Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 18:23:41 -0700 (PDT)
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This is about the house I live in with my boyfriend and two other friends….It’s not a 300 year old castle, or built on a cemetary…at least we don’t think it is….It’s just your average NJ ranch house, that is approximatly 40 years old, and some interesting things have been happening here for at least half of its existence….

This is a long one.. I live in a house, in Manville, NJ, and have lived here for 4 years. When I first moved in, I rented a room upstairs where the land lord, Lisa lived also. Two friends, Joe and Brian lived in the basement apartment. Lisa told me of strange happenings which went on before my arrival, things like echo’s of whistling in the shower. Also, in one of the bedrooms in the basement, whomever had that room as their bedroom, never wanted to sleep in it and never specified as to why. This same room is the one where a former ‘boarder’ shot bullets through the ceiling for no apparent reason. And ironically, Joe and Brian always slept out on the couch instead of in their rooms….and they had NOT been told the stories of the strange sounds etc. Three years ago a few friends moved in with me, and Lisa moved out. Stranger things began to happen. My one cat, Toby would sit in the above mentioned room for hours on end and scream at the the wall . We would bring him upstairs, and he would proceed down again to scream and growl some more. A few years ago one of my present roommates would be awakened by an odd feeling that he was being watched, he opened his eyes and saw a white silouhette only inches away from his face….staring at him. About the same time frame, I would have a repeated dream of a civil soldier walking down the hallway by my bedroom door. The odd thing was a friend who spent alot of overnites would share with me the same dream. Being of Cherokee descent, I asked my step mother, who is a medicine woman, what I should do. She instructed us to “clense” the house, which we did. Things got better for a while…..

Then…. last year, shortly after my best friend passed away, the stereo turned itself on, at 1 a.m. at full blast, jumping back and forth to different settings (cd, tape) it stopped at CD and played Metallica….the same evening the bathroom door was shut and the light was on so when my fiancee woke up and heard the water running he naturally, assumed someone was in the bathroom… I discovered the next morning that the bathroom was empty! Four of us live here now, all of us have seen or experienced similar things at different times.

In the past 4 weeks we have individually been in the basement and experienced a phantom “cat?” leaping off the stairs and then disappearing. The most recent incident(s): We all have at one time or another witnessed a white, smokey figure or blob floating nearly playful peeking and ducking behind doorways. The past few days we and friends alike have all witnessed some kind of energy force (like static shock from the carpet) only it’s been above the counter in the kitchen and by the bookshelf in the livingroom (not carpeted – wood floors). Or the feeling of someone grabbing your hand……also, a strange scratching noise witnessed by three cats and three humans in our upstairs livingroom.

My sister was visiting several months ago and saw a tall man wearing who appeared to have been wearing a ‘Zoot Suit’, broad shoulders, dark grey, wearing a sharp cut, tailored suit. Today my sister and I are visiting and we discussed the strange happenings, dreams……we have discovered that this male figure is essentially the same one I saw 3 or 4 years ago in my dream, and my friend’s dream. Our home is only 40 years old…to the best of our knowledge no one has past away here. Though, the house has never been occupied by your typical “family”.

Before Lisa bought the house in the early 80’s, it was owned by a “belly dancer”…(of all things) who had teenage children. When Lisa bought the house and was cleaning everything out, she found in the loft in the garage, what seemed to be a mini-prostitution room, equiped with old matresses and pornography magazines. We have talked to our neighbors…Al and Gert, they are in their 70’s or 80’s and have the oldest house in the area…they informed us that the civil war troops did in fact cross over the soil which rests under our home today.

Also, 3 of us who live here and 2 other visiting guests have experienced being “touched” a sort of tingly sensation…always on the back, shoulder or side.

As I said before, I am of Cherokee descent, and very spiritually sensitive and have had many a ghostly experience from the time I was 2 or 3 years of age. I know there is some thing or some one here, but am curious as to who it is. Or who THEY are. I can also tell you that many many of our friends who have felt quite uncomfortable upon entering the house, especially the basement.

We would like to find someone who would be interested in investigating these unusual occurances. I am an animal health technician, and have 2 dogs and 4 cats, among other caged animals, and all of them seem to be sensing things and reacting to things which we cannot see. My roommates are concerned and interested in solving OUR 4 year old mystery. Can you help?

Lovella Paradiso

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