. However I have not had any other encounters since.

-Sorry that it is so long.


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