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Subject: Bed Room Door
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 2:46 PM
Location: Indeterminate

My Door….

This is a paranormal story about my bedroom door.

Everything started about six years ago when I had just reached 7 years of age. The incidents began about the time when I had my lock removed from my door due to the few times when I locked it and it wouldn’t reopen. Now since my house is old so are most of the built in appliances, for instance I have pull chain toilets and an old fashion fireplace. So when I had my lock removed, I had to remove all of it. Now my door wouldn’t even close.

Two nights after the lock/close system was removed there was an atrocious storm. I awoke to a flash of fork lightning in the field across my house and felt the sudden urge to turn my light on. The minute my light flickered on my door began to violently slam open and close. Turning to the door I noticed my window was opened. After noticing this I was quickly calmed. As my hands reached for the window, the door stopped abruptly. As you can imagine being so little I was extremely frightened. Little noises started around me like the sound of someone writing with a quill or a soft buzzing.

Nothing abnormal happened for the next two years until a storm came rolling in off the coast. Once again I woke up and turned on my light to find the door opening and closing. This time it wasn’t with much force at all. But still I being nine was still thinking it to be nothing less than the wind.

Not until I turned 11 did I decide to do some thorough research on the matter. I made this decision because I now started to get this cold sensation on my cheek during the summer night storm incidents. My grandmother seemed the only one who would understand. She told me that she knew something was up. She said that about three owners ago a young woman had a child about 6 or 7, every summer the child would keep his window open during the night because of the heat. The young woman wasn’t very rich so they only rented out that one room. When the young woman would return from work she would find the boys window open and be so mad that she would slam the door open and close to wake the child. In the words of my grandmother “if she had a good night she would tuck him back in and give him a kiss, but If she had a bad night she would sit at her desk a write a letter to her sister.

I still haven’t figured out how my grandmother knew this, or why I had the urge to turn the light on. I still didn’t know why there was a buzzing noise or why the incidents only happened during thunder storms. I still have much to unravel, but there is one thing I know, I have young woman that will always be watching over me………….

Written by Molly Helen

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