Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 14:16:44 -0600
From: Nicole Jensen (
Subject: house ghost

Hello Everyone!

I hope some of you can make sense of this and then maybe I won’t feel crazy. I have a story to tell but first I need to go into some background.

It happened when I a sophomore in High School. I was dating a guy named Kevin. Kevin lived on an old farm in the country. lots of strange things happened there all the time. Sometimes the TV would come on when there was no one in the room. Kevin and his brother, Todd would hear footsteps coming into the house when they were the only ones home. They would also hear cars driving into the lot when they looked there would be no one there.

One night my parents had to go out of town for the night and didn’t want to leave me home alone. (Due to some problems with nasty neighbors…long story)

It was decided that I would stay at Kevin’s house because his parents were home. His mom, Cindy was very strict and decided I would sleep in Kevin’s room with the door closed and Kevin would sleep in Todd’s room with the door closed.

That night about 12:00 I heard footsteps come up the stairs and stop at the door. Then the door slowly opened then closed a few seconds later. Then I heard the door to Todd’s room open and close the same way. I figured that Cindy was up checking on us. I waited to hear footstpes go back down stairs but didn’t hear any. Then I feel asleep.

The next morning I told Kevin about what I heard and he had heard it too. So did Todd. We asked his mom about it. She said she had not been up to check on us because she trusted us. Not only that but she would have heard the doors open and close. His dad backed her up. They had gone to bed about 9:30 and slept all night long. I was spooked.

That was on a Friday night. The following Monday at school I talked to my friend Sabrina. Sabrina has some psychic abilities. She can talk to ghosts and see things that happened in the past. She said that if we wanted her to she would come to the house and see what she could find out. Kevin and I set it up for a night when his parents were gone. (When we mentioned it to his mom she freaked.)

The following Friday we all met at Kevin’s house. The instant we walked in Sabrina got the chills, but said she was okay. We proceeded to take her on a tour of the house. She said sometimes it takes the images awhile to break through to her. All the time we were downstairs nothing happened. So we decided to take her upstairs. At the bottom of the stairs she got an intense feeling of pain. I wanted to take her outside right away, but she said she wanted to look upstairs. (Sabrina is not a very big person. She is short and skinny and is a picture of fragility, but is a very strong willed person. she is constantly telling me to back off and quit trying to protect her.) She put up a barrier and made it up stairs.

What happened next really scared me. We were standing in the hall between KEvin and Todd’s rooms. Sabrina was facing Kevin’s room. She dropped her barrier and then suddenly started shaking. She screamed and started crying.

I grabbed her hand and asked her what was happening. She just said “Oh no. look at all the blood.” Now we couldn’t see anything. I been there with her when she had seen things in the past but nothing like this. So I started asking her questions about what she was seeing. Kevin was holding my other hand so tight it hurt. I tried to get her to tell me but she just kept saying “There is so much blood. So much blood” I freed my hand from Kevin and took her face in my hands. Finally I broke through to her. She just looked at me and said “I have to leave, before he kills me.” Now I was freaked out. I turned her toward the stairs so we could go outside.

Sabrina was in the lead. She went down the first three steps to the landing. At the landing she stopped and screamed “He found me. It’s too late” then she fainted. I was scared that something had really killed her. Kevin picked her up and took her outside. After a few minutes she woke up, but still felt weak and looked very white.

This is what she told up she saw. In Kevin’s room there was a little boy with no head. There was blood all over the place. There was also a man holding a gun. It looked like the guy had shot the little boys head off. That was when she got a feeling if she didn’t leave he would shoot her too. At the landing she saw another little boy with blood running out of his stomach. It looked like he was shot in the stomach. Then she saw at the bottom of the stairs and he was pointing a gun at her. She said she ehard a loud noise then felt like someone had punched her in the stomach. That was when she fainted.

It was all very wierd. I never would go into Kevin’s room after that. I don’t know if he ever told his parents. We wanted to look into the history of the house, but were to scared to do so.


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