Note: For more information about this and other ghost lights, check out my book The True Ghost Stories Archive: Spooklights, available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. Below is a condensed version of the chapter in the book.

Location: Dillon, South Carolina

Appearance: White or blue light that swings from side to side, in nearby fields or in the woods. Some observers report a sinister feeling.


  1. A farmer named John (or Bill) Bingham was run over on the train tracks and now haunts them.
  2. The ghost is that of a man named Bingham murdered one or several people and carried his lantern at night to bury them.

Other explanations: None known.

Reader Comments:

“You get off of I-95 Dillon exit and at the historical marker you will see a dirt road that leads into the woods. Park and walk about a mile or so and start yelling for him. You will know when you are close because the temperature will drop drastically. […] My friends shot it with a 30.06 rifle (after making sure that it wasn’t some idiot out there playing a Joke) and it split and turned different colors.” – Kevin, August 1999

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  1. Hi my name is Genetria McGill and I actually live in Bingham. I’ve seen the light most of my life and it is very real. The train tracks are still here over grown with tree’s and grass.

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