This is a true story that happened to my best friend and her sister about five years ago.

The Boggo Road Gaol, in Brisbane, Australia, is well-known for being haunted. Even when I was nine I heard many stories about it–people being tapped on the shoulder, strange lights, moaning, the works. My best friend at the time, J., knew all of these stories too. So she was damn scared when she was told she had to go on a tour there because her sister K. needed to gather some information there for a school project.

When they were walking around, K. kept complaining of someone tapping her on the shoulder. This was very unusual for her as she was normally the very sensible, skepticy sort-of-person. Her mum told her to be quiet, because she thought K. was joking around.

But things took a bad turn when K. complained of being freezing cold. She started to shake violently then started to speak like a man with a very rough voice. She swore continually, and kept threatening her mum & sister J. Her mum, being a skeptic, rushed her off to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist declared that he could not work out what was wrong with K.

J. nagged her mum to take K. to a priest. The priest thought she had been “hit” with the ghost of a convicted murderer. After a blessing, K. had a fit then returned back to normal, except for the fact she couldn’t remember what had happened or where she was. Her mother to this day thinks that K. was lying, although both K. and J. swear she wasn’t.

From: Anonymous
Subject: A Ghost Story
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 14:20:30 +1000

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