Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 16:42:35 -0800 (PST)
yourname Joe Belisle

This is the last story I will post unless something else happens or I remember something new. We all have repressed memories, don’t we? I am a paranormally sensitive person. Have been all my life and will be as far as I can tell.

I have a brother, Douglas(not his real name), that is in the Coast Guard. One of his duty stations was at Cape Cod in Ma.. As many lifers do, he took up residence in an apartment off base. He does not choose the best places to live. The house he lived in is at 4 Vacation Lane. He occupied the basement part of the house.Please don’t go there and bother the current owners. I’m sure they won’t appreciate the attention. I included the address so anyone in the area can at least stop(in the street) and see the house and see if they can feel anything. The door to his aparment is under the deck in the front of the house.The first impression I had of the place was I wished he didn’t live there. The bedroom, the living room and the hallway to the bathroom was where I felt the oppresive feelings. There is a closed stairway going from his apartment to the rest of the house above that felt like darkness. About the closest thing to being evil without actually being evil.(I’ve felt evil befo! ! re and this was close). Everytime I tried to settle down and relax, I would feel a morbid heavy oppresion of unease that was effected me spiritually, mentally and physically. Especially if I started drinking. I didn’t like being there at all. The first time I experienced anything there was when I was on vacation with a couple of friends. My brother was away at school and let me use his place for a free place to stay so we could check out the Cape. Right after my friends and myself got there, I unpacked my stuff and put my personal items on my brothers bureau. Later I took a shower to get ready to go out and hit a few clubs. I went to use my underarm deorderant and I couldn’t find it. I remember putting in on the bureau. I even passed my hand over the top of the bureau in case it was one of those times when its actually there but you can’t see it. I asked my friends if they touched and they replied, no. So the next morning I picked up a new one. I went to place it on the bureau! ! and there was my old one. I questioned my friends again and again they said no. I slept in my brothers bed both nights there. Nearly every moment I spent in that room, it felt like somone was watching me. Staring at me, intently. I spent both nights under the covers creeped out and sweating. I got very little sleep. Neither of my friends remarked about anything.

Some months later I was a birthday party for another brother who was also a Coastie. It got over late and some of us decided to stay over. There wasn’t enough room there so I elected to stay at Douglas’s place. So far nothing bad happened. I got there in around midnight and settled in. I slept on the sofa sleeper in the living room. Sometime in the wee hours of the night I awoke suddenly to a terror I find hard to describe. Someone or something was all around my body trying desperately to get into me. Searching for a way into me, to violate my being. I’ve learned to think well on my feet and I immediately said the ‘Our Father’ and it was instantly gone. I was severely disturbed and didn’t go back to sleep. I got the feeling that it was the spirit of a caucasion man, 5’8′ to 5’10” tall, dark hair, mean in life and in death. It believed it shouldn’t be dead. It felt cheated that it was killed. Stabbed I think. It wanted my life to make up for being cheated out of its. I never we! ! nt back there. My brother has never experienced anything there. Though shortly after my experience a bunch of his stuff dissappeared from his apartment. He believes the landlords kid used the landlords key to get into his apartment and stole the stuff. Could be. Maybe not.

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