Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 13:36:03 -0700 (PDT)

I am in my second year at Valdosta State University in Georgia. Last year, my freshman year, me and my roommate lived in an all girls dorm. One night while walking down stairs with her boyfriend, she noticed the figure of a little boy in the stairway. She asked her boyfriend if he saw the little boy and he said no. She thought it was weird but brushed it off until one night when her boyfriend saw a figure of a little boy in the corner of our room. I wasn’t there that night because I had stayed over at my boyfriend’s. Luckily! Up to this point, nothing strange had happened to me. Then things started going missing in our room. Things like brushes and dishes. Whatever had gone missing would turn up days later in obvious places we wouldn’t overlook, like on the counter or on our desks. However, one glass that went missing has never been found. One night, my roommate’s leg started burning and when she looked down, she had scratch marks on her leg. The marks looked as if some! ! one had ran their nails down her leg. The scratches did not hurt after they appeared. I guess our ghost just wanted some attention. The same night, the T.V. and the blowdryer cut on by themselves. The T.V. kept cutting on and off about five times. We joked around about our “little visitor” and named him “Billy.”

Well summer came around, and we moved out of the dorm. We’re now back at college, but now we have an apartment. We didn’t like the dorms, but I guess we weren’t the only ones because when we moved, “Billy” moved with us. He didn’t make himself known at first, but we’re sure he’s here now. Sometimes, when my roommate walks downstairs in the morning, she hears the computer keys typing, even though nobody’s there. I haven’t had that experience-yet. “Billy” never talked to us in the dorm, but now he likes to whisper our names. One day when my roommate was downstairs by herself, she heard somebody whisper her name. She looked around and nobody was there. She asked her boyfriend if he had done it, but he had been in the shower the whole time. I think “Billy” really likes me because he goes to work with me sometimes. I work at a clothing store. Sometimes while I’m folding clothes, I’ll here him whisper my name. I know it’s him because nobody will be there and the voice sounds pl! ! ayful like he’s trying to play hide and seek with me. He’s quite playful with me at work. One night, I was putting up some jeans. I leaned down to put up one pair with my back turned away from the other. There was nobody in my department at the time. When I turned around to get the other pair of jeans, they were not there! I thought this was very strange. No one could have been so close to me as to get the jeans without me knowing they were there and like I said, nobody was in my department. I know it was “Billy” because he had been whispering my name that night. Later on that same night, I was taking some bookbags that had fallen off a table and putting them back on the table. When I finished, I whirled around and starting straightening some shirts on a rack when I heard something fall. Sure enough, one of the bookbags was on the floor-under the table. The bookbag couldn’t have just fell. I had put it back on the table where it would not fall off. And if it had fallen, it wou! ! ldn’t have landed under the table. “Billy” was playing his games again so I told him to stop messing up my department after I straighten it. He minds well because he quit for the night.

“Billy” still hides things from us. At least he hides things from me. My deodorant has disappeared twice in the three months we’ve been in the apartment. As you can see, “Billy” is a friendly ghost. I wish I knew his story‚Ķ

“Billy” is with us all the time. We’ve come to accept him as a member of the family. He’s not harming us or scaring us. He must like us since he followed us from the dorm. So I guess we’ll let him stick around.

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