From: Anonymous
Subject: The Blue Light Lady
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 14:22:09 CDT

I have been reading stories on your website for a few years now. I stumbled upon it while researching the paranormal for a college term paper. I try to read a few new stories every couple of months and just realized that you don’t have one of the most talked about ghost stories in Kansas on your site…the story of the Blue Light Lady!

Here it is as I know it:

Hays, Kansas is the home of historical “Fort Hays” and is also a place of rest for many soldiers and nurses who died during war. The Fort consists of several buildings, a large open feild, and a hill. As the story goes a nurse was killed during battle but never truly left the Fort. She has been seen,in the form of a blue light about the size of a softball, walking from the Fort, up over the hill, and then vanishing. Legend says, every night she would walk from the Fort up over the hill to treat the wounded and check on the soldiers. I guess she still does. I have heard several stories of things that happen up on that hill. There is a dirt road that crosses over the edge of the hill. The light is said to be seen about 200 yards from the road to the west. We have been up there twice late at night, and one of my friends went as far as getting out of the car, running on top of the hill and sitting in the dark waiting but never saw a thing. This story is told every Halloween and every year college students go up there in search of the blue light lady. I have yet to see her for myself but I’ve spoken to two girls who have. I believe!

From: “Sandra Gilligan” (
Subject: Blue light lady
Date: Friday, February 21, 2003 3:52 PM

The blue light lady is actually supposed to be Elizabeth Polly (There’s a park named after her in town) who was the wife of either an officer or a doctor in the area. Legend says she nursed soldiers during a scarlet fever epidemic and then caught the disease and died. She was buried on a hill south of the fort that was her favorite place to stand and think. There was an incident in the 50s, near halloween, when it was very very foggy and a police officer thought he hit a woman, dressed in blue, that was walking along the road in the very thick fog. He radioed the accident in, then got out and could not find a body.

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