From: “Luis Agustin Guerrero Hinojos” (
Subject: The Haunted Bank in Mexico City
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 20:29:42 -0500

Hello. Im going to tell you about the hauntings in Centro Bancomer, one of Mexico Citys’ biggest buildings. Its the headquarter of Mexicos’ second biggest bank, and has room for some 10 thousand people inside.

Well, now to the haunting.

Centro Bancomer is a big building, a hollow concrete cube, bursting with activity on the day and quite lugubrious in the night. It has three different canteens, one for common folks, another for managerial satff and a third for the CEO and council. The ghost at hand is know as “the little kid”, or el chamaco for those spanish speaking readers out there.

The little kid is a mischevious apparition. A close friend of mine used to work in the canteen management. One day, a couple of cooks came in to file their resignations: they were cleaning the kitchen when this little boy starts running across the floor and thru the wall.

I was working late with this same friend. He was in the cubicle next to mine. Suddenly, he screams mi name. I walk in his cube to find him pale, claiming his drink bulb had moved by itself. Some months latter, the bank upgraded its lights, adding movement sensors. Whenever someone walked by, the lights will come on. After some time, theyll come off again. So, on the weekends, when i was by myself working on the second floor (grey quadrant, if anyone knows the bank, in the debit cards module, near the SAR), the lights would snap on quickly, like someone playing with the light swicth, which is locked. This could be faulty connections, since its the only block that does it. However. It never happens when there are people arround.

The same kid i talked about before, is know to play pranks on the phone. Rumor has it that on some obscure night, one of the vigil keepers had some misterious phone calls from a boy, asking him if he wanted to play with him. Thinking, well im working, and a boy can’t be awake at 1 a.m., he refused to play with, and the hang up. But the kid will call again. And the calls will go on and on, until he screamed some obnoxiuos insults about work shifts and pestering kids. After he confronted his fellow guardsmen, no one did the calls. And now the funny part of it. The same day we got this story told, i stayed working late, making company to this new girl (honest, we were working! or due date was looooong overdue). So, arround 10:30 pm, december 22 1994, with the bank empty as a cavern, the phone rings. And a kid asks her if she wants to play with him!

Now, the last one I know about the kid. One night, the head honcho of the data processing branch was staying late in his office, that is in the basement of this bank, in what could be very accurately described as a bomb shelter, right next to the IBM big irons. So, this man starts hearing this riot outside his office, running feet, things slamming down, the works. He ignores them for a while, and then stands up to see whats happening. Naturally, nothings’ amiss outside. So, he walks back to his desk and starts hearing this same noises. Hes so busy, he ignores them, until he stands up and screams some unprintable maledictions. In that moment, a cork board thats hanging on his wall falls down, along with some books. And as he turns hes head up, he sees this grining kids face up in one of the sheetrocks of the ceiling.

Contact me if you know anything about this, or you want to share stories about “el chamaco” or other hauntings. Id be glad to hear about them.

Hasta Luego

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