Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 11:40:30 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Cori

I just found this page and to say the least I am happy that I did!!! I have had the problem of seeing ghosts all my life and being haunted personally. As long as I can remember I have found certain places make me feel uncomfortable. Even public places, such as my high school, or just certain spots in a park or sidwalk. It is really unnevering. Anyhow I will be sending other stories but I will start with my first few experiences.

The first experience that I can clearly remember would be when I was between four or five. At the time I lived with my mother and my younger sister who was a newborn. We were suddenly evicted from our old house and we had nowhere to go. We got to stay in a Transition House of sorts. We were the only people there and there were no counselors. The house was an old brick Victorian house. Pretty plain as houses of that time period go. It was situated across from the town cemetary. My room that I shared with my sister faced the cemetery.

I have always been a night owl, even at that age I was known to spend all-nighters. At first things were sort of ok, the only thing that would happen was that someone, not my mother, would come and check on me and my sister. I know this because I am a very light sleeper and the sound of a pin dropping can wake me up. Besides the time that this entity would check on us was really late and my mother had already come in before going to bed and kissed us goodnight. She did this everynight for pretty much most of my life.

Soon I had befriended an elderly lady that lived next door. She was the type of lady that a five year adores, full of stories and cookies to share. As time wore on, I would say about a week or so, I got close and personal contact with the entity checking on us. I was sound asleep and suddenly I was very awake, looking into the face of a bearded man. My mom later tried to tell me that it was her boyfriend, I don’t believe her. True her boyfriend at the time had a beard, but this was not his face. Also he would have smiled at me or said something seeing that he woke me up.

I could see that the entity seemed to be breathing through his mouth, yet I didn’t hear anything or smell anything. I wasn’t scared of him because I knew (little kid logic) that he wasn’t going to hurt me, I was his friend because I saw him. Sometimes I would sit and talk to him, though never when anyone else was around because it would scare my mom. I was one of those kids that didn’t have imagery friends, I thought the idea of them was silly. I never saw the man again, but I always knew that he was around because I would feel a cool breeze go past me or feel his hands on my shoulders.

The other thing that happened to me connects with the elderly lady next door and my “friend”. As I mentioned earlier there was a cemetery right across the street. It was the typical kind that scary movies have. Even one mausoleum. Pretty strange to have that in a tiny little border town. Late at night I would go and look out my window at the cemetery. The cemetery was ALWAYS misty and foggy at night, no matter the season or the weather. Strangely it was also the only area of the block that would be affected by this. I would sit there and look out my window and see some very strange occurrences. They were the same every night (after a while I started to watch it every night), the figures walking around, some running always in the same paths. I knew that people weren’t susposed to be in there after dark because it was closed.

I finally asked my neighbor if she saw these people because she told me that her husband was buried there and she could see him everyday and it helped not miss him so much. She told me not to be too worried, they were just the ghosts that lived there but I was never to go into there. I knew that from a dream that I had. (By the way dreams are very important in dealing with spirits) Eveytime I watched the cemtery at night my “friend” would stand there right with me.

The only thing that scared me was the last incident that still scares me to this day. I awoke from a frightening nightmare, soaked in sweat and terrified. I never have suffered from horrible nightmares, so when I say nightmares, to others I might mean night terrors. I got up and looked out the window at the cemetery because I felt like I should. Someone stood at the fence of the cemetery still trapped inside and was staring at my window. I knew that he was staring at my window because I could see his red eyes!! My friend was behind me at the doorway to my room. I looked back to see if I could see him, but I couldn’t. I looked back towards the window and had a fright. I could see two red eyes glaring out to cemetery from my doorway thanks to the reflective glass. I knew that this set of eyes were not trying to harm me in anyway wheras the one in the cemetery was trying to harm me. I’m still not really sure of what happened, the parts about the red eyes is something that I have kept to myself, I have no idea what to make of it. Usually beings with red eyes have bad intentions towards people but yet this one used his eyes to protect me. If anyone can figure it out send me a line. I wouldn’t mind knowing or having some theories. Thanx,

P.S. Love the page!!!!

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