Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 12:59:48 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Trent
Location: Indeterminate

One night I was hanging out with my friends at an apartment in the small town I lived in. Three people lived there–a married couple and one of their friends who was a young teenager. I would hang out/stay over night there frequently as there was not much to do in such a small town.

This night was just like any other (or so it seemed at first). We were just hanging out, talking and laughing about whatever came up. Soon it was late and the young girl decided to go to bed while the rest of us were going to stay up longer. She walked down the hallway and entered her bedroom and screamed. We immediately jumped up and ran to her bedroom. She was looking down at the floor with an expression of terror on her face. She was staring at a medium-sized porcelin angel that was lying borken in three pieces on the floor. She kept this angel on top of her bible on a night stand. Both the bible and the angel were on the floor.

A broken angel is nothing to scream in terror over, and at first I was confused. But she picked it up and streaming from the eyes was what looked like fresh blood. Immeditately I assumed that she was pulling some prank on us. An angel crying tears of blood sounded SO generic to me, so unimaginative that I thought for sure she was trying to get some negative attention. I took the angel pieces from her and said “yeah right.” She swore that she had nothing to do with the broken angel and it’s tears of blood. I gave her a scrupulious look and then looked closely at the angel’s face. The “blood” looked like fresh nail polish and I still did not believe that she had nothing to do with it. Knowing that nail polish smells strongly of chemicals I put my nose close to the angel’s face and smelled it. I could not detect that familiar nail polish smell but I was still very doubtful.

I noticed that the “blood” was running perfectly from the base of the eye, that if followed the contour of the round eye and that non appeared on the eye itself. It was then that I started to think twice about what was happening. I knew that this girl had not left my sight for at least a half hour before she entered her bedroom and promptly screamed. Knowing that applying nail polish in such a way that it would not get on the eye itself and then to make it run down the face in such a short time (a matter of seconds) was nearly impossible.

As I held the angel in my hands, I grilled the girl about what she had seen when she entered the room. She said that she walked in to see it broken and the blood just beginning to run. I asked her several times if she was faking us out and that a joke like that would not be funny at all. She was clearly shaken and refused to touch the angel again.

After asking her many questions I looked at the angel again. To my complete shock, the bright red had turned darker with a slightly rough surface. I touched it and it was dry. Nail polish stays smooth and bright even after it dries. This unnerved me and I scraped the blood with my fingernail and it flaked off. I have seen coagulated blood before many times, and this red stuff was just like it. I gave the girl a look of seriousness as my mind started to swim. We spoke a bit longer and she said she would like to be alone.

I decided to place the angel on top of the entertainment center in the front room. The married couple were standing in the hallway watching me place the angel on the entertainment center. They were extremely doubtful too, even more so than I because I believe I made some logical deductions that they had not. I placed the angel gently on the top of the center and began to walk towards the married couple. Now, I placed these pieces about a foot from the edge of the entertainment center, this I know, I did it purposefully. About halfway to the married couple, I watch their faces turn to an expression of pure astonishment. The pointed behind me and and I looked back at the center. The angel pieces lay on the carpet in front of the entertainment center. I stood staring at the pieces in complete disbelief. The couple approached and said that they did not see the pieces actually move from the center, but they saw them bounce on the carpet as I walked away.

AS we stood there, we all got a very eerie feeling that we were not alone. I sat on the couch and got a feeling of malevolance. I sat quietly and felt the presence of a very angry man in the room who was trying to scare me. I spoke outloud and told him I knew what he was up to and that it would not work with me and that he should leave. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a face of a man who had the most terrible scowl and angry eyes. I believe he was truly upset that I was not going to allow him to have an effect on me. The feeling of the room returned to normal and I relaxed.

I went back to the girls room and told her what had just happened. She was crying and said that ever since she had been going out with this certain young man who was very controlling and had lots of bottled emotions, a spirit of an angry man had been “following” her around. I suggested that she leave this boy and pray for the spirit to leave her alone. She ended up breaking up with him, but a few months after the incident.

This story sounds incredibly generic, I know. I did not believe it myself. But I was there and there was definately something there that night that did not like us.

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