Hi Obiwan,

I really like the stories from your web site. I could like to let you know that I had an experience with this house that I bought 10 months ago. The first month that I move in the house I hear some foot steps going down the stairs. I went to look to the magic door eye to see who was coming down the stairs at 3am since the house was half empty. And the weird part of the story, that I didn’t hear anybody come up or down the stairs. I saw two men going down the stairs and I couldn’t see their faces. For a few seconds, the two men disappear I do not know though where. I did not want to think any at that time since I just bought the property.

A few weeks ago, I had another encounter with two people (man and woman) walking in my hall way and going down the stairs. And again, I did not see their faces or where did they go after taking the other stairs. I had tried to find out the story about this house that was built in 1899 in the Bronx, New York. The only fact that I hear from neighbors that this house was a crack house and they kidnap a few people. I want to know more about the house but I do not know where to go. What I do know that I hear foot step in the apartment on top of my apartment that was empty for two months. I hear the foot steps between the hours of 1am- 4am. Also, my neighbors gave me complaint that they hear people in the empty apartment and people in the hall way late a night.

My father and a few family member had told me that they saw a woman going up the stairs. I had never mentioned anything to my family or friends about my encounter with the unknown. I feel very scared because I tried thinking that I didn’t see anything. I do not stay by myself in the house. At this time I am looking forward to sell the property, because I can not live in it.

Yeiby Amparo
Bronx, New York

From: “federico Paulino” elodymybaby@msn.com
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Subject: my haunted house
Date: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 3:52 PM

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