Location: Dillon, South Carolina

Appearance: White or blue light that swings from side to side, in nearby fields or in the woods. Some observers report a sinister feeling.


  1. A farmer named John (or Bill) Bingham was run over on the train tracks and now haunts them.
  2. The ghost is that of a man named Bingham murdered one or several people and carried his lantern at night to bury them.

Other explanations: None known.


Bingham’s Light, located in or near Dillon, South Carolina, seems to be one of the lesser-known ghost lights in America and one of the lights I received the fewest entries about. The apocryphal tale concerns a farmer named John (or Bill) Bingham who was either run over on the train tracks in the area or murdered someone there. Either way, he was carrying his lantern at the time, and that is the explanation for the mysterious light now seen there. The site is described as woody, with a creek running nearby and swampland in the general vicinity.

Most reports describe the light as white or blue and swinging from side to side. Some observers have seen the light in nearby fields, while others insist the light emanates from the woods. There seems to be some confusion on this point, as apparently at some point the area was woodier than it is now and a narrow road was cut through the woods that may no longer exist. One aspect that makes this ghost light a little different than others is that a “sinister” feeling is sometimes reported as part of the experience.

Overall, this light is difficult to find details about, and many of the articles available on the web seem to be copied from each other or from ghosts.org. The single coherent reader experience I received is offered below.

Reader Experience

Date received: Fri, 20 Aug 1999

Bingham’s Light in Dillon, South Carolina is one of the scariest things I’ve ever witnessed. You get off of I-95 Dillon exit and at the historical marker you will see a dirt road that leads into the woods. Park and walk about a mile or so and start yelling for him. You will know when you are close because the temperature will drop drastically.

His name is John Bingham. He was hit by a train in the late 1800s or early 1900s depending on who you ask in town. He was flagging the train with a lantern and his lantern is what you will see swaying back and forth. The tracks are no longer there. I’ve been there four or five times and every time I go, something weird happens.

The first time, the light actually got in my face about three feet away and I got sick. The second time, the motor in my friend’s brand new car blew up on the dirt road. He had only had the car four days. The third time we bogged down a four wheel drive Jeep on the dirt road. The fourth time, my friends shot it with a rifle after making sure that it wasn’t some idiot out there playing a joke, and it split and turned different colors.

All this stuff happened in a two week period. If you ever go, you will get the feeling that you need to go back. PM magazine that used to be on TV did a story on Bingham’s Light. Just thought you would like to know about it.

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  1. Hi my name is Genetria McGill and I actually live in Bingham. I’ve seen the light most of my life and it is very real. The train tracks are still here over grown with tree’s and grass.

    1. I’m curious….what railroad tracks are you referring to in Bingham, SC? There is absolutely NO historical record of any railroad line extending that far out of Dillon, SC. I’ve seen that light many times….especially during the mid to late 80’s when I was stationed in Myrtle Beach, SC. Back at that time….the area was heavily wooded and you could actually drive back to the point where people watched the light. It is totally different now though….that whole area was logged a number of years ago and all the trees are gone. As for the light….I figured out what it was years ago. That viewing point off of the access road Reedy Springs, Ct, is directly lined up with S. Butler Rd. This isn’t any mysterious light….these are car headlights from vehicles traveling down Butler Rd.

      1. Hi Loren, thanks for your comments! I’ll be adding more to this page soon that I had originally withdrawn due to Amazon’s ebook rules. You’ll be happy to know you are correct in your assessment.
        — Obiwan

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