Subject: The Blue Lady of Eastern Kentucky University
Date: Sunday, January 04, 2004 2:06 AM

I have problems sometimes with HTML, so if it happens, it was purely by accident…I hope I turned it off, because this is a very interesting story.

As far back as 1957, there have been numerous reports that the Keene Johnson Building on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky has been a center for some bizarre sightings. Reports of a blue mist, fog, or drizzle around the belltower of the building abound, coming from professors, administrators, and students alike. People have reportedly seen a bluish mist form around the belltower lights, and when it fades moments after it appears, there is a radiant figure of a woman in a long ballgown on the rails, walking and singing.

I recently moved onto the campus, as my husband is an employee, and I am a student. Our house sits on a hill almost directly across campus from that building where all the phenomena occurs. The first and last times I have seen her haven’t scared me, just made me sad for her wandering here instead of being where she should be….in the Afterlife. The first time I saw her I was making the last trip out to the car from a late night shopping spree at the local Wal-Mart for school supplies. It was this past October 12, 2003, and the weather was acting strangely warm that week in particular. We were forecast thunderstorms that evening and the next day, and at 3:15 a.m. the air was heavy and thick with dew as thunder rolled in the distance. As I shut my trunk, I looked over the top of the car toward the rest of campus and was stunned to see this fog people had been talking about circling the belltower.

Dismissing it as heavy dew playing off of the lights of the tower, I still watched and saw the fog part a moment to reveal a white light slowly walk back and forth on the rails below the clock face. Then suddenly, she plummeted from the railing. I dropped my bags and covered my mouth.

The last time I saw her before writing this email to you was just this evening, a little past 1 a.m. while taking out the last of the trash (I have small children and I clean when all my men are in bed where they can’t mess anything up). This evening, the temperature here is around 68 degrees, and the air is thick with moisture. Sure as I would turn to walk back to the side kitchen door, I noticed the bright white light on the rails again, and the bluish mist surrounding the belltower. She didn’t fall this time, only disappeared. I would love to catch this on film for your website.

Another story of the Blue Lady….my grandfather was once the Vice President of the University, and he has told me that he had heard the stories but never believed them until he witnessed the exact same thing as I and countless others.

I am trying to locate a geiger and infrared camera as I would like to visit this mysterious figure and get her story. Since I was a small child, I have been able to see, sense, and sometimes hear ghosts, so they do not frighten me. I have been contacting numerous sites and organizations who claim to be paranormal investigators to never get a reply. She is the most famous of all the campus “ghosts” and to actually validate her death, or her ghost in that tower, would be very interesting. Since her appearances seem to fall around early morning hours during humid nights, a planned expedition would be well worth anyone’s time and energy. Thanks for letting me share my story.


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