From: “Corliss Sinclair”
Date: 3/25/01
Subject: Cat Tails [Tales…A ghost story]
Location: Indeterminate

This is an absolutely true story. This happened to me. It’s not really important that you don’t know who I am. All I can say is I am a single mom of a (now) nine-year old son. I am existing in the rut of work and raising my child to my best ability. The short story I am about to relate occurred when My son was just 23-months old, in the house we still live in.

We Moved in our Torrington apartment, a turn of the century home, 3rd floor, 1-bedroom, in 1994. It was February. We’d been here just over 1-month.

I was in a deep sleep. My conscious came to me slowly as I was in such a deep sleep. It was still dark outside but I was beginning to become aware of a “sound”. The sound was my cat Priscilla. I had her for a few years. She was about 5 or 6 at the time and I truly can’t say I’d ever heard the scream she was letting out in low levels that had crept into my sleep and woke me before then. I woke to find the time at 5:30 a.m. and still dark out. She was truly screaming in a moaning sort of way, like a human woman somehow–it truly was unearthly. I was somehow not fearful. I listened and watched with real interest! She moaned and howled for 30 minutes. My son slept peacefully by my side in my double bed totally undisturbed. I’d heard children can sometimes see spirits and felt hampered by his sound sleep. Priscilla with a controlled stare at a space about 3 feet above the foot of the bed just howled and was so frightened that I feared for her sanity. After a bout a half hour Priscilla started to “back up”, as if something was coming toward her. She hit the headboard and really started acting scared out of her mind! I gave it a few more moments then said “I don’t mind if you are here but you are scaring my cat, so would you please leave”. In about 5 minutes Priscilla calmed down. I took that opportunity to get out of bed, pick her up and hold her in the living room to comfort her. She did in fact calm down. When I returned to our bedroom Priscilla insisted on searching the room for 5-minutes before she would commit herself to relaxing on our bed again. She checked under the dresser, in the closet and under the bed.

When you consider the idea that this animal was actually looking for something it is a little unnerving. The idea is there was actually something in the room beforehand for her to have been looking, and to relax not having found it, upon conducting a search. I have not again experienced this event since then.

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