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Hi all.

Sorry to be replying to this so late, but this is the first time I’ve been able to log on & check E – mail for a week. The Ghost Story of the Day entitled “Chair House” reminded me of this. It’s something I’ve been meaning to post for a while and I thought there was no better time than this.

It started one Friday night about three years ago. It was nine o’clock at night ( I remember this because “The X – files” was just coming on. ) when someone began pounding on our front door. Answering it, I discovered ti was a friend of mine who lives two doors away from us. I’ll call him “K”.

“K” was very excited about something. Before I could even ask what was wrong, he began telling me about an old, abondoned house that he, his sister, two of her friends, & their two boyfriends had just come from. To be honest with you, I really wasn’t paying very close attention to what he was saying. For starters, “K” tends to overexagerate, if not outright lie, for dramatic effect to make whatever he’s talking about sound better. Second, as I already stated, “The X – files” was coming on.

Anyway, “K” told me that they had been cruising around in a small town not for from here. They decided to take the backroads back home. One the way, they passed by an old, abondoned house. As they passed it, one of them said that they thought they’d seen somebody standing at one of the windows upstairs. “K” ‘s sister, I’ll call her “C”, was driving. She went back to the house. They saw nothing.

Someone suggested that they drive up to the house and see if they could see anything then. “C” agreed and drove up the long driveway. They drove all the way up to the house, seeing nothing. “C” put her Jeep in reverse and began backing up to the road, away from the house. As they drew away from the house, they could all clearly see the shape of a person standing at the upstairs window.

“C” put her Jeep back in gear and again drove closer to the house. The figure vanished. Again, they backed up. The figure re-appeared. They drove toward the house. The figure vanished. This happened several more times.

Someone then suggested that what they were seeing was only an optical illusion and that they should go into the house and look around. Everyone eventually agreed. They parked the Jeep and went in.

The inside was a mess. The house had apparently been empty for years. “K” claimed that they found a half rotted bridal veil on an old sewing machine. The moment one of them picked it up something let loose a high-pitched, shrill scream from upstairs. Everyone instantly turned and ran back to the Jeep. “C” took the others home, then she and her brother went home. That was when “K” came over.

As I said before, I really didn’t pay much attention when “K” told me this the first time. Over the next few days I heard it retold several times by both him and his sister “C”. “C”, unlike her brother is a believable witness. I’ve found over the years that if “C” say something she honestly believes it is true. Also, it was clear that “C” was disturbed by whatever had happened.

“K” began to ask “C” to take us to that house. “K” didn’t have his driver’s license at this time and, even though I could have driven us, I would have had to have “K” to navigate. He didn’t think he could remember how to get back to house. That left it up to “C”.

After several more days, “C” finally gave in to her brother’s bagdering and took us to the house. She, however, refused to go in with us. It was about 6 o’clock in the evening and still light out.

“K” and I got into the house with no trouble as the back door was wide open. The inside of the house was just as they’d both described it. Everything was rotting and mildewed. There were piles of animal droppings everywhere. In general, the place stunk! We saw the sewing machine where they had found the bridal veil. We later found the veil on the stairs leading up to the second floor. “K” said he was certain that the veil had been dropped back on the sewing machine when they left before. It was now on the opposite side of the room.

We split up and began to explore. I stepped into the bathroom. The toilet seat had been duct taped closed. Removing the tape, I found that the toilet bowl was half filled with a thick greenish gel.

After a few minutes, “K” insisted that we go upstairs. He showed me the window that they had seen the “person” at before. The window was inact and, unlike all of the others, it was clean. It looked as if it had just been washed. “K” was shocked by this. He claimed that the window had been broken when they were there before.

Picking a piece of metal pipe, “K” hit the window, trying to break it. I was surprised when he had to strike the glass four or five times to shatter it.

Moving on, we found a hole in the floor. Pieces of wood were scattered around, as if someone had been tearing at it. “K” soon found a coin of some kind in this hole. Neither of us recognized it. “K” placed it back in the hole, not wanting to chance anything from the house following it, and therefor us, when we left.

After that, we moved down to the basement. We found nothing there exept more animal droppings.

Going back to the ground floor, we could see “C” waiting for us rather inpateintly. We decided we’d better leave.

During the time I was in the house, I did not really see anything to convince me that it WAS haunted. But the upstairs area by the clean window did give me the creeps. for some reason, that window did, too.

I’ve never been back to the house. As far as I know, neither have any of the others. After that day, “C” refuses to even talk about the house. Even “K” seems rather uneasy with the subject.


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