My brother moved a house about 15yrs. ago that was built in the 1930s’ I believe.

My brother is a very honest and practical guy and would not make something up just for the heck of it. He claims that he saw a ghostly figure of an old woman outside of his house and it appeared that she was leaving.
About three weeks ago while removing the original furnace from the house he states that he saw two men staring at him that appeared to be transparent. He and his wife were in bed a couple weeks ago and heard someone running up and down their basement stairs. They investigated and no one was there. People have heard a knocking noise when no one was at the door.

Now comes my story. I was visiting my brother and his wife on the night of 6/7/06. Our Aunt had died and we were going to attend her funeral the next day.

I was to sleep in the spare storage room. I was very tired and went to sleep very quickly. I awoke to two loud knockings which sounded like a hammer of wood. I knew that there were weird noises in the house and soon went to sleep.

I keep telling myself that what happened next Had to be a dream. I was suddenly confronted by an old lady with a ragged sweater and beady eyes pointing her finger at me saying “get out, get out” very sternly. I was terrified to say the least. I was trying to scream for my brother but could not get the words out. I forgot to say that I thought
that I reached out my had to push her away and I thought that I felt her sweater! All of this must have been
going on after three am because I heard the knockings before or after the garbage man came around.

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