Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 13:00:34 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Michael E.
Location: Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA

Blue Boy

Well when I was 10 years old i went to a summer camp(Camp Pinnacle)if anyones interested. You would stay for either 2,4,6 weeks,on this particular year I stayed the full 6 weeks. Now every Saturday night we would have campfires. The last 2 weeks there are only about 20 campers and 5 councelors. We would share ghost stories around the bonfire after we reiterated on the events of that week. Well Blue Boy is one of the stories I remember so I guess I’ll tell it to you. It just so happened the day they told this story was the anniversary of the event that took place 30 years back.

It was the beginning day of camp and parents were bringing their children to camp. The man who started this camp had gone over the councilers resumes and noticed what seemed to be a very bright shining lad named Jeremiah Wilcox. He decided that he would put this 29 year old counciler in charge of the 14-16 year old boys who would be in cabin 13 the cabin closest to the lake. Camp went fine for the first month everything was going better than planned. But one day the president of camp got a complaint of a counciler hitting a camper. As luck would have it it was Jeremiah.Adam(the boy)said he was hit when he disturbed Jeremiah to help him make up his bunk he said Jeremiah got up,outraged that the boy couldn’t make up his bed after 4 weeks at camp and just hauled off and punched him. Jeremiah confessed that he had accidently hit the boy when he was awakened from a bad dream. The president dismissed the subject and asked the boy not to disturb Jeremiah when asleep. Adam stayed away from him but knew Jeremiah didn’t like him because of all the trouble he caused.

The last week of camp the Indian Games were to be held. The Games were a combination of water and land sports. The last of the games was a canoo race between cabins 12&13, Jeremiahs cabin and another one. Now so far the cabin 13 was doing great. Until the race,now Adam wasn’t excelled in canoeing but did okay until the determining point of the race came when the teams had to turn around and come back to camp. When cabin 13 came back they all looked like they had seen a ghost, except for Jeremiah that is, he was just as radiant as could be excluding the fact they lost the race. One of the children went to the head counciler stuttering about Jeremiah doing something bad. The boy was put in the infirmary for the night.

The next morning at revellie, they had roll call and realized adam was nowhere to be found. The president asked Jeremiah where the boy was,his response was he fell in the the water, but not to worry he wont slow down the races next year. The president called the police immediately and Jeremiah was arrested after all the kids in cabin 13 finally said that Jeremiah had thrown the boy out of the boat when the boy confessed he couldn’t swim. Jeremiah pushed the boy under 11-12 times until he just didn’t come back up. He was arrested and sent to a mental institute in Burke County North Carolina called Broughton Hospital. If you can find a way in go to the third floor right wing of Scroggs building and he’ll be there yelling”ADAM” evry 1 minute 30 seconds.

But back to the story at hand. The camp closed for a couple years after that, but opened up again and everything went great they had new councilers and campers. Now the anniversary of Adams death is celebrated with a moment of silence every year. This was the first year that camp had re-opened and that night was the 3 year anniversary. It was a warm windy night. After camp-fire was closed all the kids went back to their cabins. Now it is said that that night in cabin 13 all the kids woke up when their counciler started these muffled cries. None of them said anything cause they didn’t want to be killed too. The next morning the counciler had not reported at roll-call and the head counciler walked to the cabin and heard all the kids crying. He noticed these wet foot prints which led from and back to it. The ones back to it had the pebbles all stirred up stirred up,but the counciler thought nothing of it. When he walked in the cabin all the kids screamed and hid under their covers. The counciler was gone susposedly dragged out by some unknown culprit. Then it finally dawned on them about Adams death and his anniversary. They closed camp yet once again and boarded off cabin 13. The police could find nothing except a wet strip of cloth on a nail in the doorway which appeared to be the same as the shirt Adam was wearing on the day he died.

Now many of you probably dont believe me but if you ever get a chance to visit N.C. check both these places out i assure you they’re real and in Hendersonville there is a camp Pinnacle. Take a look around go see the lake chack out cabin 13 its supposed to be blocked off but some kids broke in. walk in and if you dont feel a hint of death or you aren’t in the least scared I’d like to meet you.

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