Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 14:26:32 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Beth

When I was reading these ghost stories, I came upon the one called “Bad Ghost”? I believe. It reminded me of an experience I had once.

I’m going to title this “The Black Man”

Well when I was in Middle School, (Junior High), I had a very best friend. We did everything together. She often spent the night at my house, and we’d stay up late talking about anything and everything. One time, I can’t remember how the conversation actually went, but she mentioned something about an experience she had with the “black man”, she wouldn’t go into detail, just that it was a very bad experience she had. I asked to describe him to me, but she wouldn’t, she was still to scared. The experience with him had only happened a year or two before. Well anyways, time went on, and the next year, our 8th grade year, I had this dream that had to of been the scariest dream I ever had. I dreamt that my best friend was staying the night at my house, and she was sleeping but I was awake. Then suddenly this tall, very tall figure walked into my room. He was dressed in all black, his discription was exactly like the one in “Bad Ghost”. He was wearing a long black coat, and a tall black top hat. In my dream, I tried to get her to wake up but she wouldn’t then she suddenly sat up, and instead of screaming she just froze. Not moving or saying a dream continued on, but the rest had no significance, I don’t think.

When I told my best friend that story, she was amazed. She said that was exactly what he looked like. And there’s no way I could of known that, because she never would tell me. Also, I’ve never seen her scared before, but she said that when she gets scared she freezes, exactly like she did in my dream. I never had any dreams after that of him, and she never had any problems.

I didn’t tell this story to just share my experience, but also to maybe get an answer. Does anyone know who this “black man” could be? He’s appeared to three people that I know of now. The person in the “bad ghost” story, me, and my friend. So if you have any ideas, suggestions, or answers, or just want to share a similar story you may of had, please e-mail me at Thank You.


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