Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:06:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Keith (

In 1981 I returned from basic training at Fort Knox Kentucky, my parents had divorced while I was gone and I was staying with my grandmother while looking for a job and fufilling my National Guard resposibilities. I had heard stories from relatives about strange noises in my grandmothers house and talk that the house was haunted I asumed if it was it would be my grandfather doing the haunting since he had died 8 years earlier. Over the course of the first few months I would hear heavy footsteps at night that would change sound like real footsteps when moving from carpeted to tile floors in the house ; but repeated searches by me to find anyone in the house met with failure. then after the first 2 months I began to se a strange purple haze that would hang over my bed at night sometimes for hours, and I began to hear sounds from the kitchen as if dominoes were being played( One of my grandfathers favorite games when he was alive).Then about the sixth month in it happened I awoke! ! one night to see a figure standing by my bed but it was the figure of a woman . She was wearing a blue dress and had her arms streched out as if beckoning to me; I could tell she had black hair but the rest of her features were fuzzy the figure blocked out everything behind it as a real person would. I stared in wonder for what seemed like forever then turned to turn on a light but when I turned back nothing was there.A few days later I told my mother about this she told me who she thought the woman was a friend of my grandmothers who had died a few years earlier so with what little information I had I sought to seek some proof . As crazy as it sounds my first stop was a hardware store I searched the paint samples until I found a color that matched the blue on the dress I had seen the woman wearing when I showed this to my grandmother she said it was the same color as the dress in which her friend had been buried . I had little time to do more research as my grandmother had ! ! a heart attack a few days later as I knelt over her wauting for the ambulance I heard my late grandfather say she will be allright , I chalked this up to nerves associated with a loved one having a heart attack .I was suprised to say the least when my grandmother recovered and said she had heard him as well. Shortly after I moved out of her house and have had only one strange experience since . I don’t know how this story compares to others but it is true and I know what i saw and heard.

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