Dear Obiwan,

I have been lurking in your website for quite a while now and everything in there is great. All the stories people share have some credibility. I thought it was about time to share one of mine.

I live in Colorado with my family. I have two younger siblings and I believe in the paranormal a lot. I think there is something out there and that they try to communicate with us, etc. This event that I am about to describe took place about a year ago in 2004.

It was in the summer so we were out of school. Me and my boyfriend had been dating for almost a year and I was very happy. It was about two days before our one year anniversary, so about June 28th. Everyone was in the living room watching TV except me. I was in my room doing my nails. The layout of my room is simple. The bed was in front of the window and directly below the ceiling fan. I had a closet door right beside my bed and my headboard was right next to the door. The TV was in front of one corner of the bed. I was watching Scooby-doo (please no comments, I am a big fan). It was around noon.

All of a sudden I felt as though someone was breathing on me. I could feel their breath and also hear it. It was the strangest sound, almost as if the person breathing was being choked. As if they were struggling for breath. At first I shrugged it off, thinking it was my imagination. I stayed there watching TV, and then it happened again. This time I started to wonder and looked around to see if the window was open, but it wasn’t.

Now I was a bit worried, and then it did it again. I didn’t stay to find out and ran into the living room with my mom. She already thinks I am weird, especially running because I was scared at the age of 16. I tried not to think about it and that night went to bed. It was about 1:30 am and I had turned everything off. Well, not five minutes after I heard someone say my name. It was a whisper really close to me because I felt their hot breath on my face. I started to pray and thus fell asleep.

I told my mom and she didn’t believe me (of course). Well there are many things that have happened to me and some very scary but I will leave those for another time.

From: “Nette Perez”
Subject: Breathing Ghost
Date: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 1:17 PM

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