Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 19:14:29 -0800 (PST)
address anonymous

It’s interesting to note that some time before this experience, my mother had brought home a Ouija board. We kids messed around with it a few times but didn’t think much of it. Building up to the experience, I had several dreams involving a fairly evil-looking elf (complete with floppy pointed hat) peering in at me from the high window in our front door.

Even now, knowing about the “bedroom invader” and “old hag” phenomena, the memory is crystal clear and I absolutely know I was awake. What happened was that when I was 6 or 7 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night lying on my stomach but with my head to the side, facing the rest of the room. I looked out past my pillow and clearly saw a man’s hand slowly move towards my pillow with the forefinger extended. The finger touched the pillow just a few inches from my face, then slowly moved away. Immediately afterwards, I felt somebody sit down on my bed. I clearly remember feeling the bed sag and my legs squeezed down by the weight. I knew it wasn’t my Dad, because he worked nights at the time.

This “person” then just sat there for a few minutes. I gathered up my courage for a look, but in my fear I could only bring myself to look at his body. I couldn’t look up at his face because I was sure he would be looking right at me. What I saw was a man, sure enough, dressed in a red plaid flannel shirt. Well, it definitely wasn’t my Dad coming home from work early – he was a Highway Patrolman and would have been wearing his uniform. During the time he sat there, I had no feeling of being paralyzed, like people who have Hag experiences often report. I knew I could move, but I was just too afraid. After several minutes, he got up and walked out. I could clearly hear his footsteps going out our bedroom door, into the kitchen and living room, and then fade away. Just to be sure, I asked my Dad the next day if it was him, and he said no – it had to be a dream.

Strangely enough, around this same time my sister told me she woke up one night and saw 2 shadows standing in front of her closet. One was a silhouette of a fat man, the other was thin. She said they just stood there and laughed. I don’t know if these things had anything to do with the Ouija board, or if they were actually SP or what. If it was a hallucination then there is really no way to tell one from reality.

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