Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 08:20:21 -0800 (PST)
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story I have had lots of experience with ghosts over the course of my life, the first and most prevaling is the ghost of my dear grandmother. She died when I was very young, and two weeks after her death, her ghost materialised in my bedroom as I was trying to go to sleep. I don’t remember the time, it was so long ago, but she said to me, “Remember, I will always love you” and vanished. Those words were the exact ones that she said to me two days before she died, and also the last ones she ever spoke to me. I also see her ghost on the anniversary of her death, as if she is reminding me that she still loves me. I have heard her play the piano in my parent’s house, as well as whisper my name as in comfort when I’m going through troubled times.

Another experience that I had was when I was in High School. My preschool teacher had passed on due to an anuersim in her brain. I didn’t want to go to the funeral, (not one of my favorite past-times) and I was asked to stay at the house and recieve any flowers that would arrive during the funeral and burial. I was sitting on the couch reading my book, when I heard a bedroom door open, and DISTINCTLY heard her voice calling for her eldest child. The phone rang and the voice stopped.

When I was in college, I was convinced that my dorm room was haunted. I would hear laughter coming from the closet, CD’s would turn up missing, only to be found weeks later, I would come home from class and my books would be open to reveal tomorrows lesson. My neighbors would comment about the laughter, and they said that I really shouldn’t let anyone in my room when I’m not there. These comments were prompted by my stero coming on, painfully loud, playing music that I don’t listen to, sounds of numerous people in the room throwing a party when I was not there.

The most recent of all events happened about a year ago. My fiancee worked at a nearby army base, this base is reported to have many many ghosts and wierd ongoings. In the building that he worked in, if you mentioned a certian generals name, the T.V. would flip channels at a rapid pace, the lights would flash, and you would hear heavy footsteps above you. Only a ghost could have done this, this most often happened in the wee hours ‘O the morning. Building checks were often performed, the building was always secured, one night on one of the checks, an F.O.D. was doing the checks, and in the old mourge (now storage) they saw the top half of a man walk out of the mourge and straight through a wall. Said F.O.D. would never again go to that part of the building. One night I was visiting at about 10 or 11 pm and he told me that the general (the ghost) had been restless and had been up to his pranks. I had been there for about an hour, and was playing games on the computer! ! . The other soldier on duty was on building checks so I know what happened next was not him. As I was playing on the computer, I felt something tickle my hair, (it hangs to my waist), and I told my fiancee to stop. He said “Stop what?” and I said “Stop playing with my hair”, and he said “How can I be playing with your hair?” He was sitting 10 feet away from me at another computer. I went back to my game, and I felt it again. I said “Stop it!!” and it stopped for a few minutes. This went on for a good 20 minutes or so, and I was convinced that it was a ghost when the other soldier came back, and asked why I had braided a strip 1/4 inch wide down the side of my hair, the same side where I had felt the “tickle”. I wish that I would have gotten pictures, but my fiancee and my story are the only documentation that I have.

I guess that deep down I feel that I am a “ghost magnet”. The stories that I have told you are only just a few, I don’t want to take up your entire web page with what I have seen and experienced. I have a few pictures that have what looks like static marks, and “sun spots” on them. I have looked at a few of the picture links on your page, and a few of my pictures look like some of the ones on your site. They are only pictures of me (no one else is in them)and they were taken my many different photographers. Are they ghosts? Are they poor photography? I don’t know, but I know that I attract wierd happenings, and most of them seem to be non-violent spirits of some sort. Maybe in the future I’ll write more about my experiences

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